Edward had began to talk to me. While I tried to avoid him and keep our conversations to a minimum, he almost seemed to make it his mission. A part of me wanted to give in and just accept that he wanted to be friends, but then my stubborn side wouldn't let me. There was still so many unanswered questions that he refused to answer and I too had stopped asking. At the end of the day I realized that I didn't really care. Whatever had happened that day had kept me alive, but at the same time it didn't quench my curiosity.

I also had to take into consideration the disapproving stares he would get from his family members, except Alice, every time he would pull me off to a lunch table just for us two. Towards the end of the week I was falling for it, but then he said, "We shouldn't be friends". For a smart guy he was pretty much dumb in his decision making. One day he talks to me and the next he says, it's better that we're not friends?

This is how I find myself today. I wasn't surprised when I had walked in to find Edward siting by himself and It hadn't been long when he called me over.

"This is why you called me over?" I asked almost appalled.

"I just don't know how else to say it."

"Okay, you're stupid. First, I never got the idea that we were friends. Second, you're stupid." I said standing up.

What the hell was wrong with this guy? Did I somehow give him the impression that I wanted something out of him?

"If this is about the accident, I'm dropping it okay." I said.

"What do you mean?" He asked confused.

"Look man, I don't know what you're so scared of, but I can assure you that I'm not going to pry."

"Wait, so you would really do that?" He asked skeptically.

"Yeah, it's not like I have it out for you and frankly, I don't care." I finally said and with that I walked away.

"What did Edward want?" Jessica asked once I joined them.

"Something about the homework." I said eating my lunch, so I wouldn't have to answer any more questions.

It wasn't long before I saw Edward leave the cafeteria, but I didn't care. He was too much and he was weird. He made me feel weird and I didn't like it. He seemed like a mystery, but I didn't really feel like playing detective. Sometimes, I didn't know what to think about him or what he thought about me. He was hiding something, but did I really want to know what?

"Hey, so are you excited for tomorrow?" Jessica asked suddenly.


"You forgot? You better not flake. La Push remember?" She said.

"Oh yeah, don't worry I'm still down. I've just had a lot in my mind that's all."

"It's going to be fun. The res kids are pretty cool. You say you know some right?" She asked.

"No, just one guy. Our dads are close friends."

"Oh, well hopefully your friend is down at the beach tomorrow. I want to meet him." She said all flirty-like.

'Wasn't she dating Mike?' I thought as I eyed her curiously just as the bell rang.

"Well, see you tomorrow. Remember we're meeting up at Mike's parents' store. Make sure you text me if you get lost or something." She said and with that we went our separate ways.

Edward wasn't in class when I got there. I was confused for a bit, but hey even he wasn't immune to ditching.

"Okay, blood lab today. If you're squeamish let me know. I would be glad to help you out." The teacher said and with that he passed out the supplies.

I saw as everyone pricked their fingers easily until one stupid kid fell over. I shook my head slightly as I got back to my own finger. I wasn't squeamish, but I did have a thing for pain. I held my finger still, but I still couldn't stop shaking. I could already feel the stinging sensation that I would feel once I pricked my finger. I had always thought it was a needle phobia.

'Is there such a thing?' I thought as I shook my head lightly, trying to get myself together.

"Are you okay?" Erick asked as he noticed me contemplating pricking my finger.

"Come on prick..." Mike said smiling as he joined Erick, "Your finger." He added solemnly, but I saw the hidden message, asshole.

"Here, I'll do it." Erick offered.

"No, I can do it." I said, but he already had my finger in his hand.

"Dude, you're pale as a ghost..." was the last thing I heard and everything went black.

'I fainted' I thought to myself as I was being lifted.

I was leaning against someone, but I didn't know who. It couldn't be Erick he was a twig, he would snap under my weight.

"I can take it from here." I heard as I started to come to.

"I got it." Mike said and I groggily pulled away from him catching myself on the wall.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"You fainted. I was taking you to the nurse's office." Mike said.

"I offered to help." Edward said behind me and I jumped forward turning around.

I hadn't been against the wall. I had just been leaning on Edward. That was embarrassing.

"Thanks, but I can take it from here." I said blushing from having been leaning on Edward and started walking away.

"Suit yourself." Mike said.

"I'll come along just to make sure." Edward said following me.

"Why are you even here? Aren't you supposed to be ditching or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, but then I saw Mike having trouble carrying you, so I felt the need to help out." He said.

"Look at you, all good samaritan and shit." I said as we walked into the nurse's office.

"Another one?" The nurse asked.

"I think I have needle phobia." I said defending myself and she simply smiled.

"I think he should go home and rest." Edward said smiling at her.

'Did he have a thing for older women? Gross.' I thought as I saw how the nurse got nervous under his stare until finally returning an equally flirtatious smile.

"Get a room..." I mumbled under my breath.

"I think you're right." The nurse suddenly said agreeing.

I looked skeptically between them, but hey I was getting out of school early. Who was I to complain? He was quite a charmer, I knew that already by the way he tried to persuade the attendance lady on my first day of school. She quickly signed a note and handed it to me. She sent us on our way, but not before giving Edward a quick smile. Gross much?

"You can take the note to the teacher and I'll wait for you outside." Edward said as we walked back.

"Why? I think I can manage." I said walking ahead of him into the classroom.

'Why was he worrying about me?' I thought.

"Good to see you Cio." Mr. Banner said.

"Um, the nurse said it would be better if I went home. She told me to give you this." I said handing him the note.

"Okay." He said.

I took my stuff and he handed me our homework. I made my way to my truck and to my surprise Edward was parked next to me. He hadn't parked there earlier today. I easily moved around him as I got into my truck, but he held the door open.

"What the hell?" I asked as I tried to pull it shut but he wouldn't let me.

"I'll drive you home."

"What the hell is wrong with you? Did you just not tell me an hour ago that we couldn't be friends? Then now you try to give me a ride home?" I said angrily as I pushed the door against him.

"I…" He started to say but I didn't want to hear any of it.

"Fuck you." I spat and that was enough to make him let go of the door. "I suggest you keep your word and stay away from me." I added slamming the door shut.

The ride home took extremely forever. Once I was there I couldn't wait to get in bed. I made sure that I left the note the nurse had given me in a place that my dad would be able to see it. I didn't want to get bothered. I closed my door and wished I had a lock on it.

It was barely past noon and I was wishing that it was night time. I rolled around my bed restless trying to sleep, but it wasn't working. I took my blanket off and tried to sleep. My anger kept boiling up inside me as I finally gave up. It was Friday and the weekend was already here. I would have an escape from Edward and his bipolar personality. That was enough to finally let me rest. I fell asleep right as I heard a creak in the house. Dad must have gotten home.

It was morning. My head hurt slightly. I couldn't believe that I had slept almost 20 hours. That had to be considered a coma. I dragged my feet to my bathroom as I grabbed the towel on my chair. A nice cold shower will wake me up. The water sprayed on my back and shoulders as I rolled them relieving tension. I liked the feeling of being wet and refreshed at the same time.

When I got out my phone was blinking. That meant I had a text or missed call. I flipped it open to see a text from Jessica.

'Are u coming?' the text read. I looked at my phone confused until I finally groaned. I had forgotten about the La Push trip.

'Did you guys already leave?' I texted back and hurried to get dressed just in case.

I dressed warm considering the weather and that we were going to a beach. I knew there wasn't going to be much sunlight. My phone started blinking just at I finished dressing.

'Well, I'm barely on my way.' She texted back.

'See you there then.' I texted and got my shoes on.

She didn't reply anything but a happy face. I put my phone in my pocket and headed out. Charlie was already gone. I pulled my phone back out and sent him a quick text letting him know I was going out. I locked the door behind me and got in my truck. It wasn't long until I spotted a dull blue colored store that read 'Newton supply store'.

"Hey." Erick said as he waved me over to where everyone stood.

"What's up." I said casually to everyone as I reached them.

"We're waiting on Tyler." Lauren said annoyed.

'Who invited her?' I thought as I rolled my eyes ignoring her.

"You look well rested." Angela commented as everyone continued their private conversations.

"I had a lot of hours of sleep. I was practically in a coma." I said making her laugh.

"You're funny." She said as she shook her head.

"You don't mind riding in Tyler's van right?" Erick asked getting into our conversation.

"Uh, no..." I said.

"Good. His car is the only one that can fit all of us in it." He explained.

"Well nothing says have a safe trip like riding in the van that almost crushed me." I joked.

"Hey, we're ready to go!" Jessica said coming out of nowhere as she pointed across the parking lot where Tyler was parked.

The van was loud with everyone's voices. Everyone seemed to try to have more than one conversation at a time. I on the other hand just nodded when needed, but other than that stayed pretty quiet. The ride was longer than I thought as the line of trees seemed endless until we took a turn and started seeing sand. That's when I got up excited like a little kid and looked at everything that we passed. I might not remember much about being here, but little bits of memories started coming back to me. I was really hoping that Jacob would be here.

I was remembering charlie and I's trip to the beach to meet Jacob. I remembered him always rolling in the sand with other kids. Were weren't the best of friends so I spend most of my time sticking to my father and trying to build sand castles. Most of the times it was his sisters who I would spend most of my time with. I guess another hint that I was gay, but then again why didn't I see guys in that way. Shouldn't I be lusting over dudes?

I looked at the guys and nobody struck my interest.

"We're here!" Jessica said excitedly as Tyler parked the van. I guess the beach wasn't that popular, there was only one other car aside from ours.

"C'mon, move it." Mike said as he hovered over me trying to get out.

I opened the door and stepped out. The rough wind ruffled my hair and I shivered slightly. I should have worn something heavier. The guys quickly took off their shirts and pants to reveal their swim trunks. Okay, I was staring.

Erick looked scrawny as he stretched raising his arms high and I could see his ribs. I guess it was safe to say Erick wasn't my type. I shifted my eyes to Tyler who was busy rubbing lotion on himself. He had a toned body with abs barely forming. I leaned on the van as I turned to Mike who was busy talking to Lauren. He was bulkier than Erick and Tyler. He crossed his arms over his chest and I could see his biceps. He had a swimmers body. I wondered what other guys found attractive in other guys. I looked Mike up and down, but nothing came to mind.

Then suddenly Edward flashed into my mind. I imagined him in his swim trunks standing where Mike stood and in the same posture. I could see him smiling clear as day as his eyes pierced right through me. He had the most unique honey colored eyes I had ever seen. I seemed to be mesmerized as I imagined what his body would look like.

"Hey, we're going to change in the van so nobody open the door!" Jessica said sticking her head out of the van right next to me, surprising me.

"Cio, can you keep watch?" Jessica asked and I nodded.

She closed the door and I heard the click of the lock. I turned back to Mike, but now Lauren stood there texting furiously on her phone. Lauren seemed kind of out place among us. She wore a white transparent tee that showed her bra and exposed her stomach. Her shorts were short barely going past her butt in length. She had long tanned legs that looked appealing.

'Did I just think Lauren was appealing?; I thought surprised.

"Uh, this is so annoying." Lauren said in a valley girl voice.

She cocked her hip and placed her hand on it while her other arm hung loose. And like that I found her annoying once again.

"What?" I asked not really interested.

"My ex is on my nuts. He just keeps texting me and calling me even though I've turned him down countless of times. How many times do I have to tell him no?" She vented.

"Well then just don't text him back." I said as she started texting again.

"I can't just not text him back. That would be rude." She said as she continued texting not even looking at me.

I rolled my eyes and said no more. She obviously liked the attention so why complain about it? Girls, who got them? Not me that was for sure.

"Thanks for keeping an eye out." Angela said as she stepped out in a surf suit.

"Are you guys surfing?" I asked as Jessica followed after her.

"Yup, it's fun. You want to try? Our boards might be too small for you though." Angels said as she walked behind the van opening the trunk.

"Are you not going to swim?" Jessica asked as she noticed that I was still dressed like how I had came.

"No, too cold for me." I said lamely.

"Oh." Jessica said as she stood next to Angela, both of them pulling out their surf boards.

They ran past me while me and Lauren strolled after them. Oh God, I was going to get stuck with Lauren. I don't think I could handle pointless valley girl chit chat. I wanted to hide from her, but she was already quickly talking to me about her ex. I stood there ignoring her as I looked out to the ocean. Jessica had already fallen off her board two times while Angela waited for her already past the small waves. The guys on the other hand where messing around. Mike was trying to push Erick down while Tyler hung on Angela's board as they talked. It looked like fun, yet I was here stuck with Lauren.

"Are you even..." Lauren was starting to say when my name was called.

I looked behind me to see Jacob walking right toward us. My prayer had been answered.

"Jake!" I said a little too excitedly as he reached us.

"Cio, I didn't know you were going to be down here."

"And I didn't know you came down here." I said.

"Man, it's like my backyard. You really don't remember anything. We used to walk down here all the time from my house."

"I don't remember that. I just remember coming down to meet up with you guys sometimes."

"You have a horrible memory. I bet you don't remember drooling over my sisters then." He said with a smirk.

"I don't remember that." I said as Jacob laughed.

I blushed now remembering the countless times I would follow them around like a little lost puppy. I was so embarrassing. I shook my head as Jacob continued telling more stories of our childhood.

"I remember this one time they wouldn't pay attention to you and you started crying so loud until my dad made them play with you. You used to be such a cry baby back then." He teased.

"Shut up." I said glaring at him.

"Since Cio is so rude. I'll introduce myself. My name is Lauren." she said as she stuck out her hand for a hand shake.

"Jacob." He said as he looked her over shaking her hand.

'Hot' Jacob mouthed as Lauren giggled. Of course Lauren started to bombard him with questions. I stood there waiting until she found out how old he was.

"How old are you?" She asked in a flirty voice.

"Sixteen and you?" He asked and she suddenly turned red.

"Sixteen?" She asked back in disbelief.

"Yeah..." Jacob said questionly.

"Eeeww..." Lauren said surprising me and Jacob as she walked away toward another group of guys I had barely noticed that were here too.

"What a bitch." Jacob commented and I agreed.

We quickly got back to mindless conversation as we sat on the sand. It was easy to talk to Jacob and I liked it. It didn't feel forced like when I talked to the others. I guess it helped that he was a familiar face. Thinking back I was surprised I had already survived my first month at Forks. Things I thought that were going to be hard to get, happened so easily. I had a group of friends, aside from Lauren and Mike, that I didn't dislike. They were something new, friends. Back home the closest thing I had to a friend was Wendy, who sat next to me, in my math class.

"Hey!" Jessica screamed as she walked out the water with her board under her arm.

"Hey." I said as she joined us.

"You must be Jacob. My name's Jessica." She said as she joined us.

"Nice to meet you." Jacob replied politely.

"Okay, we're going back in after a couple of minutes." Angela said as she joined us with Tyler behind her.

I sat there stupidly with a smile on my face as we all mingled. I had never felt like this before; like I was part of a group. Everyone talked like old friends. This was truly a new experience. The sun seemed to set fast on us, but we didn't care. At least I didn't care as our group began to mingle with the other group of guys that were on the beach.

"You've been really quiet. What's wrong?" Angela asked directing all attention on me.


"Could it be Edward on your mind?" Lauren said smirking my way.

I knew I didn't like her for a reason.

"Edward Cullen?" A guy asked, he was part of the group that joined us.

"Yeah, I'm surprised that you didn't bring him to our trip." Lauren continued saying and I wanted to smack that smirk right off her face.

"The Cullen's don't come here," The guy said really ominously.

"What does that even mean?" I asked for some reason offended at his comment.

It's like they aren't allowed to be here.

"They just don't come here, that's it." He said and that was the end of it.

Everyone got back to their own conversations, but his comment was still in my head. I was really antsy wanting to ask Jacob what was the guys deal or problem with the Cullens. Every time I found a chance to talk to him it seemed to be taken away. Then finally Jacob noticed my behavior and pulled me off to the side.

"Are you okay?" He asked as we walked along the beach.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Anything. What's up?" He said.

"What did that guy mean by "The cullens don't come here". That was very ominous by the way." I said making him laugh.

"Well, it won't make sense unless I tell you some of our legends." Jacob said all spooky-like.

"This is going to be good." I said laughing.

But, I shouldn't have. I literally had to sit down as he told me his tribe legends. Jacob seemed smug every time he got a gasp or "wow" out of me. They were an understatement of course. He started with the one about them being descendants from wolves. Hard to believe, but totally in awe from the stories he said that proved the legend. There was the one about men being able to leave their body to take wolf form and protect the tribe. He talked about them in such detail that it almost felt like I was watching it in my head as a movie.

If I had not already been entertained by his stories I was now listening to him amazed. It was almost hard to believe what he was telling me. I had to repeat after him.

"The cold ones?"

"Yeah. My great grandfather encountered these cold ones centuries ago. My people were scared of them, but they insisted that their fear was not needed because they meant no harm. They said that they only fed on animals. So, a treaty was created so that we could live together in peace. They don't go on our land and we don't go on theirs." He explained.

"Are you saying..." I started to say in disbelief but I couldn't finish.

"Yup. The Cullens are the cold ones."

"No... What..." I said as I fumbled for the right words.

What did this mean?

I was more confused than ever. They only fed on animals? What does that mean? Where they monsters? That made no sense though. They go to school with me. They're so... normal. Normal? Well if outrageously good looks is normal then yes normal. Wait, why was I thinking so much about it?

"It's crazy, right?" Jacob said laughing.


"I mean, don't tell me you believe that? Even I don't. It's like I'm supposed to hate them over some stupid campfire stories? It all sounds like crazies in a bowl to me." He said shaking his head.

"I guess. You're right." I said agreeing.

A part of me wanted him to be right, but it didn't make sense. These were stories told over centuries... There has to be some truth.

As we walked back to the group I couldn't control the headache that I suddenly had. I hoped for answers and in the end I had many more questions. I know I didn't want to play detective, but I suddenly felt like I had to.

What are you hiding Edward Cullen?