Kahlan loves to spend her time on the flowery garden from Confessors' Palace, it was the place where her mother liked to stay with her and Dennee when they were children. It is full with all kind of flowers, there are some small fruit trees, some wooden benches across of garden lined with white marble statues which represent the Confessors. At the middle of the garden, in the center, there is a typical centennial tree of the Midlands that throughout the day makes a shadow somewhere in the garden in which Kahlan and the kids can stay, rest and play.

The Mother Confessor is sitting on a bench, while she watches her daughter playing with Denna's and Nicci's daughter. Berdine, Raina, Triana and Garen are standing up behind the bench, as well, watching the little girls.

The sun has rose toward the most high spot on the sky, the heat is comforting against the cold wind. It's autumn and soon, it will be winter and there will be not sun for a long time.

A hand weighs on Kahlan's shoulder and her title is called twice. Kahlan awakes up and looks at Berdine, leaned forward, "Mother Confessor, it is almost time", Berdine smirks, "you were napping." Kahlan smiles for her.

Kahlan rises, calls the little girls and walks toward the courtyard. The little ones are playing and giggling and running, her daughter calls her and waves her little hand to her. Sometimes, the girls like to joke with the Mord'Siths too. Kahlan smirks and keeps walking, she passes for a long external corridor, full with arcs, enters in the big kitchen, crosses a refectory - where soldiers, handmaids, servants and employees of the Palace have their meals - and then, she goes out in one of the corners of the courtyard. This is the way more short.

There, the Mord'Siths from all Temples of D'Hara are awaiting for the annual cavalcade which the Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell, her Consort Cara Mason and their family do through Aydindril, symbolizing the union of the three lands of the New World. But the Mord'Siths of Cara's squad has moved on to the Confessors' Palace six years ago because the People's Palace was destroyed by Jagang and his soldiers, and by the wrath of the Mother Confessor in Con-Dar. Besides the Mother Confessor and the First Lady Rahl need of protection.

But before arriving next the main door of the Confessors' Palace, Kahlan stops and suspires when she sees her wife going out from there. So gorgeous!

Cara is going out and Denna, Nicci and Dahlia are following her. Cara has their youngest daughter on her arm, but the baby is looking at Kahlan.

Seeing Cara, all Mord'Siths in the courtyard, straighten their back, and rise their chin, their arms pressed against their sides. Kahlan nearly jumps because of the sound of leathers and boots, this startles her, she looks around, sometimes, she forgets that the Mord'Siths do it before their Mistress.

Denna looks toward her, Nicci and Dahlia are talking while Cara embraces tightly her younger daughter, she has her back toward Kahlan. Cara and Dahlia go toward the stables, Denna and Nicci come toward the Mother Confessor. Denna smiles. Their little daughter runs toward them and Denna catches her on her arms. "Mother!" the little one says, Nicci watches her daughter and her wife.

When they are next Kahlan, Berdine calls Cara and she turns around, and when she sees Kahlan, Cara smiles. Kahlan's heart tightens inside her chest full with love and she caresses her pregnant belly. Everything is like the Night Wisps had showed me into my dream.

When Richard awoke up at the Wizard's Keep after being almost dead. Zedd told him everything what had happened while he was unconscious, including Zedd's suspicious that Kahlan has an admirer. Richard laughed when he found it was Cara. But Shota appeared saying that the Mother Confessor was going to die in the Jagang's hands. Then the three of them went to People's Palace.

Seeing his loved Kahlan holding in her arms the lifeless body of his best friend Cara and listening her begging for the Breath of Life. It was too much. Richard Cypher is the Seeker, the truth comes to him. And there, he saw in each cell from Kahlan's body that she would belong to Cara. While Dahlia ran to give Cara the Breath of Life, Richard embraced Kahlan tight, leaning their forehead together. He told her how he felt about her and he was happy because she had met someone who would deserve her love.

After Cara went away and returned running to Kahlan's arms at the People's Palace, they have not been one only moment separate from each other. Really the Night Wisps were right, between she and Cara there is an immense love that is strong, pure, unconditional and true. Cara's love for her is so intense that it is more powerful than her Confessor magic, making Cara immune to it.

Since Kahlan and Cara got married - two weeks after they rescue Dennee - Nicci offered to help them to bear children from each other. Kahlan was the first one to be pregnant with Cara's child - two years after their wedding, then, three years later, Cara was pregnant with their second daughter, the little one in Cara's arms. Now, Kahlan bears their third daughter that will be born soon. All three little ones are Confessors. But Nicci's magic helped other more two Mord'Siths too.

"I heard you and the Mother Confessor talking about children, time ago, I saw how you were and heard what happened to you. I can give you what you want." Nicci says, touching Denna's back.

When Denna looks at Nicci over her shoulder, her eyes are red with tears, "Why?"

"I told you, you changed my life when I met you," Nicci slides her hand on Denna's back up and down slowly.

" I... I cannot be..." Denna closes her eyes, tears rolling down, "What you want in exchange?"

Nicci presses her front against Denna's back, embracing her waist, "I want your child to be mine."

Nicci gave Denna a daughter, which it was memorable.

At first, because everyone could sense Nicci's magic inside Aydindril, besides listening their moans inside all Home Guard fortress, where the Mord'Siths had their bedchambers. They copulate for three days in a row until Nicci burned Denna's bedchamber, nearly destroying everything there when she lost the control over her magic because of an intense multiple orgasm. Nicci had her arms chained on her back and Denna had her agiel and a whip in her hands when they suddenly appeared naked in the middle of the Home Guard's courtyard. Mord'Siths and Home Guard soldiers did not know what do, if they ran to help both women or if they ran to extinguish the fire at the Denna's bedchamber.

At second, because Denna's mood in the first months of pregnancy was terrible, many people when saw her in their way, quickly deviated or hid from her, mainly the other Mord'Siths. But at her last months of pregnancy, Denna changed, she became sweet, loving, kind. She melt for everything and her smile never left her face. In all her pregnancy, Nicci was always at her side, comforting her or at least trying it. But at their daughter's birth, Nicci was not there. It was Zedd who attended the birth.

Nicci was found two days after, just because Richard said she was locked in a bedchamber at the Wizard's Keep. Zedd knew about it but he kept in silence. Nicci was worried and sad that Denna could send her away after the child's birth. Then, she stayed there and asked for Richard and Zedd keep it in secret, she asked for Richard to check how Denna was and if Denna refused her at her side, Nicci would return to the Old World. But Denna, herself, went to Wizard's Keep to talk to Nicci and took their daughter together with her. They got married eight days later.

Denna's and Nicci's wedding was four year after Kahlan's and Cara's wedding and one year before Dahlia's and Dennee's wedding.

Dahlia and Dennee are married more than one year and Nicci's magic allowed Dennee to be pregnant with Dahlia's child. Dennee gave birth to twins recently, their newborn daughters are more two little Confessors Amnell.

And for some reason, Cara and Dahlia are immune to magic from their daughters. Zedd says this happens because Cara and Dahlia are one of their mothers, or, maybe, it is powerful magic.

Cara has Richard, Denna and Dahlia like real siblings of hers just like Grace is. And the feelings is mutual.

Richard Zorander Cypher Rahl - The Seeker and War Wizard - got married with the older daughter of Chase Dell Brandstone - the Regent of Westland - two years after Kahlan & Cara's wedding and their first child, a son, was born a pristinely ungifted.

Richard talked with Chase to form an alliance with the Mother Confessor of the Midlands, the same happened with Cara Mason - the First Lady Rahl of D'Hara. Westland and D'Hara received each one a Chair at the Central Council of the Midlands. New World is under the Mother Confessor's command, but everybody recites the devotion for the First Lady Rahl of D'Hara, uniting and protecting the New World under Alric Rahl's Bond.

Later a new and strong boundary were created, separating the New World from the Old World and using the magic of Zedd, Nicci, Shota, Richard, Cara and the five Darken Rahl's sons alive. Six years ago, the survivor Jagang's soldiers from Imperial Order returned to the Old World by Zedd's, Nicci's and Shota's magic.

Richard, his family and Zedd live in the Wizard's Keep together with Vigor Mason Rahl and the other four Darken Rahl's sons. They will learn to use their magic appropriately and Vigor Mason Rahl was born with the powerful Han from a Rahl. Cara's son is seventeen years old and has been taught by the Fist Wizard, the Seeker and the Mother Confessor how to rule, he will be the future Lord Rahl of the D'Hara. When it is the right time, the Bond of the House of Rahl will grow strong inside his veins.

Meanwhile, his mother - Mistress Cara Mason, who has the Bond of the House of Rahl - rules D'Hara. Cara is the First Lady Rahl of D'Hara, Mistress of the Sisters of the Agiel, High Commander of D'Hara Army, and Consort of Kahlan Amnell - the Mother Confessor of the Midlands, Queen of Galea, Queen of Kelton, Queen of D'Hara and High Authority of the New World, or just, the Great Queen.