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Egypt. The first great ancient civilization.

Yet for all its splendor and greatness, it was bound to the fate of all nations and faded into the sand from which it came. Many stories whispered by the wind died away with the passing of this golden empire.

But these are the very stories that should have never been forgotten.

This is one such tale…..

Long ago, a great pharaoh reigned with the golden power entrusted by the gods themselves. It was said that this great power could banish any threat to the kingdom and its people.

However, no one could see the threat that lay dormant in the hearts of men. One of the most trusted advisors grew resentful and bitter. He rebelled against the pharaoh he swore loyalty to and sought the powers of the Dark One, Zorc. He went so far as to take upon the power of a sacred beast that protected one of the pharoah's guardians.

Darkness covered up any light and it seemed as if Egypt would perish. In that moment, the pharaoh offered his prayers to the gods to seal this evil. And he did receive an answer.

Daughter of Ma'at and Thoth, the Goddess with No Name. She whose wisdom and power has no equal. She and the pharaoh banished Zorc to the regions of the Duat, his physical body sealed with a temple hidden to all, but at a great cost.

The pharaoh lost his life, so untimely cut short. Though unable to bring him back to life, the Goddess promised the servants to the pharaoh a wish.

That he may live again and that they would find their king again. That not even death would separate them.

For the time will come when this evil will rise again…..


Mana sighed and looked up from her book.

Not that the book was that interesting. It was about Egypt(like most things her brother got for her on his trips) and she was sick of Egypt. Sure to other people it may come off as mysterious and intriguing, but for her it was an annoying reminder of her brother. As a child, Mahad had educated her about his latest finds in researching Egypt, not understanding she didn't care. She lived, breathed, ate, and slept this stuff back then. It took so long to forget that that was the reason she bugged him so much. To get him to stop talking about it.

To her left, Mahad was looking at her questioningly. He was dressed for travel, comfortable but not too casual. Mana's friends had once told her they thought her brother was cute, but they didn't have to live with him. He couldn't talk to a girl outside of his family without stuttering like a fool and had no sense of humor.

"What is it brother dearest?"

Mahad sighed at Mana's tone, knowing very well she didn't mean it.

"Can't you try to be a little pleasant? I mean, most people I know would be ecstatic to go on a trip to Egypt."

Mana returned back to her book, in an effort to end the conversation.

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm not like most people you know, which are mostly archaeologists."

Mahad's face and tone was determined.

"I couldn't leave you alone for a couple of weeks. You'd burn down the apartment trying to make food for yourself. Plus, you'd have probably thrown a party and I'd come back to find the place looking like something out of a horror movie."

Mana rolled her eyes.

"I wouldn't have done that."

(She hadn't thought about a party. Good idea for next time though).

Mahad just looked at her concerned and somewhat sad.

"Look I know you're not happy…"

The look Mana gave him sent the impression, What was your first clue Sherlock? Mahad continued on, his voice also taking on a sad tone.

"Listen, when this is all over, I'll make it up to you."

Mana folded the book into her travel bag and did one last check on her cell phone before the plane took off.

"Unless you can turn back time, you can't."

Mahad felt a slight sting from those words and just gave up.

What did he expect? That traveling would put Mana in a different mood? He shook his head mentally. Well, not that he should have expected much. She had been like this ever since she had moved in with him.

Mana wasn't always like this. She used to be so annoying she got on his nerves. Like the time she locked him in a closet with a snake she borrowed from the biology room(knowing full well he HATED snakes). Or the time one of her contraptions had him looking like a king sized chicken. And let's not forget the time she stole his journal(NOT A DIARY!) and read it out to the whole school on the intercom. That was a bad time in his already miserable high school career.

But then the accident happened.

When Mahad got a call in the middle of the night sometime after started his job at the museum, he knew something was wrong. Mana's crying furthered that feeling. He couldn't process the words that came out of her mouth. His parents had gotten into an accident and had not made it.

He still couldn't process it as he stood next to Mana at the funeral. He couldn't walk in the old house without expecting to see his mom in her sewing room puzzling over some new design or his dad smiling as he was making dinner. Mana, at least, had her friends to console her, but Mahad had no close friends.

After the funeral, Mahad knew he had to take care of his sister. Dad was an only child whose parents had died early on and Mom's only living family member was her half-brother which was barely on speaking terms with her.

In a way, he probably did deserve some of her scorn. He had uprooted her from the only life she had ever known with all her friends to move her to a different city and school where she knew no one except him.

He just expected her to prank him to humiliation or yell at him. Yelling would have been good.

Instead, it was as if he didn't exist to her anymore. She would sit down with him for meals, but she wouldn't attempt a conversation with him. Quite literally, he got his wish too late. She left him alone.

Now Mahad realized how much he missed the old Mana. It seemed as if whatever had been between them as siblings had vanished. And that just made Mahad more lonely than he already was. He already lost his parents, did he have to lose his sister too?

Mana was unaware of Mahad's inner musings as she checked her messages. Her old friends still kept in contact with her, but the only message from today was from Kisara.

Try 2 have fun. He is ur brother. U should talk 2 each other. Talk when u get back.

Mana mentally smiled at Kisara's text and pulled up a picture of her and her friend striking a silly pose which was her wall paper.

When Mana had looked around for a place to sit for lunch on her first day, she noticed Kisara in the corner by herself. Mana had asked if she could sit down and that began a really great friendship.

In fact, it was the only thing Mana could say was good from having to move in with her brother.

Kisara had clicked with her in a way that was so different from her old friends. Though quiet and withdrawn, Kisara and her shared something Mana couldn't put into words. Maybe it was the universe's law of "Opposites attract."

A flight attendant noticed Mana's cell phone out.

"Um miss, we're about to take off."

Mana sighed and turned off her phone.


The flight attendant gave her a small smile as she passed by. Mana stared out the window waiting for takeoff.

Mana reconsidered her thoughts on this trip. She hated it since her brother had announced it almost a month ago(good thing they both had passports) and she definitely was not looking forward to just hanging around a dig site or a hotel for her brother's work for a couple of weeks.

Then again, it could be a lot worse.

I mean, come on, it's not like it's going to cause the end of the world…. No harm ever came from visiting a dig site.

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