A/N: Hi all, just a quick note - I know Chuck's books only go up to Dean going to Hell in the canon, but let's say for arguments sake (going a little AU) that he started publishing again despite the Winchester's warnings & therefore, Cas is a regular in the series. I hope you enjoy the story, it's just a fun idea I had and wanted to write :)

By the time Sam, Dean and Cas traipsed back into Room 106 of the Little Lover's Honeymoon Motel it was late. The boys were exhausted and irritable after the hunt, and Dean's sudden decision to have a raging bitch fit wasn't helping the situation.

"I didn't need your help, man! I can take care of myself!" Dean yelled angrily, slamming the door shut behind them all.

"Dean, that vampire was about to sink his fangs into your-" Cas began to explain in a strained, yet unfathomably patient voice.

"It was under control!" Dean interrupted, falling back on one of the beds. "You don't need to be always flying in to save me the whole friggin' time! What are you, my guardian angel?"

"In many ways, yes, that is an accurate portrayal of our relationship, don't you think?" Cas retorted sarcastically, scowling a little. "Get some sleep, Dean. Maybe in the morning you'll think to thank me for saving your life once again."

Dean reached behind him to grab his pillow and hurled it at Cas, only to have it fly ineffectually through the air as Cas vanished.

Sam sighed from his position still over by the door. He flicked the latch, went to collect the pillow and threw it back at Dean, who grunted, but didn't move, letting the pillow rest on his face.

They were constantly doing this, Sam thought as he shucked off his jeans and climbed into the other bed, Dean and Cas would be practically holding hands one minute, and then at each other's throats the next. It was as if the idea of being so close scared them – or more likely, scared Dean – and so he'd pick a fight about something stupid just for the sake of it.

It was getting really annoying.

1:30am. Was that late enough? Sam was never entirely sure. He risked a glance over at his brother, who had finally mustered up the strength to crawl under the covers about an hour ago. He was breathing evenly, his face turned away. He must be asleep by now, surely. Sam chewed his lip, getting impatient. He didn't think he could wait any longer.

Slowly, carefully, Sam sat up, holding the covers steady so that they wouldn't make a rustling noise. With aching precision, he lifted one leg up and slid it out to the side, the other following closely behind until both feet were firmly planted on the floor. He glanced over at Dean, who hadn't moved an inch, and continued the process of vacating the bed. Once he had finally gotten into a standing position, thankfully with only a couple of fumblings with the scratchy motel duvet, he tiptoed over to the table in the corner of the room.

The table was illuminated by the light from the window behind it, and had one wooden and mildly uncomfortable looking chair next to it. Sam couldn't help admiring it earlier, thinking of what a perfect place it would be for one man to sit with a computer, away from prying eyes. He had even placed his laptop there in anticipation of this moment.

As silently as possible, Sam slid into his seat, flicked open the lid of his laptop and sighed, a smile creeping onto his face as the warm blue glow of the screen lit up his features. A quick glance over at his brother ensured he was good to go, and he quickly opened up his favourite page.


A fanbase for Carver Edlund's brilliant and terrifying book series Supernatural!

Welcome back, Samfan69!

It felt good to be home. Sam wasted no time in the galleries or looking at the clips of the various Supernatural conventions. He knew he didn't have a lot of time, Dean rarely got more than four hours sleep, and he wanted to spend a good deal of time in the Supernatural chatroom tonight.

Okay, so Sam knew it was weird. He didn't wait until 1:00am just for the hell of it - if Dean ever found out about Sam's weird obsession with the Supernatural books, he'd… well Sam genuinely couldn't fathom what his brother's reaction would be, but it sure as hell wouldn't be good. Even Sam could admit, fangirling over a series of books where heis one of the main characters is pretty odd. But Sam thought that if Dean ever found out, God forbid, he might be able to wrap his head around that much… because when you get down to it, Sam loves his brother, but Dean can be a pretty egotistical guy. Sam was surprised the idea of thousands of screaming fans poring over vivid descriptions of himself didn't interest his brother more, really.

But it wasn't even the drooling teenage girls fawning over his character that got Sam hooked. It's all these theories that the fans come up with. He actually started this obsession pretty innocently – he was researching, something about Enochian sigils, and he clicked on a link that led him to a Supernatural fan page, run by a particularly dedicated young woman who had matched up some Archangelic sigils to a design on the watch the Trickster was described as wearing back at the Mystery Spot. At the time, Sam had dismissed the whole idea as the ridiculous ramblings of a fan spending far too much time online, but later, when the Trickster revealed himself as the Archangel Gabriel, a cold chill ran down Sam's spine. She'd been right.

There were thousands of fan theories just like this one, and Sam would be lying if he said he didn't tap the Supernatural Society resource regularly when he was doing research. But that was all work. It was at night, when nobody was peeking over his shoulder that he could indulge in some of the… stranger fan theories that really caught his interest. The 'shipping', for instance, was an area Sam - despite avoiding for a while, thinking he most likely wouldn't like what he would find if he looked - found most intriguing. Destiel, Wincest… what was it all about? Sam had decided to put an end to his curiosity, and just delve right in, only he hadn't been able to get online for longer than five minutes at a time until now. Well tonight was the night.

Sam clicked on the SlashFanChat link eagerly, and smiled as he waited for the page to load. He hadn't been able to sign on for a few days, and he was getting antsy. He only knew very little about the slash side of Supernatural, but so far his OTP was definitely Bobby/Crowley. When he saw a fan mention it for the first time, he burst out laughing, remembering the picture Crowley had shown him of the kiss. Imagine if the Supernatural Society got hold of that! But apparently Chuck's description of the kiss was enough for some fans. The chatbox finally appeared, and Sam glanced eagerly at the guest list. His face fell a little. Only two other people were in the chatroom tonight. Oh well, it's not like Chuck's books were an overwhelming success anyway.

Samfan69: Hey guys!

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Hiiiii :)

Destiel4eva: hey

Samfan69: What are you guys talking about?

Destiel4eva: our overwhelming Destiel feels haha

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Srsly, why can't they just make out already?!

Samfan69: … are you talking about Dean and Castiel?

Destiel4eva: duh

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Are you a Wincest shipper then?

Destiel4eva: lol who isn't

Samfan69: What! EW! No!

Sam felt himself shudder, and he reeled back from the computer screen a little. He glanced up at Dean to check he was still sleeping, and shuddered again.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Haha, I don't like it much either. Destiel is my OTP!

Destiel4eva: yeah, me too can you tell lol

Destiel4eva: i see where people are coming from with Wincest tho

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Yeah same, I mean they obvs can't live without each other – and when Dean sold his soul to save Sam that was so cute.

CUTE?! She couldn't be serious. This girl thought Dean selling his soul to a crossroads demon and going to hell for FORTY YEARS was cute?! Although, her username would suggest she was born in 1997 …so maybe he should let her off, he thought, shrugging.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Oh and when Dean calls him Sammy… unf.

Destiel4eva: haha!

Samfan69: unf?

Destiel4eva: she thinks it's hot

Samfan69: UGH

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Hey! Don't diss other people's kinks! I've read too many fanfics where he says it during sex okay?


Destiel4eva: hahahaha

Destiel4eva: so… you don't like Wincest – are you a Destiel shipper?

Samfan69: Um…

MrsDeanWinchester69: Come on, you have to admit, they are completely canon.

Sam sure as hell wasn't going to embarrass himself by asking what canon meant again.

Samfan69: I guess I've never really thought about it…

Destiel4eva: well think about it! He GRIPPED HIM TIGHT and RAISED HIM FROM PERDITION.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Plus the way they're always staring at each other.

Destiel4eva: eyesex.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: and Cas always saves Dean on hunts!

Destiel4eva: and he ALWAYS comes when Dean calls and hardly ever when Sam does (sorry Samfan)

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Omg, and that adorable time when Dean was all 'you're NOT going to die a virgin, not on my watch!' and took Cas to a strip club and paid a hooker to have sex with him but Cas couldn't go through with it COS HE'S SO IN LURRRVE

Samfan69: WHAT?! When the hell did that happen?

Dean took an Angel of the Lord to a strip club?! He was going to have serious words with his brother later. How did he not know about this?

Destiel4eva: book 26 dummy. You need to brush up on your Supernatural knowledge.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: The things I would do to have them become canon…

Destiel4eva: omg ikr. If Dean and Cas were (lol) real people and I knew them, I would LITERALLY do everything in my power to make them see how made for each other they are.

Sam's brow creased as he read the words, and not just because the abbreviation 'ikr' went right over his head. They'd do everything in their power? That seemed a tad extreme. They must really believe in this Destiel thing, he thought.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Sigh. We can dream.

Destiel4eva: pfft. You can dream. I'm gonna write Chuck a letter expressing my homoerotic desires.

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Omg, haha!

"Sammy?" Dean's voice sailed through the darkness, making Sam jump and snap his head up in fear. "What're y'doin?" He slurred sleepily, sitting up a little to peer over at Sam, still huddled over his laptop on the table.

"Oh, n-nothing. I couldn't sleep… I was just looking for a case." Sam replied quickly, his words tripping over themselves.

Dean grabbed his phone off the bedside table and blinked at the screen blearily. "It's half one in the morning!"

"I know. Go back to sleep, I'm going to bed now." Sam replied, his heart sinking. To his relief, Dean sank back down onto his pillow and closed his eyes.

Sighing, Sam turned back to the chatroom and tapped out a hurried message.

Samfan69: Sorry guys, gotta go. My brother's being a dick. You've given me a lot to think about! Bye x

MrsDeanWinchester1997: Oh :( bye Samfan! I hope we converted you to our shipping ways!

Destiel4eva: DESTIEL4EVA DAMMIT! Xxx

Samfan69 has left the conversation.

To the accompaniment of Dean's annoyed moaning, Sam switched off his laptop, closed the lid and shuffled back to bed. He needed some sleep anyway.

He rolled over onto his side, waiting for sleep to overcome him. Those girls had made some interesting points. I mean, he was just thinking about how weird Cas and Dean were when they were around each other, blowing hot one minute and cold the next. What if, like that other fan did with the Trickster/Gabriel, these girls had a point? Sam rolled over onto his other side so he could stare at Dean's unconscious profile in the other bed. Was his big brother all lovesick over an Angel of the Lord? Even worse, was Cas smitten with his loud, obnoxious, egotistical brother?

Sam could feel his thoughts start to blur at the edges. Meh, he'd figure it out in the morning.