Éternel - Prologue

Ézrie sat on the tattered couch that decorated the middle of her mother's apartment. She glanced at the clock. 11:50 pm. By the looks of it, she would be spending another night alone.
Her cat - Tiddles - mewed for her. Placing her hands either side of the kitty, she picked him up swiftly and placed him on her lap, where she began stroking him behind his ear, listening to him pur at her touch. She sighed heavily and flopped down into a lying position; curled up she closed her eyes and attempted to get some sleep.

"Ézrie..." The voice called "Ézrie...I need you..." It whispered, calling her, beckoning her to venture further into her dream.

"Who's there ?" Ézrie questioned, stepping further into the void of darkness that called her.

"It's me Ézrie...don't you recognise my voice..." The voice responded in a husky tone. It was now behind her, toying with her mind.

"What do you want ?!" She breathed turning around to face a pair of glowing, golden eyes...

Her eyes snapped open and the dream evaporated into nothing but dust. "It's the same dream every time! I can never see who they are!" She growled in frustration.
Exhausted from the frustration, she laid down once more and closed her eyes, waiting for the same dream to welcome her into the darkness once more...