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"Have a nice my son" said Ron's adtopted father.

"Oh please remember no showing off your special abiltys" said his adtopted mother.

"I understand I just hope I make some friends" said Ron.

"Don't worry young one you shell" said Ron's mom

Ron waved good by as he walked past a young red head who was talking to her parents. Ron did not stop to listen or to say high hwe went in all by his self like a big boy. He sat down waiting for the teacher who came in five minutes later with the red head girl from outside.

"Ok now lets introduce our selfs my name is Ms. Fulton we shell start with you in the back" said the teacher.

"I'm Josh Mankey"

"I'm Nova Heart"

"Ned Billing"

"Brick Flag"

"Karen Tove"

"Tara King"

"Bonnie Rockweller"

"Bobby Flat"

"Ron Stoppable"

No one heard what the little red head had siad as all she did was mumble.

"My name is Kim Possible" said the red head quietly.

"Now that's a lovely name" said Ms. Fulton.

"Ms. Fulton what do we do now?" asked Tara.

"Since today is the first day of school we are going to talk about our selfs" said Ms. Fulton.


Ms. Fulton was watching the children play it was her turn to watch the recess thing she didn't really enjoy was this meant she had to watch tons of little kids who could end up hurt but luckly she wasn't alone.

"So which brat gave you the most trouble so far?" asked Barken.

"The little red head over there" said Ms. Fulton pointing at Kim.

"Ah Possible what she do?" asked Barken.

"Nothing I can't get her to talk I had the kids talk about themselfs but she was as queit as the grave, by the way how do you know her?" asked Ms. Fulton.

"I used to date her mother in High School, her father and I fought in the Gurf War, also on every Saturday we play poker, besides her mothers a brain surgon while her father is a rocket scientist" said Barken.

"She never said anything other then one word answers" said Ms. Fulton.

The teachers contiuned to talk while only paying attention to those in their field of vision.


Kim was sitting under a large oak tree drawing pictures in the dirt when 3 kids walked over two were in her class so she knew who they were but the other one was from a diffrent class so she had no idea who he was.

"See what I tell you fire hole is being werid playing with dirt" said Brick.

"What's fire hole mean?" asked Bobby.

"I don't know my big brother says it when he see's a red head" said Brick.

"So Tony what do you think of this freakazoid?" asked Bobby.

"I think she's in the spot I want let's make her move" said Tony.

"The other two agreed, Tony grabbed Kim by one of her pigtails pulling her to the ground. Kim didn't respond to what Tony did. She just got up dusted her self off and walked away. This made them mad so they went after her. Tony pushed Kim down pulling her pigtails wanting her to beg him to stop just like his sister would do but it never came. Kim had gotton free and was again trying to get away. Brick and Bobby started throwing rocks at her after Tony pushed her down again. Kim started to cry.

"Hey leave her alone you jerks didn't your mothers ever tell you not to hit girls" said Ron.

"Aw shut up loser" said Brick.

Brick threw a rock at Rons face. The rock never made contact becasuse in the blnk of an eye Ron had caught it but only two people saw what he did the frist was someone unseen in the oak tree and the other was Kim herself. Ron threw the rock right back at Brick which knocked him to the ground.

"So you going to leave her alone or do I need to beat you both up?" asked Ron.

All three of them ran away.

"Thanks" mumbled Kim.

"Hey why didn't you defend yourself?" asked Ron.

"What do you mean?" asked Kim.

During class you switched between sitting tiger stlye and Mantis style" said Ron.

"Oh right" mumbled Kim.

"Do you know those types?" asked Ron.

"I learned Tiger style last yeat, Ionly know the basics for mantis" said Kim.

"So you wanna be friends?" asked Ron.

"I quess so" said Kim.