"Ahhhhh! Remus! Let me go, stop, stop," Harry panted, breathless from when Lupin had chased Harry around the yard, which was now covered with about a good six inches of snow, and now Lupin was on top of Harry tickling him.

"Not until you say I'm faster than you!" Lupin laughed, a victorious look on his face as he was most likely plotting to tickle Harry to death. Harry was laughing so hard his sides hurt and he got an idea then. He wrapped his arms around Lupin's neck and attached himself to the man. Lupin stood, trying to shake Harry off of him, which was quite a scene watching from the window of the Burrow. By now they had quite an audience, who was laughing too.

"Get off me you little prat!" Lupin said through fits of laughter. "Can't…breathe…"

"Oh Remus, I do so love you," Harry managed with an evil grin, cutting off most of Lupin's air by clinging to him tighter yet.

"I can't breathe!"

"If you can talk then you can-"

"Let me rephrase that," gasped Lupin, "it's hard to breathe. Get down!" But there was a huge grin on Lupin's face and his face was flushed with happiness.

"Hey, idiots 1 and 2, dinner's ready," Ron called as light from the Burrow shined on Harry and Lupin.

"I now realize," said Harry as he let go of Lupin and fell into the snow, "how dark is it out here. Let's go get food."

"It is really dark. Let's go inside," Lupin agreed. It was quite a scene watching the two try and get inside, what with how deep the snow was, and even Lupin kept tripping. Both of their faces were bright red from falling in the freezing cold snow numerous times, and once Harry had gotten stuck and Lupin had had to pull him out, despite all the laughter between the Weasleys, Hermione, and Harry and Lupin.

"You're shivering," said Lupin then, and he led a freezing Harry over to the couch where he helped Harry sit down and then he wrapped a blanket around the shivering boy. He gathered Harry in his arms, trying to make him warm as they sat by the fire waiting for Molly to put the finishing touches on their meal. Christmas was in two days and she wasn't making huge meals but it still took a long time to prepare meat, which they were having tonight. Harry leaned his head on Lupin's shoulder as they snuggled on the L-shaped couch and after Lupin's eyes had closed Harry grinned at Ron and Hermione. They grinned back at him and Hermione mouthed a congratulations to Harry. Harry nodded and then he closed his own eyes and dozed off.

"Dinner!" was the next thing Harry heard, and Harry, who was starving by now, ran to the dining room table looking forward to Mrs. Weasley's delicious food.