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It was 5 in the morning and Wilson woke up to go to the bathroom, when he returned to his still warm bed, he saw a blue light flickering in his phone. He picked it up to see he had 14 missed calls from House and Cuddy, as the phone was in the silent mode he'd never heard it. The oncologist immediately began calling House but got no answer from the older doctor instead getting his voicemail, which unsurprisingly hadn't been set up. He ended the call feeling a sense of dread in his heart and quickly called Cuddy, who did not answered the phone on the first attempt, but did on the second one.

"Finally Wilson!" Cuddy said with a broken and tired voice full of sadness.

"Cuddy what the hell happened? I decided to go to bed at a decent time for the first time since the break-up and put my phone on silent so I could sleep, and I wake up to find 14 missed calls between House and you." He said with a slight panic in his voice. "I'm assuming this is about House, right?" Wilson asked trying to stay calm.

"Yes, of course it´s about House, as always! He's..." Cuddy said but was interrupted.

"Is he okay?" Wilson asked knowing that this was probably just about a argument that they had gotten into, but asking it anyway. He waited a moment, until he felt his heart drop at a sniffle he heard on Cuddy's side of the line. He swallowed a knot in his throat, "How bad is it?" Wilson asked, no longer trying to hide the fear in his voice, as he turned on bedroom light and started pulling clothes out of the closet to put on.

Cuddy leaned back against the wall, "Right now he is in the operating room. He will be fine, Wilson" she said hoping to calm him down so he would get in an accident on the way, that is the last thing any of them needed. "There are some things I need to talk to you about, but I don't want to do it on the phone. Please come to the hospital Wilson," the dean of medicine replied beginning to mourn with her last words.

Wilson was already putting on his socks, "Cuddy, you promise me he's okay?"

"Yes, he's okay, Wilson, please be careful on you're way here," She said with worry.

"Of course, I´ll be there in twenty minutes," both the dean of medicine and the oncologist hung up.

A moment later after finished the conversation with Wilson, a waterfall of memories invaded her mind, repeated memories going back and forth again, hitting her already grief stricken mind. The words that haunted her, words that caused a pain in her head that was more than she could bear, "I don´t trust them, I trust you," House had said to her. "We must amputate Dr. Cuddy, this time there is no middle ground, if we don´t do this he will probably die very soon,"said the voice of the surgeon. "I trust you, I trust you, I trust you!","We must amputate ... die...amputate...die.."


"We made another scan, there are not three but five tumors in the right leg, the problem is that they are inoperable Dr. Cuddy, all muscles are involved, two of the tumors are metastatic malignant tumors... " had said the surgeon to Cuddy, showing her, that his conclusions were in sight, she could see with her own eyes that the surgeon was not lying.

"So...what...what can you do?" Cuddy asked, her heart racing, as she already knew the answer to her own question.

"We must amputate, Dr. Cuddy, this time there is no middle ground. If we don´t do this he will probably die very soon."

"No, it can´t be ...there has to be something else, there has to be.."she said looking at the unconscious face of House under the anesthesia, her head began to spin. She looked at the surgeon, with desperation in her eyes, who frown and said, "sorry", which honestly was all he could say.

She nodded to him and left the OR, since there was nothing more she could do, and she didn't have the stomach to watch. With her pressure going down she felt that she was going to faint at any moment and she let herself crash in a chair in the preparation room and was assisted by a nurse who was there. A few minutes later she went to the hospital door where she stood waiting for Wilson who arrived within 15 minutes to it.

End of Flashback

"Cuddy! What has happened?" Wilson asked to Cuddy, who seemed to be in trance. He grabbed her arms with his shaking hands and ask her again with his voice full of concern.

"Come inside, I´ll explain everything to you. Is the cafeteria okay? I could use some coffee,"she said in a voice full of emptiness with her eyes lost somewhere far away.

Wilson was worried about how drained she looked, "Sure," he answered and followed her inside as she started to make her way to the cafeteria in silence, and then out of no where she just started talking.

"House called me a few hours ago, he told me that I was the last in his list...I went to his home and found him, practicing surgery on his leg, in the bathroom, inside the tub...the floor of the bathroom was full of medical equipment that he "borrow" from the hospital...he turned his bathroom into an operation room... he was," Cuddy was still rambling off what had happened when Wilson cut in.

"WHAT?" Wilson exclaimed uncomprehending, "Why the fuck would he do something like that? Was he high or drunk?"

"Seems that last week, House began testing a drug that was having "good results" in muscle regeneration in rats ... it had been not approved for humans yet. He went to the laboratory of Dr. Reisig, the doctor who was carrying out the research, to ask about it and to actually "see" the good results, as you can imagine the poor doctor was getting several samples stolen by House. The day before yesterday House returned to the lab for more samples and found that the rats were growing tumors and dying, one by one, the investigation was canceled. Having been taking the same drug, he took pictures of his leg at the hospital and found three tumors near the surface. He tried to remove the tumors by himself, he told me, "I thought it would be like removing a wart". That´s what he said to me when I found him bleeding in the bathtub, House wanted me to finish the procedure...

"That´s insane! It´s the most moronic thing he has ever done!" Wilson said as emotions swept over his face from frustration to anger and worry to fear.

Cuddy swallowed and continued, "There were more than three tumors Wilson, there were five and two of them began to metastasize to the muscles ... the surgeon is amputating his leg at this point Wilson." Cuddy said almost in a whisper and burst into tears, resting her head in her arms and leaving Wilson paralyzed.

"No, it cannot be," said Wilson motionless, his heart beating out of his chest. "He is not going to stand it..."

"He wanted me inside the OR to make sure that "those butchers" didn't cut more muscle than was strictly necessary, and his leg is being cut Wilson. House will hate me...but this time this was the only shot." She said sniffling as she wiped away more tears.

"It's not your fault, Cuddy, this time there was no middle. It's his fault, at first maybe he will hate you, he will probably hate me too and the whole world, but with time he'll be able to see that it wasn't your fault. It was his fault and actually I think that is going to be the most dangerous moment, realizing that he lost his leg because of being a reckless fool!" He said with some anger and then let out a heavy sigh, "I can not believe this," the oncologist said sitting next to Cuddy, holding her tight between his arms.

After one hour both sterilized doctors went into surgery, but the surgery was over and only cleaning staff was left in the operating room when they got there. It hadn't been terrible not finding House there, the terrible thing was going inside the room to see, on a surgical steel table, House´s leg partially covered with a big white cloth. The more than a meter leg was just laying there...apart from its body, no longer a part of House. At that moment Cuddy fainted and Wilson was able to hold her in time despite the sickness he felt in his stomach as watching the scene, and a very sinister scene at that, because it was not just a leg. It was House's leg, a leg with lots of story...House had been fighting his leg pain for more than a decade, stubborn as he was he had decided to have two legs, waiting for the day that he could finally find a medical solution to his problem. But no medical breakthrough had come. House was living a life drowned by his all encompassing pain, day by day, but it was his leg and it was his life. Despite all the problems that this caused him, he had elected having his painful and useless right leg, and now the leg was there, immobile and dead over a surgical steel table...

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