It's so cold. I'm so hungry. I'm so alone. I cry for warmth and food, but I know it won't help. I'm so itchy and the worms stop me from feeling full, even if I get a rat or a rabbit or even a mocking jay, if I'm lucky.

I see a brake in the trees. A fence. I manage to wiggle my way through the bottom and I'm left in a field of grass, it's above my head and there is someone here. She has dirty blond hair and she is thin and muddy too, just like me. I try to hide but she sees me. I hunker down and try to growl, or at least hiss but all that comes out is a strangled cry. She says something but I don't understand, whatever she said it was soothing and made me feel safe.

She pulls out a small piece of meat, some sort of bird. I don't really know what it is or if it's safe to eat but I can't resist. I gulp it down. Hey I guess I made a new friend. Maybe she will give me more food. I slip over and rub my neck on her knee. She is mine.

I follow the girl in to a rickety house near the fence. I stop at the front door and give it a sniff. Nothing but her that I smell, safe. She pushes open the door. A girl with brown hair and olive skin walks over. She smells of my friend. Will she give me food?

I hate her. She pulled me in the air. She put me in a cold substance. I couldn't breath.

My friend had the same substance run from her eyes. She made the same mewling as me. She stopped the enemy. I love her.

Food, the smooth saltiness that fills my stomach. Prim. My friend's name. she loves me and I love her. She feeds me. She saved me. She gives me this white substance. It's nice, it's clean. It makes me strong. I sleep with her. I protect her just like she does for me with the enemy.

I have a name, buttercup. I have a home, the rickety house. I have an enemy: Katniss

I have friend, a mother, a savoir, a hero: Primrose

I am content. Warm at night curled next to my master. I feel safe what more does a cat want?

I don't want anything to be different. Everything is perfect.

I will live here with primrose forever.