Hello i am Toshirofan4ever. This is my first ever story on here, so please do review/comment. If you haven't watched Vampire Knight all the way through, i recommend you not to read this. Spoilers at every turn. Um, i guess i should say a little about this. Yuuki is sick, as it will show, Yori is very worried. Kaname can sense Yuuki being sick. Now Kaname will have to make a decision.

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Chapter 1: Yuuki is sick?

"So Yuuki, are you going to the festival tonight?" Asked Yori. Yuuki shook her head. "No I'm going back to the dorm. i'm not feeling good." Said Yuuki, as she heading for the dormitories. Yori put her finger up to her mouth. "Yuuki hasn't been feeling good for a couple of weeks now,and the last few days she's been running a real bad fever." She said as she walked to the festival worried.

Kaname Kuran, the president of the moon dorm was walking around with a bleached hair and blue-eyed friend. Yuuki Cross, is a disciplinary committee member, and the daughter of the headmaster. Hanabusa Aido, or bleached head, is a idol, and some people seem to call him idol instead of Aido. Sayori Wakaba is a student at Cross academy, as well as Yuuki's best friend. Kaien Cross is the headmaster, and Yuuki's adopted father. More later characters.

"Hanabusa, where is Yuuki?" Asked Kaname. Hanabusa twitched. "She seemed to be ill, so she is walking back to the sun dorm. Would you like me to go check on her?" He asked. Kaname narrowed his eyes, and sighed. "No i will. Her being sick, she will be very scared if anyone just pops in." Said Kaname.

Back in the sun dorm, Yuuki was seeing red, but that was because of the lid her mother placed on her vampire genes. But her sickness, she didn't know what it was. She had a fever, and she was coughing blood. "why am i so sick? " She thought as she layed down in her night-gown. She fell asleep with a high fever.

Around 11pm, three hours Yuuki went to sleep, Kaname came to see Yuuki. He picked her up. "Her fever is high, over 104."he said.

ok, i know it was short, but had to keep you hanging. Now i hope to have a review. ^^