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Okay, now for Chapter Two! My Two main OC'S will make an appearance in this chapter. You'll see more of them in later chapters, including their backstory's.

A gloved hand was on Charlie's shoulder, and she turned back, fearing the worst. She looked back to see a woman dressed in black. Orange-red curls hung on her head. Black one-way sunglasses were on her face, blocking her eyes from view.

"May I ask, what is going on here?" The woman asked, tilting her head slightly. Her arms were folded, two white gloves put tightly on her hands.

"Madame, please! My friend... He's in serious danger!" Charlie said, looking fearfully at the woman.

The woman bent down, studying Phantom R;'s wound intently, then sighed. "A pistol wound. The bullet's passed right through him, which is both good and bad. The exit wound is bad, though..." She said, quietly. She picked him up, holding him in her arms. "He needs to be escorted to a hospital immediately. Come, we don't have much time." She said, running to a nearby SUV. She grabbed a first aid kit from the back, and wrapped a tight bandage around Phantom R, trying to stop the bleeding. She then laid him down gently down on the backseat, going into the front.

"Madame... why are you helping us?" Charlie asked, suspiciously sitting next to her in the front seat.

"It's my duty."

Marie sat in the depths of the cell, looking down silently. She'd cried until she couldn't cry anymore, running dry like a fountain. Fondue had stayed quiet, letting Marie use him as a pillow. First her mother disowned her, her guardian betrayed her, and her only two friends (Even though she'd never met Charlie, she still risked her life for her.)

Phantom R is gone... and it's all my fault...With him gone, Napoleon would surely win...

Marie slowly looked up at the door, noticing how eerily quiet it was. No chevaliers had passed for a while, because their metal clanking could be heard from miles away. The cell keys were hanging precariously on an old, rotting nail. They keys taunted her, keeping her freedom just a finger's reach away.

Why am I looking at those keys? I'm not like Phantom R. I couldn't...

A loud clatter snapped her out of her thoughts, and she looked up to see a figure cloaked in black. A hood covered their face, revealing only an expressionless mouth. A sheathed sword was on its belt, some odd markings on it.

The keys were in their hand, which were gripped tightly. The figure walked over and unlocked the door, it creaking open. Fondue stared at the figure, unsure of friend of foe.

"Come, child. We must leave." The voice was genderless, and sharp as the sword on their belt.

Fondue growled, but when the figure looked in their direction, He silenced immediately. Marie stood up, a look of defiance in her face.

"W-Why should I go with you?!" Marie said, her voice faltering in fear. The figure looked being them, checking for guards.

"I don't have time to explain." The figure responded, face blank. Their arms folded, somewhat impatiently.

Marie found herself in a corner. She could go with the stranger, to possibly be free. On the other hand, if Napoleon came after her again, what could happen? And why was this person here, anyway? For all she knew, this could be another one of Napoleon's goons disguised.

The figure, sensing her tough decision, decided to take a chance.

"Phantom R and Charlie are alive...for now."

"What?" Marie said, forgetting the darkly added last comment.

"I can take you to them, away from Napoleon, but we must leave now." The figure said, extending a gloved hand.

Marie stared, uncertain. So she did the only thing she could.

She put Fondue under her arm, and took the strangers hand, and the two (Three, if you count Fondue) Ran off, disappearing into the shadows.

The orange haired woman had her eyes focused on the road, the sunlight reflecting of her glasses. Charlie, sitting in the front, tried her best to ignore the rear view mirror, which showed a passed out Raphael.

"So... what brings you to Paris?" Charlie asked, trying to start a conversation. The lady still drove, but in her face was a slight flicker of interest.

"For a reason. An important one." She said, still focusing.

"Why are you helping us?" Charlie asked, suspicious.

The woman laughed a smile on her face. "It's part of the job. Besides, I'm sure your friend would have done the same for you, no?"

Charlie's face flared up for a second; then she was back to her usual self. "He ISN'T my boyfriend, if that's what you're implying."

"I never said that. I simply said he was a friend." The lady said, sharply turning to avoid a speeding car.

"We're almost at the hospital. Get ready for a sharp turn in three...two...one.. NOW!" She replied, hitting the brakes sharply.

Charlie held on to the door for dear life, and if Raphael was awake, he would have done the same. The SUV swerved massively, parallel parking perfectly in an emergency parking spot. Not missing a beat, she pulled out badge and flashed it at some nearby doctors.

"This is an emergency, we have a critical hit and run victim! He's going into shock!" She yelled, carrying a unconscious Raphael in her arms. A few doctors then surrounded her, taking Raphael to emergency care. Charlie hopped out and stood behind her, waiting for the doctors to clear up.

"Come on, Charlie. We need to go to the waiting room."

After some time, Charlie had been sitting down in the waiting room for who knows how long. She'd been silent, pondering her options. With the chevaliers swarming the streets to find both her and Raphael, she was a bit worried. Raphael was in a critical state as it was. The doctor said that the bullet made a nice hole in him, and thanks to all that blood loss, his heart was going overtime. As for her, she wasn't too worried. Even though the Paris Constabulary was far from the best, her father wouldn't let Napoleon get her on his life.

And she couldn't forget the mystery woman, who was sitting across the room, lost in her thoughts. Sure, her fast acting had definitely saved Phantom R's life. But what was this organization she worked for?

A second later, the lady's cellphone decided to ring. She nodded to Charlie, then went outside.

"Ace, have you found the targets?" A voice from the cell asked, quiet.

"Yes, the targets have been found." She replied, quiet.

"Good. Proceed with the mission as planned." The voice said, before a click was heard.

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