"Up, Harry!" was what Harry woke to on his wedding morning. Go back to sleep, Ron, thought Harry with a groan and he buried his face in Remus's bare chest. Then he remembered-it was his wedding day. Remus would be his husband and he would be Remus's husband in about ten hours.

"Remus, love, wake up." Harry pressed a soft kiss to Remus's lips, deciding Remus deserved a better wake up call than Ron's shouting-how did he even get in their quarters?-and Remus woke up.

"Five more minutes," Remus mumbled, heading face first for his pillow.

"GET UP REMUS IT IS OUR WEDDING DAY." Harry grabbed the nearest pillow and hit Remus with it.


"Do I have to break this door down Harry?" This was Hermione's voice. "Because I will if I have to. A simple Alohamora could do it!"

"We'll be there in a second, I just have to get this idiot out of bed," Harry called back, and Remus gave him a dangerous look. "I love you over anything Remus but face it, you're a disaster in the morning."

"Now you've done it," said Remus with an evil grin, and he launched himself onto Harry and he began to tickle him.

"Hey! Let go of me werewolf!" Harry giggled, trying to get Remus off him, but he was so strong.

"Five!" Ron threatened.

"We'd better get up," Remus said quickly, and they put robes on and exited the room, much to Ron and Hermione's delight.

"We were really about to break your door Harry," Hermione said, grinning.

"I love you woman," Ron said, and you could see the love in Ron's eyes.

"Oh, you." Hermione gave Ron a light kiss. "So. Remus, Harry. Remus you are going with Professor Snape and Tonks, and Harry you are coming with Ginny, me, and Ronald's mom."

"I told you not to call me that!" Ron protested, but Hermione only rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and escorted Harry out of their quarters (still in only a robe, which Hermione said was fine) and into a makeup room.

"Hello dear," said Mrs. Weasley, and she pulled Harry into a bone-crushing hug.

"Hello Mrs. Weasley," said Harry as he followed Hermione over to a salon chair and he sat down. He really wanted to be with Remus more than anything but he couldn't spend every single second of the rest of his life with the man. And they would have two whole weeks together for their honeymoon.

Harry was relieved when he was finally done. Getting ready for the wedding most likely would not be his favorite part. He had been practically bouncing in his seat and he was sure his arse would be sore for the next week from all that sitting. But then again, he would probably be sore anyway for different reasons.

Harry was dressed in the suit he'd picked out at his fitting, and Hermione hadn't touched his hair as Remus had told her, but she did put thin, light eyeliner over Harry's eyes.

"It's so light nobody will even notice," Hermione had said. "But it will bring out your eyes and Remus will love it."

Now Harry was standing beside Snape, who was giving him away, and when Snape took Harry's hand in his there was a sparkle of friendship in the man's dark eyes. He smiled slightly at Harry and Harry smiled back.

"Ready for this Harry?" Snape asked, smirking at the nervous look on his student's face as Hermione and Ron went through the double doors of the church and out of sight.

"I'm so ready," Harry whispered back. "I can't wait to be married to Remus. But I miss Sirius. A lot. I really wish he was here. Then again, if he was, I doubt either me or Remus would survive the ceremony. I don't know which of us he'd kill first."

"If I know anything that idiot loved you more than anything," Snape whispered to Harry, and Harry smiled. "I know he would be happy for you."

"Thanks professor."

"Oh really," said Snape. "Call me Severus outside class."

That sure shocked Harry. "O-Okay." And with that Severus squeezed Harry's hand in his and led him out the double doors.

Remus looked stunning. He was in a cream colored dress with sleeves, the dress embroidered with pearls, and the veil in his graying hair glittered like diamonds. Harry burst out into a huge grin and kept himself from sprinting down the aisle.

When they finally got to the front of the church Severus placed Harry's hand in Remus's.

"Hey sexy werewolf," Harry whispered in his love's ear, and he felt Remus shiver.

Before Harry knew it they were saying their vows, and the sound of Molly Weasley sobbing in the front echoed through the church. Harry only rolled his eyes and he was told to kiss Remus he did, and everyone burst out clapping like the day in the Great Hall.

"I love you," Harry said, and he rested his forehead against his new husband's.

"I love you too," Remus agreed, and he wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and pulled him close as they looked out into the audience.