This is the episode rewrite with my story line where Prue is pregnant with Andy's baby. The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts never happened, if it were on the telly that episode would be what happened in the first chapters of my story. Let me know if you like it.

Disclaimer: Yes, I own Charmed, all the characters, & I hang around with Shannen Doherty... Okay, wishful thinking, I know. I own nada, squit, zilch! D':

Scene: Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. A turnkey opens a cell door in a jail. Melinda is there. Matthew walks in.

Melinda: Matthew.

Matthew: Hello, Melinda.

Melinda: Why? Why did you betray me?

Matthew: You got what you deserve.

Melinda: So you've never loved me? All the passion, all the heat?

Matthew: I had to make you trust me. It was the only way to share your powers.

Melinda: And so now you have them. So why would you turn me in? You know I'll burn.

Matthew: I had to keep my secret.

Melinda: Well, you can keep your trinkets too.

She pulls off the locket from around her neck and throws it at him.

Matthew: I'll find another witch to give it to.

He opens the locket.

Melinda: Maybe not.

He takes out a little piece of paper and it combusts. He throws it on the ground in surprise.

Matthew: What magic is this?

Melinda: I'm taking back the powers you stole from me. "Outside of time, outside of gain, know only sorrow, know only pain."

The wind blows around the enclosed room and Matthew gets sucked into the locket.

Scene: Bucklands. Prue's office. Rex puts some jewellery on Prue's desk. He picks up the locket and tries to open it. Prue walks in.

Prue: Rex?

Rex: Ah, good morning, Prue, and welcome back. I trust you're feeling okay? I've, uh, left a few things for you to catalogue. A marvellous shipment from an estate back east. (He gestures to the tray of Jewelry on Prue's desk.)

Prue: I'll get right on it, and i'm fine thank you for asking. (She puts her jacket on the back of the chair.)

Rex: Thanks, and congratulations.

Prue smiles at him and he leaves. Prue sees the locket and picks it up. She opens it. The door slams shut and Matthew emerges from it bringing with him the same wind from 1692.

Matthew: At last, freedom. The world has changed. What time is this?

Prue: Excuse me?

Matthew: Where am I?

Prue: Who are you?

Matthew: Matthew Tate, and if you freed me from that locket you are descendant of Melinda Warren. (He walks closer to her and she narrows her eyes and he flies across the room hitting the closed door with a thud.) Thank you.

Prue: For what?

Matthew: I tricked you into using your power on me. Now, I have it. (He narrows his eyes and the chair next to her flies into her and pushes her into the wall. He then disappears, and she pushes the chair away runs towards the door, he appears behind her.) Behind you, witch.

Prue's hands automatically fly down to her stomach in an attempt to protect her baby and she turns around.

Prue: How did you do that?

Matthew: I can share your power but you can't share mine.

Prue: What do you want?

Matthew: I want what Melinda took from me. I want all three powers back. (He grabs her arm and wrenches it behind her back as she tries to back away. She winces at the force.) Defend yourself. Stop time.

Prue: I can't. (His grip tightens on her arm and tears threaten to fall at the pain and fear.)

Matthew: Ah, so you're not alone. There are others. (He blinks out and back in, this time appearing at the front of her desk. He picks up her nametag.) And the family name is now Halliwell.

Rex: (from outside) Prue, are you okay in there?

Matthew uses Prue's power to break the glass on the window. He jumps out the window and floats down to the ground, landing on his feet. He walks away. Prue watches him from the broken window then backs away gently rubbing her aching arm.

Scene: Outside Bucklands. Police are there where Matthew jumped out the window. Andy and Morris are questioning a man.

Man: I was just sitting there, you know, reading the sports, having a cup of Joe and 'bam', this guy comes flying out of nowhere, you know. Weird clothes, bad manners, he nearly fell right on top of me.

Morris: When you say fell...

Man: I mean fell, you know, like from way up there, I guess. I don't know.

Morris: That's a ten story drop, sir.

Andy: Twelve.

Morris: And you're telling us that he just got up, walked away without a scratch. That's what you're saying.

Andy: Got a better explanation?

Morris: Excuse us. (Andy and Morris walk away.) All right, Trudeau. Pull out your secret ghost hunter decoder ring, and let's hear it.

Andy laughs.

Andy: Look, Morris, I don't know, okay. All I know is whatever happened started up there in that office. (He gestures up at the broken window.)

Morris: Uh huh. So let's find out who's office that is.

Andy: I already know. It's Prue's.

Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Leo's under the sink, fixing it. Phoebe's sitting at the table and Piper's standing up.

Piper: So I suggested we add crab satay to the, uh, lunch menu and it was great. Sold out. Do you like crab, Leo?

Leo: You know what I'd love, Piper?

Piper: What's that?

Leo: Is the, uh, ratchet extension. Could you hand that to me?

Piper: Sure. (Piper looks in his toolbox but doesn't know what it is. Phoebe walks over and pulls out the ratchet extension.) I knew that. (She takes it off Phoebe and gives it to Leo.) Here you go.

Leo: Thanks.

Piper: (whispering to Phoebe) Stop it. Go away. (She tries to get Phoebe to leave.) Be right back, Leo.

Leo: No problem.

Piper and Phoebe go in the dining room.

Piper: Stop it.

Phoebe: My sentiments exactly. Stop hinting around and ask him out already. Give him some of your crab.

Piper: Don't be disgusting.

Phoebe: Don't be so shy.

Piper: What if he says no?

Phoebe: Yeah, like that'll happen.

Piper: No, I'm serious.

Phoebe: So am I.

Piper: I'm very serious. I've never... you know...

Phoebe: You are kidding, right?

Piper: No.

Phoebe: You've never asked a guy out before?

Piper: Not on a real date, no.

Phoebe: I don't understand. Am I the only person in this family who's inherited the take-a-chance gene?

Piper: Probably. 'Cause if I remember my biology correctly, it's attached to the can't-mind-my-own-business gene.

Phoebe: Ooh. Go.

Phoebe pushes her back in the kitchen. Leo comes out from under the sink.

Leo: Well, part of the pipe is stuck. I'm almost finished here.

Piper: Terrific. Can I get you some tea?

Leo: Yeah, that'd be great. (Piper gets the tea out of the fridge. Phoebe walks in.)

Phoebe: What would be great?

Piper: Nothing. (Piper puts the tea on the bench and Phoebe accidentally knocks it off. Piper freezes if before it falls on the floor.) Leo?

Phoebe: Frozen. Quick, have your way with him.

Piper: Do you never stop?

Phoebe laughs. Piper holds a bucket under the tea.

Phoebe: Looks like a Kodak moment to me.

She pretends to take photos.

Piper: Phoebe, you're such a help.

Phoebe: Smile.

Leo and the tea unfreeze. Prue walks in.

Prue: You guys, we are in serious trouble. (Phoebe points to Leo.) Uh, hi, Leo.

Leo: Hey, Prue.

Prue: Hey, uh, sisters. Upstairs now.

Scene: Bucklands. Prue's office. Police are there. Andy's questioning Rex and Hannah.

Hannah: Uh, Webster, Hannah Webster.

Andy: You said you heard some noises in here. What kind?

Hannah: Uh, it's hard to say.

Rex: It almost sounded like a, a struggle of some sort. A fight perhaps.

Hannah: Yeah, and, and then we heard a crash and I assumed that was the window breaking and we came in to check on Prue and then she just went running out.

Morris: What did she say? What happened?

Hannah: Nothing, actually, she just left.

Rex: She was quite agitated too.

Andy: She didn't say where she was going by any chance did she?

Rex: No, no, sorry.

Morris: Okay, thanks, Mr. Buckland. CSI will be done with the windows in a couple of hours and you can have them fixed.

Rex: Believe me, Inspector. I really don't care about the window. I only care about Prue, especially with her being pregnant. You know what i mean, Inspector?

Rex and Hannah leave.

Morris: Look, maybe you oughta ask the captain to assign somebody else.

Andy: Prue's my fiancee, I can't let someone else have this case. I'm fine with this.

Morris: Okay.

Cut to Rex's office. Rex and Hannah are there.

Rex: I thought that went exceedingly well. Didn't you?

Hannah: We may have proven the legend of the locket true and that the little witch is charmed but now we have a seventeenth century warlock running around. I think he'll stick out.

Rex: Yep, but then again if the legend does hold true, Matthew's got a one track mind. Just like we do. He won't be difficult to find. Stop worrying, Hannah. You're gonna get wrinkles on your horns.

Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are there.

Piper: What did you say his name was?

Prue: Matthew Tate. And somehow he knows that we're related to Melinda Warren. (She plays with the locket in her hands.)

Phoebe: The Book of Shadows Melinda? Our ancestor?

Piper: The one who burned at stake and started this whole mess.

Prue: Uh, he came out of the locket. And he has strong powers. Stronger than mine, I mean, he did the weirdest thing. One minute he was in front of me, the next he was behind me and then twelve stories down landed right on his feet.

Phoebe: If it walks like warlock, and talks like a warlock...

Prue: Yeah, well, he's powerful and he means business. And he wants all three of our powers.

Phoebe: Can I see the locket?

Prue hands the locket to Phoebe.

Prue: We have to figure out who he is before he finds the two of you.

Piper: Or finds out you're pregnant.

Phoebe opens the locket and is pulled into a premonition.

Phoebe: You said Matthew came out of the locket? I think I just saw Melinda put him in.

Prue: You saw the past?

Piper: But you only see the future.

Phoebe: Not anymore.

Prue: We always knew that our powers would grow.

Phoebe: Yes, but somehow I thought I was gonna get to fly.

Prue and Piper smile.

Scene: Halliwell Rossen & Haas Attorney's Office. Arnold Halliwell is on the phone.

Arnold: They want to countersue? Fine, bring it on, I'll eat 'em alive. Plus, we can double bill and get away with it. (Matthew blinks in the room.) Excuse me. (He hangs up the phone.)

Matthew: Are you Arnold Halliwell?

Arnold: Yeah, and who are you? Robin Hood?

Matthew squinted his eyes and Arnold flies up against the wall.

Matthew: Tell me where your sisters are.

Arnold: What sisters? (Arnold fumbles with his collar trying to loosen it.) I'm an only child. Let me go or I'll sue you...

Matthew clenches his fist and breaks the lawyers neck.

Matthew: Lawyers have not changed. (He blinks out.)

Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are there. Phoebe's flipping through a photo album and Piper's reading a book which contains information on the legend of the locket.

Phoebe: I was right. It was Melinda in my vision. Isn't she beautiful.

Prue: Hmm. She kind of looks like mom.

Piper: Listen to this. "And because the warlock had stolen her love, she cursed him into the pewter heart, where he could spend eternity knowing the sting of betrayal."

Phoebe: That must be what I saw.

Prue: And I let him out early. Great.

Piper: You're not kidding. The legend says that the warlock must never be freed or he will destroy the Warren line. That'd be us and by extension, Prue's baby.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, he'll have to take a number and get in line behind the other warlocks.

Prue: (She shakes her head.) We've never been up against anyone like him before.

Phoebe: So, what do we do?

Piper: I say we hide. (Piper closes the book in her hands.)

Prue: No, we have to find out exactly what we're up against. And we start with the locket and how it wound up on my desk.

Cut to the conservatory. Leo's there watching TV. Prue, Piper and Phoebe walk in.

Leo: Hey, Prue, your work's on the news, check it out.

Reporter: This morning witnesses claim they saw a man fall twelve stories. Twist? He apparently got up and walked away unharmed.

Prue: (Whispers.) We gotta find him before he hurts somebody else, especially an innocent.

Phoebe: There's that 'I' word again.

Piper: Look, Andy's on TV. (She points at the telly.)

Phoebe: (Looks out the window.) He's here, too.

Prue: (Whispers) Tell him i'm out, I don't want him involved. If he finds out a warlock wants to kill us and I'm powerless against him, he'll never leave.

The doorbell rings. Phoebe answers it.

Phoebe: Andy, what a surprise. Prue said you were working today.

Andy: I need to talk with Prue, Phoebe.

Phoebe: Prue? I know its been hours since you last saw eachother but do you really want to be one of those daddys-to-be that doesn't let the mom outta their sight?

Andy: It's not about that. It's police business.

Phoebe: Oh, well, uh, she's not home. She's at work.

Andy: No, she's not.

Phoebe: Well, then, I don't know where she is, but I'll tell her that you stopped by, okay? Ciao!

Phoebe turns to leave but Andy grabs her arm.

Andy: A man fell out of Prue's office window. Which is suspicious enough. But then a man matching the same description went and killed a lawyer down the street. A lawyer named Halliwell. Now I know she knows who he is and i'm guessing its a demon or warlock. I also need to know if she's okay. One more time, Phoebe, where is she?

Phoebe: I don't know, get her a cowbell or something.

Phoebe goes back inside. Andy sighs, looks at the house shaking his head and walks down the stairs knowing there's no other choice..

Cut to the living room.

Prue: (Paces.) Great, so now I'm being hunted by a warlock and the San Francisco P.D. One of which wants to kill me and the other is just incredibly pissed at me.

Phoebe: Nobody ever said you led a boring life, Prue.

Piper: Maybe Andy can help.

Prue: Oh, yeah. You want to have that conversation with him? "Hey Andy, I hate to bother you but this seventeenth century warlock is trying to kill me, my sisters, and your child." Any thoughts?

Piper: Okay, it was a bad idea. But the point is we need help.

Prue: Yeah, well, unfortunately more than Andy can give. I don't even want him in the line of fire.

Piper: Prue sit down, you don't need to be this stressed right now.

Prue gives in after a glaring match with Piper and sinks into the armchair.

Phoebe: What we need is someone who's done this before, someone like Melinda Warren.

Prue: Okay, so what are we supposed to do? Reach back in time, grab her and tell her that we need her help?

Phoebe: Yes. And I know exactly how to do it. As long as you both don't mind losing a little blood...

Time lapse. In the attic. Prue, Piper and Phoebe are sitting around a table where they have placed candles, a dagger and other assorted items including the bowl with the necessary ingredients in.

Piper: Am I the only one having the second thoughts?

Phoebe: Yes.

Prue: We don't really have any others options.

Piper: But aren't we, like, raising the dead? What if she's all...

Phoebe: I read The Book of Shadows very carefully. She will come back as a real live person, flesh and blood. She will have her powers too. Our powers.

Phoebe picks up the knife.

Piper: What's that for?

Phoebe: Well, the spell works by blood calling blood, so it shouldn't hurt... much.

Phoebe stabs her finger.

Phoebe: I lied, I lied. Okay, come on guys. It'll be just like the summer by the lake. Remember when we made a blood oath to be friends forever, not just sisters?

Prue looks away grimacing at the blood and takes the knife off of Phoebe.

Piper: I remember my finger got infected.

Prue stabs her finger and winces slightly.

Prue: Ow. Yeah, but the oath worked.

Prue holds out the knife for Piper.

Piper: And I couldn't go in the water for three weeks. Don't hand me that knife.

Prue: How are you gonna cut yourself?

Piper: I'm not.

Phoebe: Piper...

Piper: I can't stand the sight of blood.

Prue: Evil beings have blown up in our attic...

Phoebe: Disintegrated to dust right before our very eyes...

Prue: And you're afraid of a little drop of blood?

Piper: Okay, just cut my finger.

She holds out her hand.

Prue: (to Phoebe) You do it. Too much blood makes me nauseous right now.

She hands Phoebe the knife. Piper covers her eyes and Phoebe stabs her finger.

Piper: Ow!

Prue: Okay, here.

Prue holds the locket and her sisters squeeze their fingers and the blood drips into a locket. Phoebe takes it off her as Prue does the same, then she closes it and places it in the bowl. Fog pours out of the bowl making the air around the sisters cloudy.

Phoebe: "Melinda Warren, blood of our blood..."

Phoebe, Prue, Piper: "Our great, great, great, great, great, great, grandmother."

Phoebe: "We summon thee."

White orbs float through the air and when they clear deposit Melinda in the attic.

Melinda: (smiles) Oh, blessed be.

Scene: Manor. Phoebe's room. Phoebe and Melinda are there. Phoebe unzips a dress.

Melinda: No, don't-don't rip the dress to make it fit me.

Phoebe: Oh, no, no, I'm not ripping it. It's called a zipper, see?

Phoebe zips up the dress.

Melinda: Oh, a wise witch made this.

Melinda takes the dress off of Phoebe and plays with the zipper.

Phoebe: Yeah, and wise witches in this century keep a low profile. You slip this dress on, you'll blend right in.

Melinda starts putting on the dress.

Melinda: It's so odd to be here again. To breathe and feel. (She strokes the dress which she is now wearing.) What sheep has wool so soft?

Phoebe: A synthetic one.

Melinda: Oh! (Phoebe zips up the dress.) So did it, did it take you long to make the dress?

Phoebe: Make it? No, no, I bought it.

Melinda: Oh, you must be rich.

Prue and Piper walk in.

Prue: No, she's got credit cards.

Piper: Oh, wow, Melinda, you look great.

Melinda: Thank you. Oh, but how do you keep your legs warm?

Prue: We drink coffee. Well... I used to.

Leo approaches the doorway.

Leo: Oh, sorry, I let myself in and it didn't occur to me.

Piper: Leo, uh, it's okay. This is, uh...

Phoebe: Our cousin, Melinda.

Leo: Nice to meet you.

Piper: Leo's fixing our plumbing.

Melinda: What's that?

Prue: Uh, we've got to go now.

Melinda: To work with one's hands is a great gift.

Leo: Well, I am a true labourer. I earn that I eat, get that I wear.

Melinda: Owe no man hate, envy no man's happiness.

Leo, Melinda: Shakespeare.

Melinda giggles.

Prue: Wasn't that fun? Okay, let's go now.

They walk out of the room and Leo walks in.

Melinda: He is a treasure, Piper.

Piper: Why are you telling me?

Scene: Halliwell Hardware and Appliance. The store owner is dead and hooked up on the wall by some garden tools. Matthew is there. Rex and Hannah walk in.

Rex: Hello, Matthew.

Hannah: We have got to do something about his clothes.

Matthew: Who are you? How do you know me?

Rex: Well, the short answer is we're the ones who gave the witch the locket to have you freed. I suppose you could say we're partners.

Matthew: I work alone.

Rex: No, not in this century you don't. You're new in town, new in time, you need our help. Hmm, I see you've been shopping. Find what you're looking for?

Matthew: I want Melinda Warren's children.

Hannah: Ooh, talk about your coincidences.

Rex: You see, we have the means to find them for you. And you have to ability to take their powers. Come. (They turn to leave but Matthew doesn't move.) What?

Matthew: How'd you find me?

Rex: Prue Halliwell, a Halliwell attorney, now here. You are leaving a trail, my friend. And that has got to stop.

Scene: Manor. Dining room. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Melinda are sitting at the table. Prue is putting the locket around Melinda's neck.

Melinda: Once Matthew had what he wanted, he told the town council I was a witch and they arrested me. Then they burned me at the stake.

Piper: Why didn't you save yourself?

Phoebe: Yeah, why didn't you use your powers to escape?

Melinda: I had a daughter. Her name was Prudence. She meant everything to me. If I had used my powers, I would've proven Matthew's charge and Prudence would've burned too. So I thought, I'll accept this and pray some kind soul will take pity on my daughter and raise her in a safe home. Only then could the Warren line continue. And it must've worked because here you are.

Phoebe: Why do Warren witches lose their moms so early? (She glances at Prue.)

Melinda: Phoebe, I can't change the past but I think I can protect the future.

Prue: How? Matthew is so strong and he has this wild power. He can be at one place and then another.

Melinda: In the blink of an eye?

Prue: Exactly.

Melinda: It's called blinking. He must've copied it from another witch. I stripped him of all the powers he copied from me but who knows what other powers he still has?

Phoebe: What you mean copied from you?

Melinda: Matthew's gift is to copy the power of a good witch when it's used against him.

Prue: Then he definitely has mine.

Melinda: Once he's copied a power, it has no effect on him. Should he gain all three powers, he will be impossible to vanquish.

Phoebe: Technically there's about four powers, although we're not sure what the forth is.

Melinda looks confused.

Prue: I'm pregnant, but that's besides the point. So what do we do?

Melinda: Oh Prue that's fantastic! Another girl of course. (Everybody smiles.) Now back on the subject of Matthew we have to curse him back in the locket.

Piper: And if we can't?


Scene: Bucklands. Rex's office. Hannah and Matthew are there. Matthew is putting on some jeans and Hannah is sitting on a chair with her back to him.

Matthew: Are these pants meant to be so tight?

Hannah peeks over her shoulder.

Hannah: Absolutely.

Matthew: No wonder your men frown all the time. It's a wonder they can even walk. So, is this right?

Hannah: Oh, yeah.

Matthew: If it pleases you to look, look.

Hannah: I wasn't looking... Much.

He walks over to her.

Matthew: Why the false modesty? I, I don't understand.

Hannah: Well, it's a very complex issue these days. I mean, there's political correctness, sexual harassment, um, don't get me started.

Matthew: Hmm, what a strange time this is. So open, yet so closed. Where even a warlock feels shame. (He leans close to Hannah suggestively.)

Rex walks in.

Rex: Hannah... what the devil?

Hannah: Rex, I told you I'd get him dressed.

Rex: Yeah, ten minutes ago.

Matthew: Well, we tried on many things. She said it is difficult to choose.

Rex: Playtime's over, big boy. You have a job to do. (Matthew walks away.) (whispering) Remember, he goes back from whence he came once his task is completed.

Scene: Manor. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Melinda walk in the attic.

Melinda: I can't believe I don't remember all the ingredients.

Prue: It's been a while since you cursed Matthew.

Phoebe: Yeah, like three hundred years.

Piper: Whatever you don't remember should be in the book.

They walk over to the Book Of Shadows.

Melinda: The Book Of Shadows. Oh, my, it's gotten so thick.

Prue: It wasn't always?

Melinda: No, no. But obviously each generation of Warren witches has added to it over the years and has made it so. Have you added anything?

Phoebe: Us? Are you kidding? We're new at this. We can't just make up our own spell... Wait, can we?

Melinda: All things in time, Phoebe. The book will grow as you grow. Sometimes you add to it, sometimes it teaches you. Oh, here's the curse.

Prue hands her a pencil and paper. Melinda looks at it confused.

Prue: Just start writing.

Melinda: No ink?

Prue: No.

Melinda starts writing.

Melinda: Ha! (She smiles.)

(The sisters giggle.)

Piper: Grams must've added this one.

They look at the opposite page.

Melinda: "To Increase Patience."

Phoebe: I bet she used that spell a lot raising us, huh?

Prue: We weren't all troublemakers, Phoebe.

Phoebe: I was not a troublemaker. I was just...

Piper: A pain.

Phoebe: A free spirit.

Prue: A handful.

Melinda: A Warren. It's a family trait. So are the short tempers, the great cheekbones, the strong wills, and of course the powers. All blessings, all signs of where you came from. This book is your connection and it began with me.

Prue: Well, let's make sure it doesn't end with us. We need to get going.

Scene: Bucklands. Rex's office. Rex is showing Matthew pictures of Prue, Piper and Phoebe.

Rex: Now, this is Prue, you've already met, she's also pregnant. This is Piper, and this is Phoebe. (He pointed to each sister as he said their name.)

Matthew: Such marvellous paintings. You can not feel the brushstrokes.

Hannah: Remind us to take you to the movies when this is all over.

Rex: This is the address of Quake. (He passes Matthew a slip of paper with the address on it.) Piper works there. May I suggest that you go there next and take her power. Hannah will drive you.

Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Everyone's there. They are making a potion and Prue is staring out the window trying to suppress her nausea.

Melinda: The curse is really simple as long as you have the ingredients I need.

Piper: Phoebe can do the spices and I'll chop the scallions.

Phoebe: This is so cool. We've never done a curse before.

Melinda: Oh, I'm glad. They're not to be taken lightly.

Phoebe: I just feel like there's so much we could be learning or doing if we had the right teacher.

Melinda: I'd savor my first gift before I move on to the next one.

Phoebe: I see pictures. What's to savor?

Melinda: No, but you see visions of the future and the past. That'll allow you to protect and to heal.

Phoebe: Hmm. Did you hear that Prue? (She looks over to where Prue is stood.)

Piper: Prue, stop looking for Andy, he should be long gone by now.

Prue: Yeah, he'll be back, and he won't take no for an answer.

Prue walks over to them.

Prue: So do we have everything?

Piper: Actually there's a few herbs we don't have but I can get them at the restaurant.

Phoebe: The only problem is the feather from the spotted owl.

Melinda: Is that a problem?

Prue: Well, they're an endangered species. Um, certain animals from your time aren't really around anymore.

Melinda: Why?

Phoebe: Deforestation, pollution... It's a long story.

Piper: Do you think they have one at the zoo?

Melinda: What's a zoo?

Phoebe: In theory it's this big garden kind of place where all the animals are caged and...

Prue: You know what? I'll work on the feather. Piper, can you handle the herbs?

Piper: Uh, yeah, after I get to Quake, though I might have a problem getting out because I'm supposed to work the night shift.

Phoebe: Well, I'll come with you and bring back the stuff if you get hung up.

Melinda: No, you can't leave the house. You are the two Matthew needs.

Piper: We'll be fine. How could Matthew even know about Quake?

Scene: Outside Quake. Hannah and Matthew are sitting in the car across the street.

Matthew: I've waited over three hundred years for my revenge. As soon as Piper gets here I shall have it.

Scene: Quake. Piper and Phoebe walk in.

Piper: You go ahead into the kitchen, I'm gonna cough on Martin and tell him I'm highly contagious so can I go home.

Phoebe: Love the plan.

Phoebe goes in the kitchen. A waitress walks up to Piper.

Waitress: Hey, Piper. Did your sweetie find you?

Piper: My What?

Waitress: That guy with the English accent. He called earlier to see if you were working today.

Cut to the kitchen. Matthew and Phoebe are there. Phoebe is holding a rolling pin and Matthew is backing her into a corner. Phoebe goes to hit him with the rolling pin but he grabs it and throws it on the floor. He then grabs Phoebe and she is pulled into a premonition, Matthew copies the power and sees what she sees.

Matthew: Now I have your power. And I see Melinda's here. Good. She will die at my hand.

He pushes her to the ground and blinks out of the room. Piper rushes in and pulls Phoebe to her feet.

Piper: Are you okay?

Phoebe: Yeah. It was Matthew. He's gone, but he copied my power.

Scene: Outside Manor. Andy's sitting in his car that is parked across the street, he watches the manor.

Cut to inside. Melinda is waiting outside the downstairs bathroom waiting for Prue who had succumbed to her nausea and been throwing up for the past few minutes. The toilet flushes and Prue emerges looking pale.

Prue: Sorry about that, I uh found a spotted owl at the museum where I used to work. Stuffed.

Melinda brushes Prue's hair away from her face and strokes the side of it sympathetically.

Melinda: We only need one feather.

Prue: Good. Maybe that'll keep it down to a misdemeanour. Look, I'll be back as soon as I can. (She pulls Melinda into a quick hug.)

Melinda: Okay.

Prue exits the manor.

Cut to outside. Prue gets into her rental car and drives down the street. Andy follows her.

Cut back inside. Melinda walks in the kitchen. She sees a blender on the bench. She reaches over and presses a button. It turns on and she jumps back. She quickly reaches back over and turns it off. The phone rings. She looks around.

Cut to Quake. Piper and Phoebe are sat at the bar. Phoebe's on the phone.

Phoebe: Come on, answer.

Cut back to Melinda. She walks into another room and over to the phone. The machine picks up.

Phoebe's Voice: "Hi, we're not home. You know the drill."

Phoebe: Prue, pick up.

Melinda: Phoebe?

Phoebe: Are you guys there?

Melinda: Phoebe, I-I'm here.

Phoebe: You guys need to be really careful.

Melinda: Phoebe!

Phoebe: Matthew was here, he could be on his way.

Melinda presses a random button on the machine and it turns off.

Cut to Quake.

Phoebe: The line went dead.

Piper and Phoebe rush out of Quake.

Cut back to the manor. There's a loud bang at the front door. Melinda runs into the foyer and Matthew's standing there.

Melinda: Matthew.

Matthew: We meet again.

Melinda: Yes. And the sight of you still makes me ill.

Matthew: Funny. The fact that I can now destroy your line forever, makes you so much more appealing.

Melinda: You think I won't stop you.

Matthew: How? You made your curse before and you still burned.

Melinda: And yet I'm here now, aren't I?

Matthew: You're nothing more then a dead witch watching over stupid girls who are about to die themselves.

Melinda: You won't touch them.

Matthew: Too late. I already have two of their powers. I just need the third. I believe her name is Piper. Unless, (he holds her up against the wall) you want to freeze me.

Melinda: Go to hell, where you belong.

Matthew: Of course, i'll get the eldests childs power aswell. It'll be my bonus.

Matthew has a premonition of them adding the feather to the potion.

Matthew: So that's why they brought you back, isn't it? You think you can curse me again. Hell, I could just kill you now.

Melinda: Go ahead. I've already given them the curse.

Matthew: You're lying.

Melinda: Am I?

Matthew: The one with the feather. Where is she now? Where's Prue? Tell me.

Melinda: She's at...

Matthew: Yes?

Melinda: The Zoo.

Matthew: Then that's where I'll kill her. And then I'll come back for the other two. That way you can watch them die and I can watch you suffer. (He kisses her roughly.) And then you'll be next.

He blinks out of the room.

Scene: Bucklands. Rex's office. Rex is sprawled on the couch with his eyes closed. Hannah walks in and he makes no effort to move or open his eyes.

Rex: You lost him.

Hannah: We've had this conversation before, Rex, please stay out of my mind.

Rex: Well, did he copy Piper's power?

Hannah: I have no idea. Something happened in that restaurant though 'cause he just took off. And so did they.

Rex: Then why didn't you follow him?

Hannah: I tried. Why don't you just follow him right now?

Rex: Because I... Haven't mastered that ability yet, unfortunately. We need Matthew to provide us with the sisters powers otherwise we don't stand a chance in hell. Find him.

Scene: Manor. Piper and Phoebe walk in.

Piper: Prue? Melinda?

Melinda: In here.

They walk in the living room. Melinda's sitting on the couch holding a cushion to her.

Phoebe: Are you okay? It was Matthew, wasn't it?

Melinda: Yes. But don't worry, he's gone.

Phoebe: He found us at the restaurant and he copied my power. He said he was gonna kill you and I was so...

Melinda: It's alright, Phoebe. But we've got to hurry before Matthew gets back. Did you get all the herbs?

Piper: Yeah, all we need now is the feather.

Melinda: Good. Prue's taking care of that.

Phoebe: How?

Scene: Museum. Prue exits the museum holding the feather. She hastily descends the stairs where Andy's is waiting for her. She bites her lip guiltily.

Prue: Uh Andy, what are you doing here?

Andy: We need to talk, Prue. (He puts his arm around her waist and leads her to his car.)

Cut to Bucklands. Rex's office. Rex is sitting at his desk. Hannah comes flying through the door and lands on the floor. She stands back up.

Hannah: I found Matthew.

Rex: I can see.

Matthew walks in.

Matthew: I need to find Prue and stop her.

Rex: You're supposed to be after Piper and Phoebe. I don't under...

Matthew: I got the power of premonition. With it I saw the eldest working on the curse. Help me find her.

Rex: No, no, no. There's no time to be distracted. You must stay on track. You must obtain the last power.

Matthew: But the curse will end me. They brought Melinda Warren back from the dead to do it.

Hannah: They did what?

Matthew: I will not go back to oblivion.

Rex: Listen, just listen to me. If they're planning to send you back, they'll have to cast the spell at their home.

Matthew: So?

Hannah: So, Prue will have to return there to do it.

Rex: Which is where you can thwart her and then gain the power to freeze.

Matthew: I've already tried. They'd rather die than give me that.

Rex gets a gun out of his desk drawer.

Rex: Try again.

Cut back to the museum. Prue is sat in the passenger seat of Andy's cop car trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

Andy: Now for the last time, Prue. Why the feather? (He held it up to emphasize his point.)

Prue: I told you. I already had it from before.

Andy: Before what? No, go ahead, you can say it. Before breaking and entering a museum which of course you did after you obstructed justice.

Prue: (Tiredly) How did I obstruct justice?

Andy: Oh, come on, Prue, don't play dumb with me, I know you too well. You're in a lot of trouble here. Trouble in which I can't help you out unless you help me. I know the guy that jumped out of your window is supernatural.

Prue: I need to go, Andy, please.

Andy: What's the matter with you, Prue? This isn't a game, this is very serious.

Prue: Andy, please, you have to let me go. There's a warlock after us and my powers don't work on him.

Andy: No, I can't look the other way anymore, Prue. We're getting married and having a baby, you have to trust me with these things without me cornering you.

Prue: This isn't just me. It's Piper and Phoebe. I need to protect everyone and if you're around aswell i have to protect you too.

Andy: Just tell me what's going on all the time. For once in your life will you just trust me.

Prue: Andy, I'm sorry but I really have to go. (She snatches the feather from him.)

Andy: No, Prue, you can't. Not without me. (Prue squints her eyes and the air bag inflates to its full size pinning Andy to the seat but not painfully. Prue gets out of the car.) Prue, get back here. You don't know what you're doing.

Prue: Stay away from the manor until i call you.

Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Phoebe, Piper and Melinda are there. Melinda's scooping the potion into a small pouch.

Melinda: We're ready now. All we need is the feather.

Piper: And Prue. What's keeping her? You don't think...

Phoebe: No, she should be fine. Matthew already copied her power.

Melinda: Besides, I sent him to the zoo.

Phoebe: She's probably stuck in traffic.

Melinda: When she returns, we'll add the feather and seek out Matthew.

Phoebe: Do you think he's gonna be hard to find?

Matthew appears.

Matthew: Not at all. I have waited too long for this moment, to hide. (He approaches the trio.)

Melinda: This is our battle, Matthew. Leave them alone.

Matthew: I will have what I came for. (He squints his eyes to bring Piper towards him. He pulls her towards him and tightens his grasp when she struggles against him.) Your powers and your death.

Phoebe: Piper!

Matthew: Freeze me, witch.

Piper: In your dreams.

He pulls out his gun and points it at Piper's head.

Matthew: I said freeze me. Save yourself. No? Then save your sister. (He points the gun away from Piper and instead points it at Phoebe.)

Piper: Phoebe!

Prue charges into the kitchen.

Prue: Save yourself.

He releases Piper and points the gun at Prue as Piper runs back over to Phoebe and Melinda.

Matthew: Give me that feather.

Prue uses her power and the gun flies out of his hands. The chair nearest to him flies up and hits him knocking him back. She runs over and hands the feather to Melinda who adds it to the pouch.

Melinda: Piper, now! (Piper freezes Matthew and the pouch is thrown into the potion bowl. Melinda opens the locket and the familiar wind whipped around the room.) "Outside of time, outside of gain, know only sorrow, know only pain." (Matthew unfreezes and wind surrounds him.) It's what you deserve.

Matthew: This is not the end!

He gets sucked into the locket and it slammed shut almost catching Melinda's fingers.

Melinda: Yes it is. This is for eternity.

Everyone sighs in relief.

Prue: (Covers her mouth and nose with her hands.) Oh that potion reeks!

Scene: Bucklands. Rex's office.

Hannah: I followed him, he failed. What do we do now?

Rex: I don't know. We're gonna have to think of something fast though. He's gonna be none too pleased to learn that we have failed.

Hannah: It wasn't a complete failure, right? I mean, we outed them, proved they were the Charmed Ones, that has to count.

Rex: It'll buy us a little bit of time, but precious little.

Hannah: You should've listened to me, Rex. We should've taken care of them ourselves.

Rex: Yeah, you're right, Hannah. We should've done.

Scene: Police station. Morris and Andy are there.

Morris: What happened?

Andy: I don't want to talk about it.

Morris: You know something, don't you?

Andy's phone rings.

Andy: Prue? I'm on my way.

He turns to leave.

Morris: Trudeau, you cannot with-hold evidence.

Andy: The incident this morning was nothing to do with Prue. Now can we just forget about it.

Scene: Manor. Piper runs down the stairs and stops halfway down when she spots Leo.

Piper: Leo. You're here. Why are you here?

Leo: I thought I'd work on the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom.

Piper: Oh, now's not really a good time. We're getting our cousin Melinda ready to go away. Can you come back later? Like, tomorrow?

Leo: Sure. No problem.

He turns to leave.

Piper: Uh, Leo? (He turns back around.) Would you like to go out sometime? With me, that is.

Leo: I'd love to. Give me a call.

Piper: Okay.

Piper goes back upstairs to the attic where everyone is sat on the floor around the small alter.

Phoebe: Who was it?

Piper: It was Leo.

Prue: Is he gone?

Piper: We're perfectly safe.

Melinda: Then let's begin.

Piper joins the others around the table. Melinda is dressed in her normal clothes. She hands Phoebe's dress back to her.

Phoebe: Oh, we can't take those back.

Melinda: Why not?

Phoebe: Because that means you're leaving

Melinda: Well, I have to go.

Phoebe: Why? Why can't you stay here and have the life that you should've had?

Melinda: Because this isn't my time. It's your time, and Piper's, and Prue's, and that childs. (She glances around at all of them, her eyes lastly landing on Prue's still flat stomach.)

Piper: We don't mind sharing.

Melinda: You three give me great joy. I've seen the Charmed Ones. Good witches. Women of strength and grace.

Phoebe takes Melinda's hand and holds it up to her heart.

Phoebe: Tell me what you see.

Melinda: I see the future. Many more generations of my beautiful daughters. I see my dreams fulfilled. Oh, thank you for that.

She clips the locket around her neck and they all join hands.

Prue: "Melinda Warren, blood of our blood, we release you."

Melinda: Blessed be, my daughters. I love you.

White orbs surround her and she disappears.

Phoebe: I'm gonna miss her.

Piper: Me too.

Prue: We can always bring her back. Hey, Andy's so mad at me you might need another Charmed One.

They all laugh.

The door slams downstairs.

Andy's voice: Prue?

Prue bites her lip and exits the attic, her sisters behind her.