"What on earth happened?" Watson asked.

Wayne and Jacob kept their gazes down, looking at their shoes ashamedly. They were both white, covered from head to toe in flour.

Wayne scuffed his shoe against the ground. "Well, ya see, we was jus' poking 'round a bit-"

"-in the alley out the back of a building." Jacob chimed in.

"Yeah, 'cause we needed something to eat," Wayne continued. "We was hungry, ya know."

"But what happened?" Watson asked with some exasperation.

"Uh, it smelled nice," Jacob said with a sheepish smile. "So we wanted to see if there was something to eat there."

"We was real hungry, Doc," Wayne said. "Still are."

Watson took the hint and went to the kitchen to ask Mrs Hudson for some biscuits. Returning, he laid the platter in front of the boys, and they grabbed the warm biscuits eagerly. After a minute or so, Jacob looked up at Watson, and nudged Wayne to make him pay attention. Wayne scowled at him, grabbing a few more biscuits and shoving them in his pockets before continuing.

"Ya see, Doc, we were looking 'round the alley, when we saw a few bags and thought they might have biscuits. 'Ow were we ta know they were fulla flour?"

Jacob whispered to his companion, "Next time, let's stay away from bakeries."