Yesterday had been fun. I had never been a social person, but here in Forks it was so easy. Maybe it was easier here since in my old high school they had almost a thousand students... It was almost too easy to get lost among the crowds. In Forks at the most we were three hundred students give or take. Back home it was easier to blend into the walls because frankly nobody really cared. Here though I had stuck out like a sore thumb on my first day. Now, I had people I could consider friends. I had feared people for a long time because I was anti-social. I had always known I was missing out on life, but I figured I still had my college years. Now, I wished I had spoken up a bit back home. It didn't really matter now though because here was home now.

"Cio, you sure you don't want to come along?" Charlie asked as he walked into my room.

'I need a lock.' I thought.

I could have easily been relieving myself from my morning wood. That would have been awkward. More so than the time when my mother tried to have the sex talk with me. It had been a disaster.

"Yeah. I have homework I need to work on." I lied.

Sitting on a small boat with my dad and Billy was not appealing. It was more of a punishment to myself if I went.

"Okay. Well, I'll make sure to bring you some fish. There's money on the kitchen table if you want to order pizza. I'll be gone all day." He said.

He left after that. I sat up breathing in the cold morning air. I had stayed out pretty late last night yet I was awake at seven. It didn't really make sense, but I had laundry to do. Also, I wanted to drive down Mike's parents store to buy myself a lock. I'm pretty sure my dad would understand without asking any questions. First though, breakfast.

I was going to move, but then I felt a slight shiver. I got that feeling that someone was staring at me. I knew that wasn't possible, but I still looked behind me slowly. A part of me hoped I wasn't about to see a ghost, I watched too many ghost hunting shows. Nothing was there though but the only window in my room. I sighed as the feeling suddenly went away, but I still walked over to the window to look outside. A big tree blocked most of my view into our backyard. Not that it was all ours since it led into the woods. The day wasn't gloomy looking, but the sky was covered by thin clouds that shaded us from the Sun. I sighed opening my window. A cold breeze blew in as I took a breath of fresh air. It wasn't cold out, but it wasn't warm either. I crossed my arms over the window sill and looked out. I have always loved nature and now I was surrounded by it.

"I think, It's time to explore." I said out loud leaning back into my room.

I closed my window and this time headed out.

I opened our fridge and realized we hardly had any food. At least I had the essentials for breakfast, cereal and milk. It felt weird since back home I used to always making breakfast for my mom and I. I should probably start doing that for my dad too. As I ate my cereal I couldn't help but to feel lonely. This was something I hadn't quite gotten used to. I didn't completely dislike it though. I liked my alone time. I was just used to the crazy mornings with my mom. I drank the last of my milk and quickly washed my bowl.

I headed up stairs just in time as my phone began to vibrate.

Why didn't you come down with your dad? -Jake

I had almost forgotten that me and Jake had exchanged numbers last night.

Not my thing. You're with them? I texted back surprised. I didn't figure him for a person who fished.

Nope, but I figured we could have chilled while they did their thing -Jake

Sorry, I didn't even think of that :p

Well, we need to start hanging out. You were basically my best friend when we were little – Jake

I laughed at that. He probably didn't remember our countless fights like me until my dad told me.

Yup I texted back and placed my phone back down.

I collected all my clothes and my phone began to vibrate, but he could wait until I put my clothes into the washer which I did. I wanted to be as helpful as I could to my dad too and so I grabbed his clothes on the way downstairs. Once I was done I headed up stairs to grab my phone.

Yeah. Then I can introduce you to my friends. They're pretty cool – Jake

That would be cool. Then I could babysit you guys I joked texting him back.

I headed downstairs. I was going to turn on the TV, but I didn't really watch much TV. So, I settled on a music channel.

What are you talking about. You're only a year older :/ - Jake

Just kidding, but really it would be cool. They were those other guys with that Sam dude right?

Hell no. We would never stoop that low. He's the resident asshole. Thinking his the shit. Everyone who joins his gang is never the same – Jake

He has a gang?!

I was surprised. I thought about him driving around messing with people. He was intimidating, but I didn't figure him as being the ring leader of a gang. Now that I thought about it though it did make sense. His group followed him around most of the night and when he said it was time to go nobody objected as if following orders. It was kind of creepy.

Not a street gang. That's just what we call his followers. It's like they're in a cult or something and then the whole res basically worships him. I wish I could take him down a notch – Jake

Wow. That's a lot of anger there, surprised you didn't deck him at the beach then...

The only guy I have ever hated that much was Edward. He was just so frustrating. He didn't need to be taken down a notch, but he was so confusing. I mean he saves my life one minute with his inhuman strength and speed then the next he's like, "It's better we're not friends". Who the fuck does that? First, of all I didn't want to be his friend and second, it was just awkward thinking about it. So far our interactions had been either bad or simply weird.

I wish, but his whole gang would have been on me. Anyways, no one messes with him – Jake

I see

It was almost nine and I still had at least two more hours of laundry to do. I sighed looking at the TV.

"Maybe, I should watch something." I said to myself.

I laughed. I was so bored that I was talking to myself now. I shook my head and flipped through channels to see if I found anything good. I didn't know what was good to watch anymore.

Hey, I forgot to mention the stories that I told you are a secret – Jake

A secret? Why? I texted back intrigued. That was strange.

Well, the one about the Cullens. I know it sounds dumb, but don't tell anyone okay? I can get in trouble :/ - Jake

Now, I'm sorry I even asked

This only spiked my curiosity. Why didn't they want people knowing?

It's whatever. Well, we should plan for you to come down here some time next week – Jake

Yup. I'll let you know when

And that was the end of our conversation. The washer began to beep announcing that it was done. I placed my phone down and went to put in the second load. I put my clothes to dry and headed upstairs. I had to research this. I turned on my lap top and googled "Quileute legends" and to my surprise I wasn't bombarded with random stuff that you usually do when you use Google. I clicked on the first link for a book. It previewed the first couple of pages. Once I skimmed through the content page I knew I had to get it. They had a chapter on the cold one. I clicked on the bookstore that it was available in which to my luck resided in Port Angeles. I printed the directions and placed it in my drawer. If I wanted to go I would have to really plan it out. I didn't want to get lost; now that screamed horrible horror movie scene.

"Man, I need to lay off the scary movies and shows." I said shaking my head at my own thoughts.

I decided to take this time and check my e-mail. I rarely went on my computer. I had three e-mails from my mom. I sighed remembering that I had not checked my e-mail since sending one to my mom the day of the accident. I opened the oldest one.

Cio, I am so glad that you're okay! I was about to take the next flight over there, but your father assured me that it was nothing. You have to tell me what happened. Charlie didn't tell me much which has me pissed by the way. I need to know that my baby is okay. I'm just glad you e-mailed me. You're also in big trouble young man. You have not e-mailed me since you got there! Tell me how has it been? Have you made friends? I hope nobody has been giving you a hard time.



I smiled and clicked on the next e-mail which was sent a couple of days after that one.

Hi, how are you? I don't like not hearing from you. Maybe, the accident was more serious than you and your father are letting me know.. If I find out that you're hiding something from me, I'm going to be so mad and disappointed. Contact me!



The last e-mail was sent yesterday. I already knew it was going to be bad by reading the headline which read in caps: ANGRY MOM

Cio, you know I worry. You can't just e-mail me that you're okay and alive and then vanish. Are you going through some teenage thing? Is talking to your mom a hassle? I can't help but feel like I'm losing my boy. Are you just having too much fun over there that you don't have time for your mom? I'm going to resort to calling you. Yes, that's a threat.



I pressed the reply button and cracked my fingers before replying. First, I started by apologizing, because she was right. I should have let her know more about what happened which then led to me explaining to her everything that happened which meant about Edward as much as I hated it. I didn't tell her my problem with him, but that he did push me out of the way. I told her about my new friends and our outing to La Push yesterday. I told her about reuniting with Jacob as well. I briefly touched on school and ending the e-mail with promising to contact her more often.

"Send." I said and closed my lap top.

The dryer began to beep. I was actually excited to be done with laundry so I could go into town. I was getting really bored at home. I put in the last load and headed upstairs to put away my clothes. I didn't have that many so after a couple of minutes I was done. I decided to take a shower and grabbed my towel.

As I got in the shower I couldn't help but to suddenly get aroused. This morning I had woken up with a morning wood, but hadn't taken care of it. I looked down and sighed as I began the mundane stroking. I felt myself pulse with excitement and pleasure as I went faster. I closed my eyes after a handful of laborious minutes as I knew I was about to finish. In the final moments as I was about to be done, I felt an immense euphoria as pleasure shot from head to toe. Goosebumps trickled down my spine as I let out a satisfied sigh.

That's better.. I thought.

Finally, I got to showering myself.

Once I was done I made the cold walk to my room. I could already hear the dryer beeping. I didn't know how long it had been beeping for, but I hurried to change. The noise was getting annoying. I didn't even put on my shirt as I started running downstairs to turn off the machine. I grabbed the small pile of clothes and headed to my dad's room. I had never folded another man's clothes so it was awkward when I saw his underwear. I preferred seeing boxers though instead of panties any day. I remembered the first time I did my mom's laundry she had been so embarrassed because I had folded her underwear and put it away. After that she had a separate laundry basket for her under garments. Putting away my dad's clothes was easier than my mom's too, that was for sure. He had three sections; pants, shirts and underwear. Finally done, I put on a shirt and sweater.

It was just past eleven when I checked the time. I hoped that it wouldn't take long to get a lock for my door. I still really wanted to go out for a walk in our back woods. I grabbed my keys and headed out to town.

"Cio!" Jessica said as I entered Mike's parents' store.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Mike is almost off. We're going to go meet up with Tyler for lunch."

"Mike works here?" I asked, but was I really surprised? Nope. I should have known.

"Yup. What are you getting?" She asked.

"I'm just looking for a lock." I said almost too embarrassed.

"I'll show you where they are."

"You work here too?"

"No, I've just spent my fair share of time here." She said laughing.

The store was relatively small. So, I couldn't help but feel Mike's glaring eyes on my back as Jessica helped me. I wondered if she noticed it too. If she did she probably liked it. She seemed like that type of girl. I wondered if she had a crush on me, but she was dating Mike. Maybe, I was just thinking too highly of myself.

"I think I'll take this one." I said grabbing the cheapest one.

"Cool. What are you going to do after this?" Jessica asked me as we reached the counter.

"That will be ten fifty." Mike said.

It was probably killing him inside to be courteous to me. That amused me for some reason.

'Since when have I been vindictive?' I thought.

"I actually have to get home." I lied.

I did not want to spend my day with her and Mike. Anyways, it wasn't a complete lie. I did have to get home. I still wanted to explore my back woods. I didn't want to be out there too long.

"Have a good day." Mike said sliding my bag over the counter almost like saying, get the hell out of here already.

I said good bye and left the store. I was going to go straight home, but then my stomach growled. That made me remember that there was no food at my house. I had left the money my dad left on the table, but luckily I had some cash on me. I placed my bag in the truck and walked to the grocery store that was next to the hardware store.

They only had two cashiers and it was practically empty. I quickly made my way to the frozen food isle. I didn't feel like cooking anything. Down the row there was a woman grabbing some stuff. I tried hard not to stare at her since I was pretty sure that she was Edward's mom. She was as pale as the others. To my surprise she turned to me and smiled kindly. Embarrassed I turned away from her and began looking at the frozen food intently like they were the most interesting thing ever. I grabbed some random frozen food meals and rushed out after paying.

'Will she tell Edward about this?' I thought embarrassed as I started my truck.

"Calm down Cio. It's not like she knows you." I told myself.

When I finally got home I didn't feel like doing anything. I had shaken myself over nothing and my body was feeling it. I placed the frozen food in the freezer and headed upstairs calling it a day.

When my alarm woke me up the next morning, I was ready for it. I felt more alive for some reason. I showered, feeling refreshed for the day. I grabbed my usual breakfast; an apple. I sat at the kitchen table looking out the window as I took a couple bites out of it. I saw the woods once again. I had skipped out on taking a walk there yesterday, but not today. It was Monday and I usually didn't get homework. I took a couple more bites and then threw out the last of it. I grabbed my bag and headed outside.

"What the..." I said as I spotted Edward parked behind my truck.

"Good morning, Cio." He said as I approached him.

"What are you doing?" I questioned as my heart raced at the sudden appearance of him. I hadn't even thought about him today.

"I wanted to make amends. I think that you're a... chill... dude." He said as if he had trouble with his own words.

"Chill dude? Those words sound weird coming from you." I commented.

"How so?" He asked.

"I don't know. You give off an old fashioned kind of vibe." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"I'll take that as a compliment," He said smirking.

That's when it happened. If I wasn't sure before that I was gay; I knew it now. My heart thumped at his simple facial expression. My blood rushed to my cheeks and I had to cough at the sudden realization. My heart was racing as I realized what Edward had sparked in me. Suddenly, I had butterflies in my stomach and I didn't know how to conduct myself.

"Is everything okay?" Edward asked worried.

"Yeah. We should get to school. Thanks for coming by." I said rather quickly and turned walking to my truck.

"Cio, wait. I wanted to offer you a ride."

"No need. Thanks for the offer. See you at school," I said opening my car door and tossing my backpack inside.

"I know I said it would be better if we weren't friends, but it doesn't mean I don't want to." He said holding my door open as I got inside.

"Uh... Are you bipolar?" I asked looking at him confused.

He looked at me for a mere second before laughing. My breath was caught in my throat as he shook his head lightly. I needed to get away from him. Just yesterday, I hated him and now he was making my heart beat roughly against my chest. I had never felt this before. Is this how it felt when you liked someone?

'It couldn't be... I hated him.' I thought.

"I'm sorry if I gave you that impression." Edward said softly.

"I don't get you. I really don't."

"I don't understand myself either." He admitted and my heart raced at his words.

'What did that mean?' I thought eagerly, but I remained silent.

"Look Edward, I don't get it. One thing I do know, is that I don't want another enemy at school. I already have enough with Mike. If you promise to control your bipolar attitude, then I'm down. You're really giving me whiplash." I said rubbing my temples.

"Then, allow me to give you a ride to school." He suggested.

I debated it for a while. I looked at him staring at me, waiting for my answer. Okay, so asshole Edward didn't want to be an asshole anymore. He had come all the way to my house when he didn't have to. We could have just met up in school. I had to take that into consideration, even if it was kind of creepy. Was it normal for another guy to offer another guy a ride? It didn't seem natural, but what did I know? I was confused by his actions. I hated that he was such a mystery and that gave me my answer. I wanted to know him. I sighed stepping out of my truck.

"Fine." I said grabbing my backpack from the truck.

"Thank you."

"Thank you? Don't make it all weird." I mumbled closing my car door.

I basically whispered it. I knew he hadn't heard me. This is why I thought he was old fashioned. Who said that? We got into his Volvo and he reversed out of my driveway. I was still doubting my actions, but yet here I was. What the hell was I doing?

"Cio, what are you thinking?" He asked me.

"How weird this whole situation is/" I answered honestly.

"Is it weird?"

"Edward, the last time I talked to you, it involved me telling you to basically fuck yourself." I said sighing.

He physically winced at my words. Something told me he wasn't used to people cursing around him. The grip around his steering wheel tightened. Well, he would just have to get used to it. I cursed like a sailor.

"I know." He said quietly.

"Like I said, weird."

The car was silent after that.

As I concentrated on the road ahead of us, my mind brought up my Google research. I remembered the other stuff that had popped up when I looked up the cold ones. I shivered at one specifically that just ran through my brain and made my body tremble.

'Vampire.' I thought as I stole a glance at Edward.

I shook my head and laughed at my thoughts. That was impossible. That was something from the movies, not from my life. I had to get that book before I drove myself crazy. I guess I knew what I was doing this weekend.