Title: Night Wisps

Pairing: Kahlan/Cara

Rating: T


Characters belongs to Terry Goodkind and ABC Disney. Sword of Truth and Legend of the Seeker.

Words in Italic are characters' thoughts.

No beta-reader


Kahlan is resting with her body outstretched, lazily, with her hands over her stomach and her white Confessor dress contrasting against the dark green grass. She is looking at the Night Wisps, their lights mixing with the stars in the sky. She has coming to visit them often, when the sun goes down. She is the last Confessor alive and the Mother Confessor, then, solitude has been constant to her. People has fear of her because of the Confessor's magic. She can read all the truth, looking into their eyes and take their lives with a touch, then, people keep themselves far from her, even her handmaids are uncomfortable near her.

Richard and Zedd are her friends, they are the only ones who keeps relaxed in her presence. But they are not with her in Aydindril.

After they had the Boxes of Orden, killed Darken Rahl, and put the Stone of the Tears in the Pillar of Creation, they went to Aydindril - where Kahlan stayed in the Confessors' Palace and the Boxes of Orden highly guarded by magic in the Wizard's Keep. Richard and Zedd stayed in Aydindril for two weeks to rest and to prepare to go to D'Hara, where Richard, still reluctant, would receive what belongs to him and would try to fix things that the previous Rahl made.

In D'Hara, things were out of control, Richard and Zedd would need time to organize the mess. One good thing, Richard had the bond with D'Hara people and, at least, it would help him a bit. But it seems he did not know how to use it yet or he did not want to use it.

It had been almost three weeks Richard and Zedd left Aydindril toward D'Hara and Kahlan has missed them, specially Richard.

Kahlan has the Night Wisps as her friends too, she talks to them about her life and Aydindril, and how would be Richard and Zedd in D'Hara. Being with the Night Wisps, it is a good time for her.

But the Night Wisps has seen Kahlan's sorrow and try to help her.

Specially that night, the sky has some colored clouds in tones of orange, red, pink and purple, and few lightning makes to seem that those clouds are pulsing like a heart. Kahlan keeps distracted contemplating the sky before falling sleep. It was the Night Wisps' magic. Then, the Night Wisps surround her, with their whispers, they intone an old song and Kahlan goes into a deep dream.

A dream where she sees the Midlands and D'Hara united in a perfect acquaintanceship, all cities with their happy people, living in peace.

This dream shows all the cities from the Midlands and D'Hara under a same flag, half cobalt blue from the Midlands and half blood red from D'Hara, in the middle a laurel, half silver, half golden. Inside the laurel, the silver symbol of Confessors - the same one carved in the First Chair - beside the golden R from House of Rahl. The silver over cobalt blue and the golden over blood red.

And the Midlands' and D'Hara's Armies wearing the same uniform, all black, and tunic half in cobalt blue color, and half in blood red color, like their new flag, adorned with the golden and silver laurel in their chest showing the symbols from the Midlands and D'Hara side by side. The Home Guard - the soldiers from Confessors' Palace - and the Dragon Corps - the soldiers from People's Palace - wear this same uniforms. But the ones from the Confessors' Palace, they wear a silver helm with cobalt blue feathers in the tip of them, and the ones from the People's Palace, they wear a golden helm with blood red feathers in the tip of them.

In Kahlan's dream there are Mord'Siths.

Many of them. All in red leathers with their agiels. All blondes with long braids. All of them terribly threatening.

At the Confessors' Palace.

Kahlan holds her breath, her eyes opens wide and her body stiffens, a common reaction between Confessors and Mord'Siths when they meet each other. But duty does not allow both of them show it.

Kahlan's heart squeezes, but quickly, she notes that Mord'Siths look at her in reverence and bow their heads in submission, while she walks from flowery garden toward the courtyard. When she turns around, she sees the only four dark haired Mord'Siths, they walk some steps behind her like if they were escorting her. And there are two little girls playing each other around these Mord'Siths and sometimes they talk to four dark haired Mord'Siths.

Kahlan almost faints, when one of the little ones looks at her, smiles and calls her "mommy", waving her small hand to her. The little girl has the same wavy hair type of Kahlan but in a honey-brown tone and the Kahlan's bridget blue eyes, the little one should be 4 years old. The other one has straight golden-blonde hair, green eyes and she should be 2 years old. Kahlan's breath starts to fail. When Kahlan arrives in the courtyard, three blonde Mord'Siths and a blonde, in a black dress, come from inside the Confessors' Palace and stop, talking each other.

Kahlan gasps, in a mix of awe and anger.

In awe, because one of the blondes Mord'Sith, with the back toward her, has a baby in her arms, but the baby's face is turned toward Kahlan and looking at her, making little baby sounds, then smiles. The baby has Kahlan's bridget blue eyes, some few dark blonde hair, and for sure, she is not one year old. She looks like Kahlan. A mini-Kahlan.

In anger, because Denna is one of the blondes Mord'Siths, and she is staring right at her. And Nicci is a blonde in black and she is talking to the taller blonde Mord'Sith with a smirk on her face.

When Kahlan sees Denna, she looks around, looking for Richard. But nothing. Her heart jumps inside her chest, and she looks at Denna again. The Mord'Sith with the baby walks toward the stables and the taller Mord'Sith follows her. Denna and Nicci comes toward her, and Denna smiles. This is a rare sight, a Mord'Sith smiling, specially Denna.

The younger little girl with blonde hair and green eyes passes running by Kahlan and jumps in the Denna's arms and calls her "Mother!" and Nicci looks at them. Denna walks, holding the little girl in her arms, and stops near Kahlan. The older little girl is embracing Kahlan's legs.

Kahlan frowns her brows, her body shakes, she moves her hands nervously and looks around, Kahlan is perplexed with what she is witnessing. Love. Mord'Siths. Children. Peace. Everything at the same place. Kahlan winks again and again, but love and peace are there, surrounding the Mord'Siths and everyone in the Confessors' Palace.

One of the dark haired Mord'Sith shouts a name, then, Kahlan looks toward the stables, the two Mord'Siths has stopped, the taller blond Mord'Sith is looking at her and the Mord'Sith with the baby is turning around toward Kahlan but before seeing the blonde Mord'Sith's face, Kahlan wakes up, and night has fallen over Aydindril and she, the Mother Confessor, fell asleep in the forest. The Home Guard must be terrified. She needs to go back to Confessors' Palace.

"You saw the life in the future, like it will be, where once there was hate there will be love, the Confessors will keep alive, and you will find the one who will give you a pure love, unconditionally and will help you when you will become the Great Queen," the Night Wisps whisper in chorus. Kahlan stops and turns around looking at them, "I already found the one, it is Richard."

The Night Wisps fly nervously around Kahlan, "did you see him in your dream?" Kahlan looks at the ground and replies in a low voice, "no," the Night Wisps says, "your heart does not belongs to him, but the one of your dream. The most precious things will come from one that you will love truly. This union will give you three daughters Confessors."

"I saw three little girls... I think they are my daughters. The one who called me 'mommy', the baby in the Mord'Sith's arm, they looks like me and..." Kahlan frowns her brows, then, opens her eyes wide, "the little girl with Denna!" ...oh...will be Denna my mate?

This dream stays in Kahlan's mind all night long and the next day. Richard and Zedd were not in this dream. The only ones were the Mord'Siths and the blonde in black, but all of them are...women!. "No! There is something wrong!" Kahlan says in loud voice and hits her hand against the First Chair, where she is sitting. Everybody goes terrified inside the room, and silence falls heavily. "Please! Please! I'm saying the truth!" the poor man falls on his knees, crying and begging for the Mother Confessor's justice.

A red invades Kahlan's cheeks, and quietly she swallows and looks around. She is in the Council's room, in the middle of one Mother Confessor's hearing, the place is full with Midlands people who want to be made the Mother Confessor's justice. Straightening her spine, the Mother Confessor asks for the man to tell her again all his story.

"I will love a Mord'Sith!" Kahlan says for herself incredulous, she is inside her private chamber for the lunch, alone. Her head between her hands. "My mate could be anyone. Or one of the four brunette Mord'Siths with the little girls or one of the two blonde Mord'Siths with Denna," Kahlan thinks again, "but Denna?" Kahlan sighs deeply, this thought about falling in love with a Mord'Sith and having a family together, it was unthinkable. She has to talk with the Night Wisps, she want to be about her mate.

Later, when the sun goes down, Kahlan rides faster toward the Night Wisps' home. "Denna returned to D'Hara some weeks ago. Will she return? When will I see her?" She says even before dismounting the horse. "Your mate will come toward you, Mother Confessor!" The Night Wisps answers nervously, "and soon!" A pause, before the Night Wisps adds, "she will do something and you will recognize her because you knows what it will mean."

Three next days, the handmaids and the Home Guard notice that the Mother Confessor has spent some time in front of the windows of the Confessors' Palace like if she is waiting for something or someone. But it happens nothing.

It passes two weeks since her dream, then the Mother Confessor relaxes again. Kahlan is crossing the courtyard toward the stables - coincidentally the same way, that in her dream, the blonde Mord'Sith with the baby in her arms did - when the air next her oscillates, forming little waves like if it were a water surface. But a freezing breezes touches Kahlan's skin and Shota appeared behind her. "Run, Mother Confessor! You are in danger! Richard and Zedd are failing, but you cannot fail. Your pure heart must keep beating."

Then, a blonde woman in black dress appears from inside the oscillatory air, but when she turns, coming toward Kahlan, "you will come with me, Mother Confessor!" She looks into Kahlan's brigdet blue eyes. Kahlan remembers from her, she recognizes Nicci, but Nicci has something different. She has her eyes all black and a deep anger in them. Shota waves her hand and the blonde flies, hitting against the ground. When the blonde raises, her arm is outstretched toward Shota, and Shota chokes, falling on her knees without air in her lungs, before falling on the ground unconscious.

Kahlan looks at the oscillatory air and sees through of this, there is a war happening there. It is the People's Palace! Richard and Zedd comes to her mind and her heart beats faster. In a heartbeat, Nicci is at her side, grabbing her arm and pulling her to the portal and they cross it. Kahlan looks around, there are D'Hara soldiers running by the People's Palace and when she goes to step, she hears, "the Mother Confessor is with me," Nicci says, looking at a muscle man, full with earrings, bracelets and rings, his all black eyes looks at Kahlan and she shivers. Then, Kahlan hears Richard's voice and sees two Mord'Siths running toward her.