Here's chapter three everyone. As for the Sasunaru/Narusasu thingy... We'll just have to see and let the characters decide:p

Chapter three: Happily what now?!


The next morning found our favorite Uchiha sporting a real hangover. It also found him not in his own bed. Now, don't jump to conclusions here, Sasuke would never lose control even while drunk and Naruto would never take advantage of a drunk friend, so nothing sexual had happened. Well, Sasuke had a hazy memory of Naruto dragging him into the orange bedroom in their apartment, pushing him onto the bed, mumbling something about how 'fiancés should sleep together', giving him a sloppy kiss on the cheek and then falling asleep on top of him. And since he was too drunk and tired to roll the idiot off, he fell asleep as well. And now something had woke him up. What was it? Ah, his phone, its low ringtone vibrating through his pocket. Sasuke didn't like loud things, and so naturally he had an almost silent ringtone. Unfortunately he woke up easily. He struggled to get it out, having to partly ease himself out from underneath the snoring body next to him, and answered it. Oh, how he wished he hadn't. His biggest wish after that conversation would be to fall asleep again and then wake up yesterday, before any of this had happened.

"Good morning little brother, how are you feeling today? Happily engaged I presume."

Sasuke furrowed his brows. What the hell did his brother mean?

"What the hell do you mean?" he asked while rubbing sleep from his eyes, trying to ignore the headache behind his eyebrows.

"I must say I was a little surprised, you haven't exactly given any hints that you were in a relationship of that level, but grandmother is overjoyed of course."

A sinking feeling of dread crept through Sasuke at this point. He recalled yesterday, and with a silent curse he dropped the phone and buried his face in his hands. How the hell had his grandmother heard of his accidental proposal – that wasn't even real damn it! – to Naruto? As he groaned, he noticed that he still had the stupid ring on his finger. He glared at it, as if it would help, and ignored the amused "Sasuke?" from his phone. Even his brother laughed at him! Squaring his shoulders he picked up the phone again and explained what had happened the day before. When his evil brother had stopped laughing, he let Sasuke know that it was Sai who had called this morning to tell the news. Apparently Naruto had failed to let his friends in on the truth yesterday.

"But you know Sasuke, even if it was just a joke there is no way you can tell grandmother that. She's already started to make preparations. She even cried when Sai told her!"

Grandmother crying was about as believable as Itachi not stealing candy from kids, but still. This was one fucked-up situation.

"But Naruto's a guy! Surely she would protest?"

"No, she just said 'I always knew my sweet Sasuke-kun was special' and demanded pictures of Naruto. Sai already gave her some and she seems to approve." The amusement in Itachi's voice was painfully obvious. The reason why was explained with his next sentence. "And I heard you're wearing the girl's ring?"

He seemed to take Sasuke's angry silence as the yes it was, and started chuckling. Itachi never laughed out loud, as the true Uchiha he was, but had he been a normal person he would now be rolling on the floor screaming and clutching at his stomach. Sasuke grit his teeth and mentally counted to ten, very slowly, before he asked the question he would have nightmares about for a long time onwards.

"Is there any way I can get out of this?"

He waited, eyes closed and a painful lump in his throat. Itachi seemed to collect himself for a bit before he answered, and actually managed to sound apologetic.

"I'm sorry little brother, but not if you want to keep your dignity and Naruto alive."

And that is how Uchiha Sasuke found himself engaged to Uzumaki Naruto.

What's a poor guy supposed to do? Find out in next chapter;)