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"The others quit when people started asking for things other then what's posted but your going to stay?" asked Ron.

Kim just nodded. Beep! Beep! The teens looked at the computer to see a new meesage not one for help but one asking to web chat.

"What do you think Kim?" asked Ron

Kim just shrugged her shoulders another of her usel responses. Ron clicked on Yes and African American boy apread on the screen.

"Hi" said Ron.

Kim just waved.

"Hello Ron Stoppable and uh who's she?" asked the kid.

"Oh this is Kim Possible my best friend" said Ron.

"Oh ok my name is Wade Load and I want to be your tech master I could keep track of your website and let you know when something big is going down" sid Wade.

"Why?" asked Ron.

"Because you could become so busy you don't have time to check the computer or I could check, keep it updated and make sure everything runs smoothly" said Wade.

"Ok sure why not by the way how old are you?" asked Ron.

"I'm 10 but I've been to college" said Wade showing them his diploma's.

"Nice so how are we going to keep in contact with you?" asked Ron.

"I"m working on a communication device which I'll send to you in about a week" said Wade.

"A what?" asked Ron.

Wade was confused he thought Ron was talking to him but he seemed to be talking to Kim who hadn't said a word the whole time.

"What she say?" ased Wade.

"Oh sorry she called the communication device a Roncom" said Ron.

"Is she telapathic?" asked Wade.

"No she's not she just doesn't speak as loud as everyone else with her you really have to listen" said Ron.

"Has she always been like that" asked Wade.

"For as long as I have known her which was since Pre K" said Ron.

"Quick question my thermal scanners only show you and her hands what's going on?" asked Wade.

Kim looked like she was laughing and Wade could see that she was wearing gloves.

"Oh that's because Kim's normel body tempature is -10 those gloves she is wearing to keep her from freezing her food and drinks when she touches them" said Ron.

"Wow ok I'll see you in a few days" said Wade signing off.

"So I'm spending the weekend over at your house you wanna go for a walk before we go over there?" asked Ron.

Kim handed him his coat.

Sometime later.

"So you have no idea what is in the mystery meat at school?" asked Ron.

KIm shook her head.

"Dang I really thought Larry would know" said Ron.

"Maybe Wade will know" said Kim.

"Nah it's fine I'm going to take this as a sign that it's better not to know" said Ron.

Kim really didn't care as she made her own lunch so did Ron but no one could tell who's was more unhealthy as Kim brought bascily frozen food to school and Ron ate what ever he wanted. As they were walking they noticed noises coming from the bank thet just passed. Kim looked at the bank in confusion.

"What's wrong Kim?" asked Ron.

"Why does Middleton have 5 banks all on the same street?" asked Kim.

"No idea but but I think someone is robbing this one" said Ron.

Kim looked him waiting for the plan.

5 mintues later.

"Hurry up I don't got all day" shouted a bank robber.

The bank teller scared out of his mind rushed to fill the bag.

"Now don't anyone get any idea's this is a speacil bomb it will only go off if I say the code words" said the bank robber in the middle of the bank.

"I've got an idea but it has nothing to do with this bank or you" said Ron emerging from the darkness.

The three bank robbers all loked at Ron whith their guns aimed at him.

"How did yopu get in here" demanded Bomb bank robber.

"Oh I walked of course" said Ron.

"Hey #3 put this fool with the other hostages" said #1 (bomb guy)

Ron just stood there ignoring them.

"#3 get your ass over here now!" shouted #1.

Ron checked his watch. #1 looked back to where #3 was but only saw that his coded bombs were no longer on any hostage. He then looked over at #2 who was just as confused. #1 looked back at Ron who was still there. #1 and #2 both fired on Ron who fell down dead from gunshot wounds.

"Hurry up we need to get out of here" said #1

"Uh boss what is that?" asked #2.

#1 looked back at Ron only to see a bubbling green pile of goo.

"#2 lets go we need to get out of here" said #1 heading for the exit.

"Sorry 2 and 3 can't play today as they are still sleeping" said Ron appearing right in front of#1.

The man hoping this child was lying turned around to see Kim sitiing on top of 2 and 3 who were out cold.

"Alpha nugget tramoline!" shouted #!.

The girl had sad something but #1 could not here it.

"She said she already disabled them and you owe her a new synthodrone" said Ron.

The man turned around only to be knocked out cold by a punch to the face from Ron.

"Dirty punch Ronald" said Kim giggling.

Ron Rolled his eye's knowing full well that Kim thought dirty was a funny word and would say it anytime she could.

10 mintues later.

The police had arived and were arestinjg the bank robbers while the bank manager thanked Team Stoppable.

"Stoppable, Possible I'm officer Funreal (move e in front of r) I need you both to write down what happened here so I can write the report also I get the the feeling we're going to know each other very well" said the officer.

Then Chanel 42 showed up which annoyed both cops and prisoners.

"My name is Linda Bumdlond with Chanel 42 news I am at the scene of a failed bank robbery where 2 young teens took on 3 fully armed grown men. Their names are Ronald Dean Stoppable, and Kimberly Ann Possible. Ron Stoppable is the youth who just over 3 weeks ago saved Mr. Keven Bermount, and Jeffy Techdis. Ms. Possible is a young kung fu master setting the record for learning the most kung fu stlyes at such a young age. We have the hero's with us now" said the reporter.

The ladt stuck the microphone in their faces.

"What made you decide to help these people why not stay out of it?" asked Linda.

"Becasue to leave those people like that is wrong and we want to help protect those who can't protect themselfs" said Ron.

"We have reports that a synthodrone was used where did you get one?" asked Linda.

People could tell Kim was speaking but no heard her.

"What did she say?" asked Linda.

"Sorry Kim's not much of a speaker but she was the one who created that Synthodrone" said Ron.

"She created a fully functional synthodrone?" asked Linda surpirsed.

"Yeah she built it she has her own recipe" said Ron.

"So what do you call yourselfs?" asked Linda.

Ron and Kim talked it over.

"We are Team Stoppable" said Ron proudly.