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Things have changed greatly with myself and those in the Cullen Coven since my 18th birthday party over the last 300 years. Carlisle and Esme went to the Denali Coven to mourn the daughter they left behind. Rosalie decided to drag Emmett with her travel the world to help him with the loss of his little sister. Alice and Jasper divorced since Alice continued to blame Jasper for taking a lunge at Bella. Out all this what is truly messed up is Alice found her mate in Edward. The entire coven was shocked by this development. Then there is me, Bella, or at least that was my name. Most call me Isa or Enyo when my beast takes over.


It was a few months after the Cullens left me. Charlie had just left to the station and as usual I was moping about the house. All my friends abandoned me, Renee disowned me after I refused to go to Jacksonville and Charlie, he barely speaks to me now. I just wanted to finish school and leave so I didn't have to face Charlie anymore. 'Great just bring yourself down more' I thought to myself.

Today I decided to go to Edward's meadow one last time and to burn the stuff I found under my floor board yesterday. As I enter the meadow, the sun was glistening through the tree branches and the flowers were still in full bloom. It amazes me how Edward made such a beautiful place such damaging memory. I was not going to let Edward or the Cullens control me anymore in their absence. I pulled out the shoe box from my backpack and began to make a little fire.

Once the fire was good and lit, I pulled out the cd Edward made me. I broke it in half and threw it in the fire. I slowly did that to everything the box till I came upon the pictures. The one in particular was of me and Edward at prom. I studied each photo before ripping it to pieces as I did I realized the relationship with Edward wasn't love but obsession.

That's when she appeared. As she step out through the treeline with one of her minions, it seemed like the air shifted. An eerie calm settled on the meadow.

"I see the Cullens scent has disappeared yet yours still remains on their property. Now, why would a pathetic human hang around the Cullens? Huh? No answer, okay...hmm. Where is the Major?" the woman spat.

"Major? I don't know and never heard of someone called Major." I said as she stalked closer.

"You lie!" She screamed as grabbed me by the neck.

"NO!" I gasped.

She leaned down near my ear and whispered 'You'll be a perfect replacement' before I felt her teeth pierce my neck. I once again began to feel the cold venom flow through my veins as my body was consumed in that agonizing pain. I burned longer than usual, so on the sixth day my eyes finally opened. The woman slowly stepped closer to me.

"Welcome child, I'm Maria." She said in a sickly sweet tone.

*End of Flashback*

That was 298 years ago, when I was turned and forced into Maria's army. I climbed the ranks and learned that Jasper was her Major. I was now Maria's General. I controlled the newborns, the training, and won her war after war till Maria controlled all of Texas.

I felt a change in the air, I needed to leave. Being under Maria's control just because I was an empath like Jasper is painful. So a week later after our last battle, I tossed several different emotions at the newborns which caused enough chaos for me to escape unnoticed. Several days later I heard the Volturi stepped in but Maria escaped.

As the weeks and months past, I traveled but every nomad I came across wanted to fight or were too scared as looked upon my scarred body. I'm the most feared vampire next to the Major, littered with scars. Yet part of me wants to be that innocent, naive little girl with a mate to protect her. Shortly after my last fight and a year after I left Maria, Peter and Charlotte ran into me.


I was crouched down ready to defend myself if needed when one of them began to speak.

"Hello there darlin'. We didn't mean to startle you. I'm Peter and this is my mate Charlotte." Peter said.

"Don't worry about him and you can call me Char sug'." Char said gently.

I relaxed my position and slowly stood keeping a eye them. Why aren't they running?

"Hi, I'm sorry for almost attacking you." I quickly said.

"Darlin' you were just reacting." Peter told me.

As Peter spoke it eased my worry. I oddly felt comfortable in their presence. That's when Char began to speak.

"Sug' you got a name?" Char asks.

"Oh, sorry...the name is Isabella but you can call me Isa or Enyo." I told them.

"Whoa, your the Isa, the General of Maria's army?" Peter hissed.

"Um...yea that's me" I whispered.

*End of Flashback*

The day I met Peter and Char helped bring some light back into the darkness of my life. So after six months of getting use to freedom and pain free existence, Peter convinced me to go with them. Even though I tossed in the argument that it would be hard to travel since I still haven't gained full control over my thirst. Char reassured me that they would help if things got tough. Peter and Char decided they wanted to visit Jasper and the Cullens. I'm not opposed to it but there is nothing there for me anymore or so I thought.

"C'mere, lil one things will be fine, you'll see." Peter said as he wrapped his arm around me.