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Brady POV

"We made it!" Boomer cried as he, Boz, and I raced into the castle, closing the doors behind us. We had just outrun a mob of screaming fans. The mob had ambushed us at the beach after we had been there for around twenty minutes.

"Awe man, we barely got to surf!" Boz complained. "Sorry about that guys. At least we were able to surf some." I tried to find the bright side of what just happened. Boomer and Boz brushed my statement off. "Oh well. With you, some is better than none, Mr. Musso." Boz teased. I rolled my eyes and playfully punched him in the arm.

"How do you know none of those girls were there for the 'Kings of Kinkow'?" I teased my brothers in response to Boz's statement. "We know that because all of the girls were screaming 'Mitchel! Mitchel!' while the others were screaming 'Oh my goodness! It's Mitchel Musso!'" Boomer teased back. I huffed.

"Well if that's what you want to believe, then fine." I crossed my arms. Boomer rolled his eyes before looking at Boz. They both seem to get an idea because they turned towards me with mischievous smiles on their faces and mischief in their eyes. "Guys, what are you thinking about?" I questioned my brothers warily. I knew that look. It was the one they always got before one of us got into trouble by pulling some crazy stunt.

"Hey Brady, guess what?" Boz smirked as he walked towards me, Boomer not far behind. "What?" I responded, slight curiosity and fear starting to flow through me. "Have you ever met your fans, face to face?" Boomer continued.

"Yes, several times. What does this have to do-" I stopped mid-sentence when I realized what they meant. "You guys wouldn't really push me out there, by myself, with about thirty to forty fans out there that all want something of mine, right?" I questioned shakily, starting to back away from my brothers who were both looking at me with evil smiles. "What do you mean? We would never do that!" Boomer exclaimed. "Yeah, we're too nice to do that." Boz continued.

I sighed in relief and relaxed. "But!" Boomer randomly cried out. "What do you mean, 'but!' There is no 'but!'" I yelped, scared of what the 'but' meant. "We aren't too nice to shove you out there with your fans without introducing you first!" Boz finished Boomer's thought. I stared at my brothers for a moment before spinning around on my toes and sprinting away, Boomer and Boz close behind me.

"Come back Brady! It won't be too bad!" My brothers yelled from behind. Says you! I thought, my mind flashing back to a time when I had been mobbed by screaming fans, the fans ripping my clothes so they could have a piece of them. After that day I had been extremely scared of walking around in the open without a friend near me.

I quickly turned down a hallway when I ran into someone, both of us falling to the ground. "I'm sorry!" We both exclaimed before looking up. I had run into Mikayla, her friends Candace and Tessa right behind her. I hopped up from the ground before offering Mikayla my hand.

"Thanks." She smiled as I helped her up. "Brady! Where are you?" Boomer's voice rang through the castle. I glanced around in fear. "I would love to hang around and talk, but I'm currently running from my brothers. Sorry for running into you!" I apologized as I began sprinting again.

Where to hide? Where to hide? My thoughts were racing and my heart was pounding in my ears as I continued to sprint through the castle. I turned another corner but immediately regretted that choice when I spotted my brothers at the other end of the hallway. "Brady!" They exclaimed before running towards me. I shrieked before spinning around rushing the opposite way.

I continued running through all the different hallways. This castle is huge! I shook my head before I realized the hallway I was in seemed familiar. This is where my room is! I quickly searched for my room number before opening the door and rushing inside, locking the door behind me. I pressed me ear to the door and listened as my brothers rushed past my room. I waited until their footsteps faded away before turning around and sliding down the door and sighing in relief.

Thank goodness that's over! I thought as I stood up and walked over to the bed before lying down to catch my breath. At least the running from fans has made me faster. I silently thanked my fans for loving me enough to chase me. It could be fun to run from them sometimes.

Knock! Knock! I immediately sat up as someone knocked on my door. "Hello?" Mikayla's voice came from outside. "Brady, are you in there?" I rushed over to the door before slowly opening it wide enough so I could see who was in the hallway. It was just Mikayla.

"Yes, come in." I ushered Mikayla into the room quickly before shutting the door once more. "Why were you running earlier?" Mikayla questioned, curiosity sparkling in her eyes as she sat down on my bed. "My brothers wanted to push me out into the plaza where a bunch of my fans were waiting." I shrugged like it was nothing. "Oh." Mikayla responded quietly.

I walked over to the bed and sat down beside Mikayla. Together we sat in a slightly awkward silence. I mean, we just met today. We don't really know anything about one another. Wait! Ask her about herself! I smiled as I turned to Mikayla.

"So, tell me about yourself. What do you like to do, what is some of your favorite things and so on?" I questioned, curiosity starting to flow through me. Mikayla looked up, startled. "What? Oh, well, I like to walk around on the beach and hang out with friends. I like to listen to music too." I smirked for a minute.

"So, who's your favorite artist?" I questioned causally. Mikayla suddenly looked nervous. "Well, it's not anyone in this room!" Her voice slightly squeaked but I knew what it meant. Boomer and Boz had told me that Mikayla's voice would raise an octave when she was lying. "Oh really? Then who is your favorite artist?" I smirked, leaning closer to the guard girl. She glanced at me, her face showing she was nervous and flushed. It was actually really cute.

Did I just say she was cute? I stopped my thoughts for a moment as I realized what I had just been thinking. I shrugged off the thought before I realized how close I was to Mikayla. "M-My f-favorite artist is- is- Justin Bieber!" Mikayla finally squeaked out.

"Really? Your favorite artist is Bieber?" I questioned, scooting over so that I was right next to Mikayla. Sparks flew through me when we touched but I was too lost in Mikayla's eyes to notice. They were a beautiful hazel color. Mikayla's gaze met mind and something immediately sparked in her eyes. "No. You're my favorite artist." Mikayla spoke with a star struck look on her face, one I had seen many times before.

Mikayla and I stared at each other for the longest time, our eyes locked, both of us eternally lost in the other's eyes. Slowly, on instinct, I leaned forward, Mikayla doing the same. We were so close that I could feel her breath. My eyes shut, anticipation coursing through me. Mikayla's lips finally ghosted over mine when the door slammed open, causing us to jump apart, blushing furiously.

"There you are Brady! We've been looking all over for you!" I silently cursed at my brothers barging in. "Did we interrupt something?" Boz questioned, noticing Mikayla and I's red cheeks. I shook my head, not wanting my brothers to know what had just happened. "Ok then! Come on Brady, let's go play video games!" Boomer and Boz each latched onto one of my arms before pulling me up and out of the room. I could only glance back at Mikayla to see her standing by my bed, an unreadable expression on her face. i sighed before turning back to my brothers and walking with them to their room.

Mikayla POV

What just happened? I shook my head. I had just kissed Mitchel Musso! Sure he's my soul mate, but how many girls get to say they did what I just did? A small smile crept onto my face as I rushed out of the room to find the girls so I could tell them what happened.

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