I'm putting this up so soon because it's a continuation of last chapter, just a change of POV. ;)

Chapter five: Just how long did you say?!


Sasuke watched the blond moron groaning into the table. This was whom he had to marry? He had never expected to marry happily, but still. The idiot? Really? He felt no sympathy towards the mumbling mess on his table – yes, his table that he bought and graciously let Naruto use – because if anybody was the victim here it was clearly Sasuke. And then Naruto managed to annoy him even further.

"This is your fault!" he yelled at Sasuke, barely lifting his head from the dark brown surface and pointing. "Just tell your stupid bastard family that it was a mistake and Sai got drunk and dreamt it up or something!"

"Do you think I WANT to marry you or something!? Trust me moron, if there was any way to get out of this without inflicting shame on my family name, losing half my fortune and the position in Uchiha Corps that I expect and desire we wouldn't be having this conversation!" He stopped his yelling, pausing to catch his breath. The idiot was causing his headache to return. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Lose half your fortune? What the hell?"

"You heard me. I would be mocked for the rest of my life if the truth came out, as my dear brother so nicely put it. The laughing stock of my family."

Sasuke now glared with utmost hatred at Naruto, and he winced. Sasuke's family was really important to him. He'd do anything to please them and look good in front of them, making them proud. Even to the point of marrying the blond moron he hated so much apparently. Naruto groaned in half-defeat. What could a lowly citizen like him do in front of the powerful Uchiha-clan anyway?

"But Sasukeee" he whined, "we can't be expected to spend the rest of our lives together, can we?"

Sasuke looked at him steadily for a while.

"No, that is definitely out of the question. But two years as married is the minimum, plus approximately half a year as fiancés. Or until my grandmother dies, although I expect her to hold on more than two years." Which might cause some troubles further on he mentally added to himself. But no point in worrying about that yet.

"You expect me to spend two and a half years together with you?" Naruto asked dismayed. This is even worse than the years I spent chasing after Sakura, getting beaten up once a day. Or twice.

"You've already spent two and a half years with me. And I'm not expecting us to be some sort of lovey-dovey couple." Sasuke looked as if he was about to puke just by saying those words. "You will behave in front of my family, attend family gatherings, and I won't kill you. That's the deal."

Naruto gave him a disbelieving look, as if he doubted that that deal would work out as well as finding some faults in it, but he couldn't really think of anything to say. Because really, what were you supposed to say to a person you've accidentally been forced to marry?

"Get dressed" Sasuke said suddenly.

Oh, apparently that's what you said.

"Why?" Naruto replied.

"Because, I have to introduce you to my family. Of course, the formal engagement party will be held in a couple of weeks, but you get what I mean. Try not to embarrass me too much."

And with that, the Uchiha heir stood up and quietly left the room, probably to do his hair. If anything screamed 'gay' about Sasuke it was the amount of time he spent on his appearance, except Sasuke was actually straight, or so he claimed. Although, Naruto was gay and he barely cared about such things. His natural charm got him laid anyway. But certainly not often enough to deserve Kiba's comment from yesterday.

Oh shit. He just realized something. Two and a half years with Sasuke, would that mean two and a half years without sex? The thought made his stomach clench uneasily. He definitely wasn't the village whore, but celibacy? He ferociously vowed to never, ever mess with the Uchihas again. If he could help it.

Meeting Sasuke's family, how's this going to end? And celibacy? Poor Naru... If he's lucky though, things just might turn brighter later in the story:p