DP Shorts: Half-Ghost Idiot

You know, maybe it was the fact that he'd been having a considerably good week.

Maybe it was because he'd never been the brightest person out there in the first place.

Or maybe he was just plain destined to be hated by the Universe.

But, for whatever reason, Danny Fenton was a complete and total idiot that day.

For one thing, he said the worst thing imaginable near his girlfriend.

"Hey, Tuck."


"Wanna hear the best joke ever?"

"What's that?"

"Women's rights."

Let's just say that within a few minutes, Danny had an ice pack strapped to his face.

For another thing, not only did he trip and fall on his face (not on the ice pack, either) in gym, but while doing so, his pants somehow fell and he landed in dog crap.

"Fenton, you got a little…uh…"

"Ms. Tetzlaff? I think that I know. But thanks for the reminder."

"Uh, Danny? You've got a little-"

"Dash, it has fully come to my attention that there is dog crap smeared on my bruised and bloodied face, fallen pants, boxers, and just-washed shirt. Thank you."

"What happened to you?"

"Shut up, Tucker."

For yet another thing, he failed to turn in any of his assignments.

For yet another thing, he made the mistake of calling Mr. Lancer a very touchy name.


And he also made the mistake of calling his dad


His mom


And his older sister


Not to mention his adopted little sister/ clone


Let's see, what else did Danny screw up?

Oh, yes, that's right.

"And….today is not pajama day."

"No offense, Izzy, but you're really annoying."

"Hey, Valerie. Again, sorry about, you know, almost totally wasting you and then breaking your heart back in ninth grade."

"And….this is not the guy's locker room. Sorry, ladies."

"Paulina, no offense, but you're a real creep. A totally hot creep, but a creep, nonetheless."

"Sam, I love you, but you cannot have garlic with your salads any longer."

"Jason, when you and Dani get married, I'm afraid that you're gonna have to wait a couple of years before having kids. Brother's word is law."

"Floor ketchup!"

"Skulker should just go stomp on his own grave…oh, hey, Skulker."

"Anyone else noticed how Ember's voice is incredibly annoying? Hi, there, Ember."

"Oh! Hey, guys! Uh…what? No! No way. I wasn't watching My Little Pony. I'm, uh, haha, way too old for that. I'm watching, um, Transformers?"

As you can tell, the list can go on and on.

But the last idiotic thing that Danny had to say in those twenty-four hours was actually quite reasonable.

"I blame the media."

And there you have it.

Inspired By "American Idiot" by Green Day