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Summary: So, what if that bullet J.F fired HAD hit Phantom R, gravely wounding him? With no hospital in sight and the diabolique everywhere, things don't look well. But when a mysterious helper appears, things start to rise. Who is she? Is she friend of foe? Are there other agents? Read and Review!

The Rhythm of the heart.

The Eiffel Tower, 3:07 PM.

Phantom R grabbed Marie's hand, running through the crowd of the Diabolique. Stunned by the coughing gas on the dragons crown, they'd gotten enough time to flee. Racing to the elevator, Phantom R made a mental countdown.

I'm so close, we're going to make it... Jean Francois? What is he doing?

"Run, Phantom R!" Marie yelled in warning. J.F simply smirked and raised a pistol, his finger about to pull the trigger. Phantom R immediately sidestepped, blocking Marie from harm.

A gunshot was heard, startling nearby pedestrians, and a constable. Marie gasped as Phantom R fell in front of her, his shirt stained with blood. She ran to his side, kneeling next to him.

"Phantom R…" Marie started, sadly staring at him. Phantom R's brown eyes weakly stared at Marie's sky blue ones.

"Marie….Take care of Fondue for me." Phantom R muttered, trying to get up.

"How sweet." J.F said menacingly, advancing on the two. He reached into Phantom R's pocket, retrieving the dragon crown and holding it in the air proudly.

"Well done, Graf." Napoleon said, laughing.

"What are you..talking about?" Phantom R asked, getting to his feet, using his hand to cover the wound, the red spreading to his hand.

"Why, I'm Graf. Our family name relates to our business." J.F said, twirling the pistol free hand.

"I-I thought Graf was my father..." Phantom R started, coughing up a little blood.

"Let Marie go!" Phantom R yelled, staggering.

"Why, Marie is the key. I've went through to much trouble to give her up now. However, you defiantly deserve something..." He replied, pointing the pistol at Phantom R's head.

Phantom R sweat dropped, and Marie gasped.

"Hey, Phantom!" Charlie yelled, putting out her hand. Phantom R weakly raised his hand, Charlie grabbing on and hoisting him up.

"Thanks, Charlotte."

"Call me that again and I'll kick you off this glider." Charlie replied, a bit upset at that comment. Raphael smiled, despite the bleeding gunshot wound in him.

"What are you idiots waiting for? After them!" J.f said, firing a few rounds and missing.

"Hold on, Phantom!" Charlie yelled, holding tightly to Phantom R. She felt something dripping on her hand, but didn't look down. She needed to keep her nerve. Unlike Phantom R, she was one who liked to stick to the plan, and not just be a loose cannon.

Speaking of cannons... Charlie looked behind her to see the missile inches away.

This is going to hurt.

"Master Napoleon, the two were shot down as requested." A chevalier said, bowing at his feet.

"That's not good enough. I want their bodies." J.F said, growling.

Marie gasped, a few tears falling from her eyes.

First Phantom R is gone, and now Charlie... why me? Now none of my friends are left...

"Come on, girl. We have a schedule to keep." A chevalier said, grabbing her arm.

She slowly stood up, silently motioning Fondue to follow her. He whimpered, then followed her. She kept her eyes closed, just to keep the tears from spilling over.

Charlie got up, slowly checking herself to make sure she didn't break anything. She only had a few scratches and bruises, and she'd be fine.

Phantom R on the other hand, not so well...

He was laying face down on the ground, the grass near him a dark red. She walked slowly towards him, fearing the worst.

"Phantom?" Charlie asked, quietly.

He coughed violently, causing the blood to flow a little more.

"We need to get you to a hospital, and fast!" Charlie said, jumping up, shaking slightly.

"Charlie...the diabolique will get us before we get even close to a hospital... just leave me here."

"No. You can't give up... what about Marie? She's counting on you!" Charlie yelled, aggravated.

I can't let Marie down, I'm the only one left who cares about her... but can I do it?

Phantom R thought about it, but soon snapped out of it seeing a shadow behind Charlie.

"Charlie...behind you..." Phantom R started, but then everything faded to black.

"Here we are, girl." A chevalier said, opening the dungeon's door. Marie was then

pushed roughly inside with Fondue. She heard the door creak shut, and locked.

She was alone, her only companion being Fondue. R and Charlie were gone. She was alone, and Napoleon had won.

She put her face in her hands and started to cry, not noticing a shadow watching her intently.

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