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Now without further ado, the epilogue!

"Atem, you okay?"

Atem Muto came out of his thoughts and glanced back to the table while abandoning the window he had been staring out of.

The diner was pretty nice place, one the small group had done lunch at before during the Battle City tournament and had come back a couple of times. He was currently sitting next to his twin, who mirrored the rest of the group's concern.

Tea was right next to Yugi and Joey and Tristan were on the other side of the booth, the makes caring partially because their food had yet to arrive and distract them.

He made a small smile before coming back to the conversation.

"I'm sorry, what were we talking about?"

They still looked with him with some concern as Joey answered.

"How Kaiba has apparently gotten himself a girlfriend and the media is going crazy with it. Even I have to wonder what kind of girl can put up with a guy like Kaiba?"

Yugi smiled weakly as he scratched the back of his head.

"In his defense, Kaiba did look interested in Kisara back in Egypt. We did mention it before when we got back, so it's not that much of a surprises."

Tristan looked apologetic at that.

"You did, sorry we didn't really believe you guys."

Atem waved off the brunet's concern.

"No problem, even I have trouble believing it at times."

Tea perked up as she remembered something, a litter bitter tone in her voice.

"Speaking of Egypt, heard form Rebecca?"

Yugi cringed while the other males of the group chuckled, the young twin shooting a glare at his older brother for daring to show that picture from the trip. He still answered Tea though.

"Yeah, she's graduating in a couple of months. She also has a job offer from the Kaiba Corp division in America to be in their Tech Division. Her grandpa will be retiring next year after he has found a replacement to take over his classes at the university."

Joey also contributed.

"Speaking of friends oversees, I got a letter from Ryou and Bakura from their boarding school in England. Apparently, Bakura was suspected to have blown up the dean's car, but no one could really prove it."

Atem's voice was dead panned.

"He did it."

Joey sighed at that.

"You and Ryou are of one mind."

Atem turned his gaze back to the window looking out at the street.

"Not really, I just know him too well."

Joey turned to Yugi to ask.

"What's up with him?"

Yugi shrugged, knowing full well what his twin was thinking.

"Probably thinking about Mana."

Atem's face was unmovable, but he responded.

"You know, being right here I can hear everything you're saying."

Yugi sighed at that.

"We know, we're just worried about you. Anyway, didn't you speak to her recently?"

His older brother didn't miss a beat in answering.

"Almost a week ago. She said there was stuff going on so she wouldn't be able to contact me for a while."

Tristan turned to Joey at that.

"You should know how that feels Joey. When's the last time you had a date with Mai?"

At that, the blonde duelist pulled his burnet friend into a headlock.

"Shut up, you moron."

Atem smiled amused at that.

"You were asking for that Tristan."

Tristan caught his breath as soon he was released from Joey's grip.

"I know."

Joey glared at him.

"Then don't say anything."

Tea directed the conversation back at Atem.

"So, do you know when Mana will be able to get back to you?"

As Atem opened his mouth, a very new and familiar voice to group answered.

"Oh I don't know, I'd say now is a good of time as any."

Out of the group, no one turned their head sharper than Atem to find Mana Kurozaki standing not far away, in simple jeans and navy blue shirt striped with white.

The top duelist immediately got up and went to stand next to her, babbling a little like an idiot.


Mana lifted a single finger to Atem's lips, effectively stopping him.

"Hold your horses Mister 'Best Duelist in the World.' You do know how to speak in complete sentences, right?"

Joey smiled at that.

"I like her already."

Tristan nodded in agreement.

"Me too."

Tea reached over the booth to knock their heads together.


"Quit it, you two!"

Mana laughed at the antics.

"You guys are just like how Atem described you."

Atem looked her directly.

"You know still haven't said what you're doing in Domino City."

Mana shrugged.

"Oh, that's simple. I live here now."

That caused a reaction from the group.


Mana smiled even more, holding on of her hands with the peace sign.

"Yep, apparently when we were in Egypt, Mahad got an offer to work at the Museum in here. He had been talking to my uncle about it before, but he didn't tell me until me until we were on the plane back. He offered me a choice of coming with him here or living with my uncle until I graduate. You can guess what I chose."

Atem's surprise and astonishment melted into a smile.

"Well, I'm…it's good to see you again."

Mana nodded, a smug smile on her face.

"M hm."

She then proceeded to give Atem a little peck on the lips. He seemed stunned and silent (as were the three others who hadn't seen the two kiss before).

She smiled slyly as Atem seemed to realize what just happened.

"Want me to do that again?"

He nodded his head quickly.

"If you would."

She obliged in, this one lasting longer and a bit more passionate before Joey commented.

"Get a room, you two!"

The two broke apart at that, but didn't shoot Joey any mean glances as Mana smiled back at Atem.

"You know, I think this means you owe me a date."

Atem raised an eyebrow at her, greatly amused.

"How does an action romance sound?"

Mana met it with the same expression.

"You mean what we went back through in Egypt? I'll settle for a light-hearted comedy after that."

That prompted laughter all around, Mana starting to get more comfortable around this new group of people she now met.

The past was over, it was time to live for the now.


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