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"My name is Warmonga I am on a quest to find the Great Blue I have tracked the power level of the Great Blue to your planet will you aid me in my searc?" asked the alien women.

"I'm sorry but I can't help you but I do know someone who can" sad the president.

"Please tell me it is not those fools Team Unstoppable they were beat by Information Bots which have no figthing capabilatys" said Warmonga.

"No their betters Team Stoppable" said the president.

"Who are they?" asked Warmonga.

The president handed her a file then picked up a phone.

"Get me Team Stoppable Ms. Warmonga needs their help" said the president.

Warmonga read the information on the team she was impressed with Rufus and Ron, Wade she wasn't her cup of tea he was a man with no face, she could care less about Kim from what she understood of earth she was nothing but she was intrested in the word cosmic that repeatedly poped up on the girls profile.

"How long will it take for theTeam Stoppable to show up?" asked Warmonga.

"Two hours 3 tops" said the president.

For the next few hours Warmonga gathered books to learn about this strange new world.

"Sir Team stoppable is here" said an aide.

"Good show them in" said the president.

The aide brought in Ron and Kim. Warmonga looked them over. Ron looked to be a sturdy strong male with hidden power. Kim was doing her best to appear non-gifted but Warmonga could taste just how physicaly strong she was it made Warmonga unhappy to see someone hold back such strangth. The mole rat gave off strange vibrations that Warmonga took to be intelagence.

"Mr. Stoppable, Mrs Possible glad to have you here did either of you get the wedding presents I sent?" asked the president.

They both said yes.

"Good I called you here today to help Warmonga find someone known to her people as the Great Blue" said the president.

"What is the Great Blue and how would we find whom it would it be?" asked Kim

"The Great Blue has a special energy signature that has never changed" said Warmonga.

"Is the Great Blue the color blue?" asked Ron.

"That would help but no" said Warmonga.

"But the Great Blue could have been on any planet even one where the inteligent race was blue" said Ron.

"Mmh good point all I know is the energy signature which brought me hear' said Warmonga.


Darkken and Shego burst into the room. Shego took out the secert service as they rushed in.

"Hand over the alien technolgy" demanded Drakken.

"Dude this is worse then a fedrel offense" said Ron.

Drakken pulled out his energy sword slicing downward, Ron blocked with the Lotus blade.

"Hey pumpkin eat flame" said Shego.

Shego jumped on Kim who rolled out the way. Kim kicked Shego in the stomch combined with her frost power. As Warmonga watched she could see Kim who was holding back but not as much was she did just a few minutes ago this angered her as her race belived that you should never hide your true potentel.

Warmonga heard a fimiler beep. She looked down at her scanner as it would beep on and off. At frist she thought it was Shego but she was using her power the whole time, Ron wasn't using enough energy to send enough information to the scanner. That's when she noticed that Kim who was using her power off and on just like scanners beeping. Warmonga punched Drakken who flew out the hole he came in, then she knocked Shego down throwing her out as well.

"Thanks for the help" said Ron.

"Mr president becasue the Great Blue is from earth and the fact my people seek allies we shell make a peace contract when our Ambassador arives" said Warmonga.

"Does that mean you already found the location of the Great Blue?" asked Ron.

"Yes but she was not what I was expecting" said Warmonga.

"No it can't be I'm not the Great Blue there's no way" said Kim.

Kim fell down on a chair looking stunned.

"Yes my dear you are Kim when my people come you must leave with us so our allies will have peace again you can bring your 2 mates with you, just please think about this" said Warmonga.

"I'll think about it how long do I have?" asked Kim.

"A year and a half" said Warmonga.

The alien women handed Kim some books she would need as the Great Blue.