So, another little shortie. I'm happy to say that I now have most of the plot figured out, so I'm hyped!

Chapter four: But it was just a joke!


When Naruto woke up, he found himself in his own bed as (perhaps not considering his reputation) usual. He was tired, a little hung over perhaps, nothing out of the ordinary. He scratched, yawned, and it wasn't until he stood in the bathroom, about to relieve himself, that he noted the ring. And when his memories came back to him he laughed out loud. He sure got that bastard back for setting fire to his ramen collection last month! He'd call Sakura and the others later to clear things up (like he really wanted them to think he was in love with the bastard, he'd rather marry a squirrel! At least squirrels were cute) and then Sasuke would punish him and life would go on as it had throughout their university years so far.

So when he finally reached the kitchen, since his stomach demanded he stop stalling, he expected something very different from the contemplative silence that Sasuke greeted him with. Sasuke wasn't out of it like yesterday though, no, quite the opposite. He looked sharply at Naruto, calculating, as if trying to find the best way to say whatever he wanted to say. When Sasuke looked like that, it meant it was serious. Naruto gulped. He didn't look angry, but that didn't necessarily mean anything. Slowly, he made his way to the fridge, all the while feeling the bastard's gaze following him as he took out his milk and peanut butter. It followed him as he sliced a piece of bread, spread the peanut butter on top of it, and poured milk into a large glass. He sat down at the table, all of his movements slow and careful, as if he was ready to bolt any moment should Sasuke indicate any violent urges. But Sasuke kept looking at him, like he was memorizing his very being, seeing him clearly for the first time. And then Sasuke started talking. A conversation that Naruto would remember his whole life followed, despite him forgetting so many other important things.

"Remember how I told you that one day one of your so called jokes would back-fire and you'd find yourself in a pretty messy situation?"

Naruto gave Sasuke a tentative look. He wasn't sure yet if this was a good or bad reaction from Sasuke, but the hard gaze that met him made him think that yeah, it was probably bad.

"U…huh?" he intelligently answered.

"Well, it has finally happened. And of course it had to involve me. Is your life's purpose to annoy me?"

All of this was said very calmly, almost as if the dark-haired man was thinking out loud to himself. Naruto decided that this was really really bad.

"I'm sorry! It won't happen again!"

The desperate apology didn't even manage to make Sasuke raise an eyebrow. He just kept staring at Naruto, although now he looked more exasperated.

"Engagements are not things to be taken lightly, do you understand this?" When Naruto just stared at him he continued. "Repeat after me: Engagements are not things to be taken lightly, and I will take responsibility for the mistakes that I have made."

Naruto's eyes widened comically in fear. Fear of what he didn't know yet, and he wasn't very eager to find out.

"Engagements are not things to be… uh…"

"Taken lightly" Sasuke repeated patiently.

"Right, taken lightly, and I will take responsibility for the mistakes that I have made. So, exactly what have I done?" he asked with a grimace.

"You" Sasuke started slowly, "have managed to make my family believe, that you and I, are engaged. For real."

Naruto could only continue to stare. What the hell was Sasuke on about?

"But it was just a joke!" he responded flustered, unable to believe that Sasuke's family would actually believe something as ridiculous as their engagement. But, he remembered with a sour taste in his mouth, their friends had believed them too…

"Naruto, I have said this before, and perhaps now you will finally understand. Do. Not. Joke. With. Uchihas. Uchihas don't like jokes, they do not understand jokes, and they will either take you seriously or think that you are mad. Sai is a very good example of that. And unfortunately, my family chose to take Sai seriously this morning when he called to tell them 'the happy news'." He narrowed his eyes, now letting his irritation leak through. "You, have managed to make sure that we" here he pointed between himself and Naruto, "are forced to get married."

Naruto couldn't believe what he was hearing. Sasuke saying that they were going to get married? Either this was some sick joke or he was still asleep. Uh oh, that thing about Uchihas never joking… So he must be asleep! He pinched his arm and yelped when it obviously hurt. Sasuke kept watching him, his less than amused expression screaming at Naruto that this wasn't some sick joke. It was the truth. Sasuke's family really thought they wanted to get married, and Sasuke seemed intent on following their wishes. So he did the only sensible thing; he smacked his forehead down on the table, groaning at the pain. That didn't wake him up either. Fuck.

Well, that's what you get for burning ramen! I mean, pretending to be engaged... Heh, what a great start to Naruto's day huh? :p