Hi everyone! I'm back with another short story! In this story all girls that live on Kinkow get to find out who their soul mate is when they turn seven-teen. However, in this story Brady never really lived with Boomer and Boz was never lost in a storm. You have to read the story to find out the rest!

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Mikayla POV (Narrating)

Today is my 17th birthday! I'm excited not only because it's my birthday, but because today I get to find out who my soul mate is! The Shaman gives you a list of details of the boy and you have to find him yourself. It's said that once you found your soul mate then you would both immediately have a spark. I really hope it's one of those cute guys who are always at the beach or something. Oh wait a minute, I haven't introduced myself. How rude of me!

My name is Mikayla Makoola, and this is my story of how I found out who my soul mate was, our getting together, and our lives with one another.

Mikayla POV (Morning of her birthday)

I opened my eyes, bright light streaming through my window in my room. I was still in my dream paradise that contains fantasies of me and my favorite star, Mitchel Musso. I love his music, his acting, and well, him! Of course, I know that once I find out who my soul mate is, those dreams will most likely go away but I want to enjoy them while I can. Today is my seventeenth birthday, which means today I find out my soul mate, the guy I am destined to be with. I'm excited and nervous. I'm excited because I've waited all of my life for this day, but I'm also nervous because i'm a little scared on who my soul mate is. At least my best friend Candace is coming with me. You're allowed to bring one person with you and Candace was the one I chose since she already found her soul mate. Her soul mate was King Boz. They're a funny match for sure though. My other friend Tessa, who couldn't come because she's helping her parents in there store today, also had her soul mate. Her soul mate was ironically King Boomer. She actually had a crush on him before she found out her soul mate.

Let me tell you about my friends though. One of the reasons we're all three friends is because we all are practically in love with Mitchel Musso. Candace is a girly girl. Tessa is more or less a jungle girl. As for me, I'm the guard girl type. I work in the castle under the kings as the head guard. Candace has her own TV show. Tessa works at her parent's store.

"Mikayla? Are you awake?" Candace's voice made me jump. Seconds later she burst into my room. "Good morning Candace." I greeted her. "Good morning? It's your birthday!" She exclaimed, looking at me with disbelief. I smiled at her as I crawled out of bed. "I know Candace. No need to raise the alarms." She shook her head and smiled before helping me pick out an outfit. "You have to look extra amazing today." Candace spoke as she dug through my closet to find the perfect outfit for me to wear. I rolled my eyes as she decided to go all girly girl on me.

"Here, put this on." Candace threw an ocean blue dress at me while shoving me towards the bathroom so I could change. I walked inside the bathroom and quickly changed out of my pajamas and into the dress. A few minutes later I walked back into my room to find Candace holding a purple bag. "Candace, what's in the bag?" I questioned warily. She smiled at me before grabbing onto my hand and sitting me down in a chair in front of my desk. "Well, I might have some make-up in the bag." Candace smiled sheepishly as she dumped the bag out onto the desk. There had to be at least forty different kinds of make-up in the bag.

"If that's what you call some then I'm scared to see what you call a lot!" I exclaimed. I watched Candace's reflection in the mirror roll her eyes. She then got to work. First she applied light blush and mascara before she placed a small amount of blue eye shadow. She then stood back slightly and studied her work before clapping her hands. "All done! You look amazing!" She exclaimed. I smiled before standing up and sliding my favorite pair of black sandals on to complete my outfit. "Thank you Candace." I hugged her before grabbing my phone and walking out the door, Candace following me.

We entered the throne room a few minutes later. The kings were sitting on the throne, eating toaster waffles while sitting in their blue king robes. "Good morning your majesties." I greeted the kings. They both waved at me, their mouths full. Candace walked over to Boz and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "Good morning Boz!" She exclaimed. Boz smiled at her as he swallowed. "Good morning beautiful." Candace blushed slightly. "My kings, Candace and I are going to be at the Shaman's so we can find out who my soul mate is." The kings nodded and Candace and I left the castle.

We walked through the jungle for a few minutes until we came upon the Shaman's house. I suddenly became extremely nervous. Candace noticed and stopped walking. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. I'm sure you will end up with someone amazing!" Candace spoke cheerfully, causing me to smile. "Alright then, let's do this." I spoke with determination as I walked towards the Shaman's house. I reached up to the door and knocked. A minute later I heard the locks unlocking before the Shaman stuck his head out. "Ah, Mikayla Makoola. Are you ready to find your soul mate?" I nodded my head before Candace and I followed the Shaman inside. He led us to a table that had two chairs on one side and one chair on the other with a crystal ball in the center of the table. Candace and I sat down on one side while the Shaman sat down on the other. The crystal ball then started to glow. The Shaman scanned it eagerly.

"Here he is. Your soul mate is tall, has solid raven-black hair, tan white skin, and deep brown eyes. His initials are B.M.P. but he goes by another name with the initials M.T.M. He is Kinkowin royalty and is related to the kings. That is all the crystal ball is showing me. Good luck finding the boy Ms. Makoola." With this Candace and I stood up, thanked the Shaman, and left, walking back to the castle.

"So, he sounds cute." Candace spoke excitedly. I smiled, deep in thought about who it could be. "How can he be related to the kings? The only family they have is their Aunt and Uncle who live in Chicago and their cousin Lanny. Otherwise they don't have any more family. Plus, for them to be royalty they would have to be either a brother to the kings or their cousin. That makes no sense." I shook my head in confusion. By now we had reached the castle. "Let's ask the kings. Maybe they can help us." Candace suggested. I nodded my head in agreement before we both walked into the throne room. There we found the kings, my dad, and Tessa.

"My kings, do you happen to have any family we don't know about?" I questioned as I walked up to the two brothers. They looked at each other briefly before turning back to me. "Why?" Boz questioned. "Well, the Shaman said that my soul mate was Kinkowin royalty but that would mean he was related to you two." I responded. They glanced at each other once more before looking at me. "Well you see, Boz and I actually have another brother. We aren't twins, we're triplets." Boomer responded.

"Who is your brother then?" Tessa questioned. Boomer and Boz shifted nervously. "You three know about Mitchel Musso, right?" Boz responded warily. Tessa, Candace, and I nodded eagerly at the mention of our favorite singer/actor. "He's actually our brother. His real name is Brady Mitchel Parker, not Mitchel Tate Musso." I thought for a moment, taking in the initials. "B.M.P. and M.T.M." I mumbled to myself before I realized what they had just said.

"My soul mate is Mitchel Musso?"

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