E/O challenge WoW: Thanks (Second Drabble)

Just to prove I can do 100 words.
Warning : Not so cute Dean this time.


Working his way through a bottle of whiskey,
Dean still can't believe what Sam did.

"So...Sammy, give. When Cas an' me went poof, where'd you go first? You know...after you shrugged your shoulders an' turned away?"
"Dean don't...please. You're drunk "
"Oh...don't worry about me Princess. Oops!...I forgot...you don't worry about me...do you?"
"Dean...I told you. I didn't know...
"Right! You didn't know. Didn't know if I was dead or alive. Didn't give a shit either!"
"It wasn't like that...
"Woss tha' book called? Oh yeah...So-long an' thanks for all the fish. That how it was Sammy? Finally rid of over protective big brother...let him rot. That about right Sammy? Course...screwed that up, haven't I?"

Chick xx

"So-long and Thanks for all the Fish" Douglas Adams.