No one ever questioned him. He had known from the bat that Amalia was the princess and that Lamont was lord Larsa. Yet they never knew how he could tell so certainly.

He himself wasn't so sure that he would've told them anyways. Ah yes, his past. They wouldn't buy it. Think it some elaborate story thought up by a sky pirate to make himself something.

Yet he knew. He carried the burden of his past around and hid it from the others so well. There was only one person he would share it with. Even then, it would only be because it was for her own good.

Yes, the princess need know about his past so that she wouldn't make such mistakes as his father had. She needed to know how damaging nethicite really can be.

He, former judge of Archadia, would have to tell her soon, before the opportunity was lost. Yes, it would be soon.

"Lost in thought, Balthier?" A lady asked.

"Never lost, just reflecting," he answered Ashe with a smirk.

Soon she would need know. And he would tell her everything that has been a burden to him.