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Holmes felt a small hand creep into his pocket. He quickly grabbed it, spinning around to face its owner. A small boy, with grubby blonde hair, stared defiantly back at him.

"Wotcher grab me for, gov?" He scowled, his little face twisting up. "I didn't do nothin'!"

"I would have to disagree. You tried to steal my wallet." Holmes replied, looking severe.

The boy was unrepentant. "Wot ya going to do about it?"

Holmes quickly glanced over the boy, seeing his old clothes marked with signs of living on the street. "You won't survive long on the street with such pitiable skills. How would you like to work for me?"

"I don't even know ya, mate. Why would I want to work for you?" The boy seemed defiant, but Holmes could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"I want you to be one of my Irregulars. You will have a place to sleep at night, other boys to teach you skills, and employment."

"You ain't just joking with me?"

"I assure you, I am quite serious."

"Well, alright then." The boy followed Holmes to the Irregular's warehouse. Only Wiggins was present, having already returned from a day's work. Holmes left the boy with him, and started back to Baker Street.

"What's yer name, kid?" Wiggins.

"Wayne," said the boy.

Wayne is my idea, and is only to be used with my permission.