When will my life begin?

It wasn't often that Rose was ill, even less so since she'd started travelling with the Doctor in the TARDIS, as the TARDIS kept them healthy. However, they'd been staying with a small clan in a forest for a few nights, and on their first night there, Rose had succeeded in falling into a large frozen lake. She'd insisted she was fine, of course, she didn't want the Doctor to fuss, and so had refused to let him scan her with the sonic. It wasn't until they were back on the TARDIS a few days later that Rose realised that that had been a mistake. She had come down with pneumonia, and the Doctor had immediately bundled her into her bed, rambling wildly about how he could probably whip up a cure in a matter of hours. His normally messy hair was even wilder than usual, a sure sign he'd been running his fingers through his hair.

"Doctor," Rose croaked quietly, causing the Time Lord to momentarily cease his rambling "if you're gonna go off an' leave me for hours, can you at least put a DVD on for me?"

The Doctor blinked owlishly, before nodding and hurrying over to Rose's DVD cupboard.

"Yes, of course! Any preferences?" he asked, his tone forcefully cheery.

"Somethin' Disney," Rose croaked.

The Doctor nodded and pulled out a stack of DVDs.

"I could take you to meet Walt, you know," the Doctor told her as he carried the DVDs over for her to pick one "once you're better, of course."

Rose nodded weakly and pointed at one of the DVDs in his hand. She watched the Doctor through half-closed eyes as he inserted the DVD and started it up. By the time he kissed her on the forehead and assured her he'd be back in a few hours to check on her, Rose was half asleep.


Tangled had quickly become a favourite of Rose's, even though it wasn't to be released for a good few years in her timeline; the Doctor had taken her to 2011 and she'd picked it up. She'd watched it numerous times since, of course, and if her throat hadn't felt so awful, she'd probably be singing along with the lyrics. But as it was, Rose was only just strong enough to keep her eyes open and watch the film. As she continued to watch the film, she found herself remembering all those other times she'd been ill, when she was a little child and her mother would tuck her up on the sofa with a Disney DVD and a bowl of soup. And then, Rose found herself considering the lyrics of the song as 'When Will My Life Begin?' started to play. It was quite possibly one of Rose's favourite Disney songs, and she found herself comparing the lyrics to her own life. Indeed, before the Doctor, her life had seemed a boring, pointless task with the same things happening in her life every day. Until the Autons. Until a leather-wearing, big-eared man with a Northern accent had grabbed her hand and said one word. Run. And, quite frankly, Rose hadn't stopped running since; running from her boring life, running to adventure, running away from danger, and- even on occasion- running into danger. But, the truth was, Rose Tyler had been running since the moment she met the Doctor, and she knew she could never go back to her old life now, not that she'd ever want to. She'd promised him forever. Her life had changed drastically since she was nineteen. She was no longer the self-conscious, worried estate girl who dated Mickey Smith- her best friend since she was a baby- because he was 'safe'. She didn't sit around in her Mum's flat in the evenings watching pointless celebrity reality shows and reading cheesy gossip magazines. By now, Rose was so exhausted, her eyelids were beginning to droop shut and she finally gave in to sleep, the song lyrics floating around the room and sending her off to sleep.

"Stuck in the same place I've always been.

And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin'
And wonderin' and wonderin'
When will my life begin?

And tomorrow night,
Lights will appear
Just like they do on my birthday each year.
What is it like
Out there where they glow?
Now that I'm older,
Mother might just
Let me go ..."