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Sam jumped a little as soon as he realised he was in suspended in the air, making the carriage he and Gabriel were sat in rock alarmingly. Sam looked over the edge with trepidation, seeing the striped tents and colourful rides below him get slowly further and further away. He gulped. He was at a carnival. On a Ferris Wheel.

It's okay Sam. Stay calm.

He turned to Gabriel, who was watching him, amused. Sam noticed that the Angel's arm was slung across the back of the seat, practically wrapped around his shoulders.

"Okay there, Sammykins?" Gabriel asked, raising one eyebrow as if he knew. Sam stared back confidently and leant back against the seat, trying to appear relaxed.

"Fine." He said defiantly. "Um, there aren't any... clowns at this carnival are there?" Sam asked, trying hard to sound nonchalant though his heart was pounding madly.

Gabriel laughed and didn't answer other than to slide his arm forward so that it actually draped around Sam, pulling him in close. He squirmed a little but eventually acquiesced, glancing across at Gabriel's glinting eyes. Their faces were suddenly very close together. Sam couldn't help thinking of how that fanfiction had started… with Gabriel getting a bit too close, a bit too flirty, until Sam just couldn't take it anymore and he-

"Now, now Sammy." Gabriel said, looking at Sam like he was a misbehaving child. "No wild motel sex till you eat your vegetables."

Sam blushed, and God he was getting tired of doing that. It was so weird that Gabriel could see his every thought. "I was just reading it cause I was curious." He mumbled, looking out at the flawless countryside beyond the fairground, the rolling violet hills surrounding the pea green fields and ochre meadows. It was really beautiful.

"Why thankyou. I made it myself." Gabriel said, smiling, and Sam was momentarily confused before realising his thoughts had been read once again. "And I know you were curious… we're all allowed to be a little curious now and then." Gabriel murmured into his ear, and Sam thought he felt the merest hint of his lips brush against the sensitive flesh there. He shivered and looked back at Gabriel, his eyes dark.

"Aw, you cold baby?" Gabriel asked, and Sam decided he legitimately couldn't tell if he was joking or not. Gabriel edged closer, running his tongue across his lips with a smirk. "Here, let me warm you up."

Sam's eyes went wide.

Castiel was finding it difficult to ignore Dean any longer considering their proximity, huddled together in this tiny open carriage of a Ferris Wheel. It wasn't that Castiel was angry with Dean, he doubted that the hunter could ever truly do something that he wouldn't forgive him for eventually. But now that Dean knew what had happened all that time ago, it would change everything... wouldn't it? Things could never be how they were again. Dean would be embarrassed by the way he had acted, and Castiel would be embarrassed that he'd let things get that far when Dean was clearly not in his right mind and didn't actually want to be doing or saying those things.

Dean shifted next to him, and Castiel felt their thighs rub together with a rustle of material. Dean coughed, but said nothing, so Castiel continued to stare out at the fabricated world around him. His brother was truly an artist. He'd never been to a carnival before. He hoped he'd get to look around before Gabriel changed things again.

"Cas?" Oh. Apparently Dean wanted to continue talking.

"What is it, Dean?" Castiel said, and he turned slightly towards the other man, but didn't look up at him.

"I…I'm sorry. About… well. You know." Dean said, seeming to have difficulty getting the words out.

Castiel wanted to touch him, to reassure him physically that it was fine, of course it was fine, that he didn't do anything wrong, that he never could.

"You needn't apologise, Dean. It was my fault. I was – what is that phrase? – lost in the moment. I should have stopped you. I see that now." Dean looked confused, but Castiel didn't see.

"What?" Dean said, trying to understand Castiel's words. "No, Cas… I'm not apologising for kissing you."

Castiel looked up then, straight into Dean's sea foam eyes and looked mildly embarrassed. "O-oh." He said weakly, a puzzled expression creeping onto his face. Dean wanted to wrap his arms around him.

"I do a lot of stupid shit, but that… I dunno, I wish I remembered it I guess, but I don't regret actually doing it. Especially not if it happened like you said it happened." Castiel still looked confused. "I'm apologising for not remembering – for you having to see me wake up the next morning and act like it never happened. That's… that's harsh."

Castiel cocked his head, but signs of recognition were starting to sparkle in his eyes. "Are you saying… you would have wanted to… to…" Castiel seemed to stumble over this word, and he dropped his gaze quickly, "kiss me anyway?"

Dean smirked a little. "You mean would I have wanted to, even if I wasn't inebriated?" Castiel glanced up at him and smiled, noticing he'd learnt that word at last. Fuck that, Dean thought, watching Castiel's pink lips stretch across his face, lighting up his features like someone had lit a match from within, I wanna kiss him right now. Dean looked away, his fingers tapping nervously on his knee. "Um, yeah."

Castiel's eyes widened, and his eyes darted about, as if searching for some scrap of evidence why this might be true.

"I don't know what's going on between us, Cas. But I know it's there. You'd have to be pretty dumb not to see the way you're always staring at me like some creeper." Castiel looked indignant, his mouth open ready to protest, but Dean laughed and he shut up quickly, deciding that to hear Dean laugh he would endure endless ridicule. "It's okay cause I do it too."

"I know." Castiel said, and Dean saw that he was smiling.

"I feel like you're gonna lose big with me, Cas. I gotta be honest here." Dean said, and his voice was suddenly serious. They'd reached the bottom of the Ferris Wheel now, and when they went past the station, Dean wondered if the ride would ever end.

"I don't see how that's possible. I've loved you with everything I am ever since I first cradled your broken soul in my hands." Castiel replied, and Dean couldn't bear it. The simplicity of that statement, it was too much. He grabbed hold of Castiel by the shoulders, gripping him tightly and staring deeply into his eyes.

"No, don't you do that. Don't you make it seem like it was nothing. You pulled me out of Hell, Cas. I was in the worst place even fathomable, and you saved me. You could have died trying to get me out. How am I supposed to repay that kind of stuff, huh? Do you know what I would have become if you hadn't done that for me? What I almost did become? How can I ever repay you for that?" He seemed to be genuinely asking, and Castiel noticed the sheen of tears in his eyes.

"Kiss me again?" Castiel said, a tiny smile on his lips to match his broken, scared voice. Dean's heart splintered in response.

He leaned forwards and pressed his lips to Castiel's, tasting the vaguely familiar warmth, and wrapping his hands around the back of his head to pull him in closer, because this damn perfect Angel was always getting so close to him, but it was never close enough.

Castiel's hands hovered uncertainly in the air, eventually coming to rest on Dean's waist. Dean shivered at the touch of his fingers, and ran his own up to thread through Cas's thick black hair.

Several loud bangs and fizzing sounds started up from nearby, and Dean reluctantly broke away from Cas, just for a second, his instincts telling him that danger followed loud noises, but when he opened his eyes to look around, the sky had turned to night around them, and fireworks were lighting up the darkness. Castiel watched in awe as several glittering golden showers rained down above them, and streaks of red blue and purple swirled in their place. It occurred to Dean that Cas had probably never seen fireworks before, and he leaned in to kiss him softly, watching him blush as the technicolour display shone in his eyes.

"Love you too, Cas." Dean said quickly once Cas's attention was turned back to the fireworks, saying it low into Cas's ear, and hoping he wouldn't make too big a deal out of it. Castiel turned, smiling and he touched his forehead to Dean's, his eyes falling closed.

Dean kissed him again, a little more hungrily this time, making Cas laugh a little at his eagerness. He wondered if Cas had ever kissed anyone before, and the idea that he might not have sent a little thrill running through him. He let his tongue slide across Cas's lips until he opened them, and licked his way inside, thinking with the kind of wonder that only comes with kissing a goddamn Angel, that he tasted of light, and rain.

They were at the top of the Ferris wheel now, in prime position for the fireworks display, not that they were really watching anymore. From somewhere below them they heard a cry of 'Way to go, bro!' and despite briefly breaking apart to confer, they honestly couldn't tell if it was Gabriel or Sam that had said it.

Back at Bobby's, Sam smiled, incredibly proud of himself. He still couldn't quite believe he'd actually done it. He'd gone through pain, despair, laughter and sexual harassment to get to this moment, and looking over at Dean, who was sitting on the couch with one arm securely wrapped around Cas's shoulders, looking down at him with a secret little smile, Sam knew it was worth it. Castiel seemed pleased too, and that was brilliant, because Sam had wondered once or twice if he might be a bit unnerved by Dean's obvious overtly sexual attitude towards any kind of romantic relationship.

As Sam watched them gazing at each other, Dean leaned down and kissed Castiel, pulling him closer by the arm he had wrapped around him. Castiel responded eagerly, sliding his hands up Dean's chest and moving forwards, tilting his head a little to give Dean better access. Ew, Sam thought smiling a little, but looking away, yeah I'm pretty sure they're not gonna have any trouble in that department.

He heard a chuckle from behind him and felt the arms around his own waist tighten in a firm squeeze. Sam looked around to see Gabriel, who was nodding in agreement with the thought he'd just had, and wrinkling his nose at the sight of Dean and Cas making out on the sofa opposite. Sam wriggled a bit, trying to free himself again, but knew it was futile. If Gabriel wanted Sam on his knee, that was how it was going to happen. Sam sighed and turned his attention back to his brother. He couldn't wait till this came out in the books. He and the girls would have so much to squeal about.

"So are you that emotionally repressed, or am I gonna be able to get your knickers off a little quicker than that?" Gabriel asked huskily into Sam's ear, nodding towards Dean and Cas, and nibbling his lobe so that Sam squirmed and grew warm.

Dean gave Gabriel the finger from across the room, rather impressively not stopping his game of tonsil tennis. Gabriel chuckled and Sam felt it vibrate through his body. Gabriel's hands slid up his chest towards his top button again, and Sam's breath hitched; they'd played this game before.

"No games, kiddo." Gabriel breathed, dragging his lower lip across the exposed skin of Sam's neck. "I know a really nice motel y'know…" He started to suck on the tender flesh just under Sam's shirt collar; it would probably leave a mark. Sam tilted his head a little, unable to resist giving him better access and Gabriel chuckled, giving him a small nip.

At that moment, all four men heard a cheery whistle accompanied by rolling wheels. They all froze, shocked, in various states of entanglement as Bobby wheeled himself merrily into the living room, whistling a tune that died on his lips as soon as he took in the scene before him.

Sam didn't even want to imagine what it must be like for Bobby to walk (or roll) in on both his practically adopted sons making out with Angels. Guy Angels. Bobby stared, seemingly unable to comprehend the situation for a moment before saying "Christ, I don't wanna know" and wheeling himself quickly towards the kitchen.

On his way, he stopped, jabbed a finger at Castiel, who's hands were now under Dean's t-shirt and said 'I told you', which made the Angel blush and bury his head in Dean's shoulder. Bobby chuckled to himself and wheeled out of the room.

Dean stroked the back of Castiel's neck and looked down at him questioningly. Castiel looked up at him through his lashes.

"Bobby told me earlier that you were as stubborn about love as you were about everything else. But that you were also as fierce about killing monsters as you were about protecting the things you love." Castiel smiled a little at that, and Sam had to admit, it sounded like Dean.

"So… why where you blushing like a virgin bride on her wedding night?" Gabriel asked, sliding his hand up Sam's inner thigh. Sam tried to slap it away to no avail, Christ he was getting hard.

"Shut the hell up, Gabriel." Dean said, proving the point Castiel had just made nicely, and making Gabriel's eyebrows shoot up in surprise. "But seriously yeah, why was he laughing like a nutjob?" Dean asked Cas, his eyes flickering down to his mouth every few seconds as though he could barely keep from kissing him.

"He also said…" Castiel looked apologetically at Dean. "…that given the validity of both those statements, he didn't want to think about what you'd be like in the bedroom. Or something to that effect. I left out some of the more gratuitous vocabulary he used." Dean's eyes flew open wide, and he cast a shocked look at Sam, only to grimace when he saw where Gabriel's hand was.

Castiel ran his fingers lightly over Dean's cheekbones, bringing his attention back immediately. Dean smiled down at him, smitten, and Cas smiled back. Dean let his eyes rake over Castiel's entire body, stopping briefly just above his shoulders to remember the wings he'd seen there, and how he'd freaked out when they'd wrapped around him a second time in that cave because it had felt too close, too familiar, too…

Dean's eyes flickered back up to Castiel. His smile became predatory. "Want me to show you?"

Castiel took a moment to figure out what Dean was referring to, then his lips opened in surprise. He nodded, and Dean stood up, held out his hand for Cas, who took it nervously, and led him quickly out towards the stairs.

Sam watched them go, mildly amused. Aw damn it, he'd left his laptop in the bedroom. He wouldn't be able to get that for hours now, ugh.

"So…" Gabriel said conversationally, and his fingers danced dangerously close to certain areas, which made Sam screw his eyes shut and grip the Angel's hand as tightly as possible. "…Motel?"

Sam turned to look at Gabriel, chewing his lip, his mind at war with itself. Gabriel smiled at him cheekily. Sam took a breath and nodded, gulping down his fear, and Gabriel grinned wolfishly.

Oh well, I guess I won't be needing my laptop for a while-

Gabriel snapped his fingers, and they were gone.