The girl loved the House of black and white. She had learnt to change her face, and tell lies from the truth. She could be the ugliest crone that was ever known to Braavos,or she could transform her face to be as beautiful and as elegant as a Courtsean, so breathtaking she could even put Sans-no, that's no one to you.. just some high-lady of the Seven Kingdoms. That is not your place. Valar dohaeris…

Even so, tonight's moon would be full, and the kindly man ordered for her out into Braavos to learn what the girl could of the world outside the temple. Normally, this task would go to someone with more experience but four years training earned her some practical work. She got to choose which face to use so long as it was unrecognisable.

First, she went to the docks, it would be harder to extract information from the sailors now than when the girl was Cat because no one knew this face. But she learned. The girl bought clams and went to a large trading galley that looked to be from Tyrosh. The girl presented the clams to the captain and asked "What news from the east?"

The response was not what the girl expected.

"A fleet of ships was seen travelling towards the Smoking Sea… It is said that they seek the ruins of Valyria… Well, they couldn't have been blown off track, the winter storms ended near 5 moon-turns ago. Of course, it's just sailors talk. No one would be mad enough to journey there, they touch the fire waters and they turn to fine ash that covers the sea like snow, and if they were to reach the lands, the would only find the doom which once took the great freehold."

"Just so."

The stupid fleet could burn the most agonizing death known to man. The girl didn't care, but it was news to tell the kindly man even so.

Her next stop was a tavern.

When the girl entered, she could have chocked on the stench of sweat and ale, and the damp air that filled the tavern. She ordered some ale and went for a seat in the corner of the room. The girl stopped in her tracks to hear a certain conversation from a certain group of men. Stupid, everyone knows that only well born, wealthy Braavosi wear dull, dark colours. They'll be killed before the night it done. Especially with long swords

The Girl took a table to the right of the group, stared intently at her ale and eavesdropped. Common Tounge no- She attempted at all costs to avoid contact with Westerosi people, but it had been so long…

"…She's mad if she thinks she can escape from the dragon. I'd give it two moon turns an' they'll 'ave her tied to a stake to burn. This dragon is just. Not like the mad king." The first mad was homely and bald.

Dragons? In Westeros?

"Aye, and Stannis hates that about him. He'll break before he bends." The old one said in a wispy voice.

"I reckon he's gonna break.I heard he's on his death bed, our good lord, end of the year and he'll be dead."

"You have so little hope in our liege lord? He will fight for his life. The Lady Melisadre will save him. Have faith in R'hollor." The third mans face was covered by shadows but she could make out a rather large pair of ears.

"I bet he bends. Stannis is nothing if not honourable, the dragons won back their kingdom with blood and fire. The dragon's claim is better than the stag's. As for the woman, no running can save her. The Queen will 'ave her for the damage she's done to the realm." Said the homely man.

"You can only imagine the horrors the poor Queen has faced. I'd make the lion suffer to for all the trauma she's caused Queen Sansa."

SANSA? QUEEN SANSA? The Girl chocked on the ale and went into a mad coughing fit. How could Sansa possibly be queen? How could she be Queen if she was going to kill the lion-Cersei?

Pull yourself together, stupid. The girl turned to face the group "What of the tidings in Westeros, good sirs?" The men looked blankly at her as if she'd just asked them to put on a mummers show.

After exchaning suspicious looks, the homely man said "What's it to you girl."

"A girl would like to know the current affairs around the world." She replied innocently, giving nothing away though she was screaming inside. No, that's the old me. Bury her deep. Lock her away. But the Arya Stark inside her stirred. She needed to know. Had to know.

"Curiosity never did anyone any harm, Gerald. Have you heard nothing of the great war, my child?"

Wrong. Curiosity kills. But she would let that one pass. She shook her head.

"That bitch Queen Cersei though she'd won, she let her guard down and the dragons came. The one that they thought was dead, Prince Rheagar's boy, landed in Dorne with The Golden Company, of course, the whole of Dorne automatically swore their swords to his cause, fuck the Lannisters, their true king had come back. The Dornish have always been true to the Targaryens

"When Aegon took his conquest to the Vale, who did he find but the Lady Sansa Stark? He was bewildered by her beauty and took her for his Queen. Then the Eyrie and Winterfell swore their fealty to the true king. And with the accusations the royal cunt was throwing at the Tyrell girls, the whole reach joined King Aegon.

As for the Silver Queen, she came by on her dragons, the Martell boy and Semly on her other two. They burnt the Lannisters and Boltons. That bloody bastard got what was coming to him. She is now the Lady of Dragonstone, since her claim was less than her nephew's."

It was a lot to process, each little detail the girl heard, she remembered a little more and became a little more Arya Stark. Queen Cersei, The Mountain, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn…

"What of Queen Cersei?"

"She escaped from the Great Sept of Baelor with some Myrish whore. The Wolf Queen will find her soon though. And When She does…"

"She burns!" Said the third man. She had never really paid much attention to him until just then. The girl thought she saw something familiar in his eyes...

His deep blue blue eyes...

"No!" The girl gasped, dumbfounded. It could not be surely, he was in the brotherhood... That's not you! Bury her!

"I'm sorry?" He leaned forward to stare at her, pushing the black hair that fell past his eyes behind his ear.

"What are you doing here?" STOP TALKING, ARYA. She wanted to scream at herself. And then the memories came back in a rush of pain that pulled where her heart used to be be, she felt rage and sorrow and betrayal and loneliness...

"Are you okay, Miss?"

She woke in a small garden beside a canal. The girl's head hurt, she wasn't used to drinking ale, but it was something else, something deeper. Why am I here? The kindly man would be waiting on her return, but she couldn't seem to leave the spot besides the canal.

Gendry. The girl saw Gendry, but Gendry was nothing to the girl, just like some other man named Jon Snow, he meant nothing to her. But it did to Arya. She thought she forgot everything about Arya, she was just somebody that she used to know. She moved on.

You can't even lie to yourself, stupid.


The name sounded strange when she spoke it, like a foreign spice on her tongue. She hadn't tried being Arya since she first learnt how to change her face. That was near three years ago. It's time.

She moved to the edge of the canal and peered into it. Grey eyes, brown hair... my face is more womanly now. She hoped that was her face, it had been so long she didn't know how she was supposed to mature.

But she was beautiful, like Lyanna, in her own way, not like Sansa. Arya laid down on the bank and drowned herself in memories...

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