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Chapter two: What does he think he's doing?!


When Sasuke came to, he found himself sitting in a chair, surrounded by annoying people. He felt as if he was in the middle of a bad hangover. That means not good for those of you fortunate enough to never have experienced one. It seemed as though they had just arrived, and were placing orders. He looked up at the waitress, ready to order, when Naruto interrupted him.

"I'll order for him, he's a little out of it right now" he said. Sasuke glared at him.

"I can order for myself you moron, and if I'm out of it it's your fault so I wouldn't look so carefree if I were you." The sentence was bit out rather harshly and accompanied with another lovely glare, before he turned to the waitress once again. "And you're paying" he added.

Naruto laughed a little and scratched his nose. With his left hand. Anybody not blind would notice the ring still there, glittering in the cozy light from above their table. A united gasp ran around the group, save Naruto and Sasuke of course.

"OH MY GOD Naruto, is that an engagement ring on your finger?!" Sakura almost yelled from beside Sasuke, looking at Naruto with sparkly eyes.

"Dude that's totally unexpected, I mean you're like the village whore!" Kiba exclaimed, clapping Naruto's back soundly, making him wince a little.

"I am NOT a whore, I just get a lot of game and you know that dog-face! And Sasuke has the other one."

Sasuke waved his left hand for everyone to see, resting his head in his right one and looking bored. He expected people to laugh and take it as a joke, asking how the hell Naruto managed to convince Sasuke to wear something like that. His expectations were, sadly, not met.

"Wow Sasuke, when grandmother gave you those rings yesterday you didn't exactly look happy about it, who knew you'd been waiting for a chance like this? And with dickless none the less."

Oh no. Sai was here, his goddamn cousin. How come he didn't notice him? His perceptive skills today were embarrassingly bad. He opened his mouth to deny this crazy assumption, when Naruto opened his and responded in his stead. Again. Was he making a habit out of this?

"I know right? I just walked into his room and there he was, on one knee telling me how much he loooves me, giving me this ugly-ass ring but I thought, hey, if it doesn't work out I can probably sell it for a bucket-load of money." And he grinned, that shit-eating grin of his that never failed to make Sasuke grit his teeth.

"Damn it Naruto that is not what happened and don't you dare-"

But his angry shout fell on deaf ears. Ears belonging to people way too busy congratulating Naruto, and shouting and crying and god knows what. Lee yelled the waitress over, demanding celebratory drinks, and she left to get them after she too had congratulated the both of them. In his shocked state Sasuke vaguely heard disbelieving comments mixed with "I knew it!" and "It was soo obvious", and he let his head fall to the table, letting out an uncharacteristic groan. That complete asshole! He knew Naruto was just messing with him, like he'd always done, ever since they'd started living together just before Sasuke's second year at university two and a half years ago. Of course Sasuke could have moved, but he liked his apartment and Naruto refused to leave it. So he'd been stuck with the moron and unfortunately he'd gotten somewhat used to him, letting him force him into socializing with said moron's friends. And see where that got him.

He sighed, and decided to just get drunk and wait until Naruto saw fit to explain how their 'engagement' came to be to his less than intelligent friends. Had he known what would follow, he would have never let Naruto run his little joke through. But as it was, he just sat and glared at the offending people at the table insisting on grabbing his hand too often to admire (or snicker at) the ring there. And if Naruto was bothered by the Uchiha's death-promising glares, he didn't show it.

Poor Sasuke, mocked by all of Naruto's friends... XD