Linda walks alone down the too-familiar hallway.

After re-designing the memorial, L has been given a separate plaque to his six successors. First comes A, then B.B, then Near.

Near's photograph is plain; the one he used for his passport. His face is blank, his silvery hair is pushed back, and his eyes are empty and devoid of any emotion. His drawing is much different however. In the sketch, he is hunched over a jigsaw puzzle, leg drawn up to his chest, wrinkles of concentration lining his young face; he's clearly deep in thought. The image holds no colour, and the drawing itself is drawn in pale grey, so oft that, unless you squint, the drawing looks like an empty piece of paper.

Nate River
Loved and hated
The boy who brought down God
With his little toy soldiers

Some of you may have noticed; six successors? Angel, Beyond, Near, Mello, Matt... that's only five.

You forgot Laurel, didn't you, you fuckers?

Laurel's drawing is a sketch that Adaven scrawled in a note pad on eventless Science lesson. It depicts Laurel, her arms folded and rested on the table, her flabby chin hovering inches above her crossed wrists. She gazes off to the right, seemingly unamused. Adaven hasn't bothered to draw her scabby facial blemishes; just a small mark to sybolise the scar on her left cheekbone. Nor has Adaven bothered to add any detail to her uniform, and any intricacies have been cleverly removed from the drawing; her right wrist is folded over the left to hide her watch, and her mouth is closed to hide her braces.

Her photograph, however, doesn't cut any corners, despite it' age. She appears to be at the park, on the swing, a forced smile splitting her chubby face in half. Her thick hair is messy, and her dull white shirt is far too large for her. Everything familiar about her is there: the braces in her mouth, the watch on her wrist, the ankh around her neck.

It's saddening to think that everything associated with her is silver. To some, anyway.

Behind the swing, another girl is stood. Her face is hidden by her hair, as if the pretty, petite girl is trying to hide. Despite how close she stands to Laurel, as if the photographer is trying to get a picture of them together, the two girls seem to dislike each other. You guessed it; the pretty girl is Emma-Leigh, and the photographer is probably Valkyrie. Right back before Laurel's first murder.

Oak Platinum
Laurel Silver
Never took orders
Never good enough
Not quite

And there they are. Angel, Beyond, Near, Matt, Mello and Laurel. On that wall, there are no rankings. No stress. No competition. It makes no difference whether they're a murderer, Mafioso or a detective. On that wall, they're all there, all child prodigies in their own respects, all dead and gone.

In the end, they all got the recognition they wanted. They got special treatment, a special memorial. A 'well-done', even if it's a little too late. They deserve the special treatment, after the stress, the loss, the madness.

There, on the wall, all six of them are good enough.