Ashley's POV

so I woke up this morning and saw Melissa my babysitter and she's also my fathers friend. She made me breakfast she lived with me once and I was 1 and In my moms Tummy. She said "you were such a baby." then we went to the park and that's when things started to be a little weird

Melissas POV

the park was funny first we thought that we were locked out but then Alissa found a way to go in... So then we swung on the swings for a while, then ashley.

Dicided to go sit at the tables she saw graffiti on it. So we did some graffiti on the table, mostly correcting people's grammar. Hahaha. Then alissa yelled "THEY SAID THE G WORD!" and you would think she said Ganster for G but she ment gay so me and Ashley laughed so hard. Omg. It was so funny.