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Chapter 4

The woman pulled her cloak back, revealing purple-black hair, with eyes to match. Under her cloak was a black-tux looking coat with a lavender bow. She had black pants to match, with shoes.

"Who are you?" Marie asked, since she had never seen the woman before.

"I'm a special agent, sent to retrieve you from Napoleons clutches. For the time being, you can call me Emily."

"Emily...you know of the Legend of the sun king?"

"Yes. We must stop him, before the treasure is found."

"But what about Phantom R and Charlie?" Marie asked, eyes brightening.

"They should be with another agent somewhere in Paris." Emily said, sipping a cup of tea. The black cat wandered over to her, sitting on her lap. "This is midnight, my animal partner. Quite helpful, and she can be used as a messenger if needed. There's a holding place in her collar, to store notes." Emily said, twisting the top off. Marie watched, wondering how a cat could do something like that. Midnight seemed unfazed, simply cleaning her black as night fur.

"Why is Napoleon after me, and the dragon crown?" Marie asked, nervous.

"The treasure of the sun king is more powerful than you can imagine. Part of it was just used to bring Napoleon and the chevaliers to this world. If all of it were used by him... Let's just say we'd have a world war three. Think of a one versus one hundred odds."

Marie cringed. "It could cause that much damage?"

"An undead army with an unstoppable generator... Who knows what could happen?" Emily said, worry in her eyes.

"Can we stop them?"

"Indeed. First, do you know where I could find some more information about the sign of Tiamat? Hopefully we can eventually work with Phantom R and Charlie to make a plan. "

"Why don't you go to the louvre? That's where me and Phantom R went to find more information. Do you think we could search there?" Marie asked, sipping her tea.

"Okay. We can head there later. First, we better get a change of clothes…

After a few hours, Raphael couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't just sit around doing nothing! He had to do something, anything to help Marie. The doctor said he couldn't leave for another few hours. He couldn't just sit in a bed all day! He was the boy who kept the Paris constables on their toes. The least he could do was read a book, and all of his were at home in his apartment. Charlie left for some time for a soccer game, and Angel had been typing things in her laptop quietly, writing down notes and other things like that.

"What shirt size are you? An agent is dropping supplies by here, and I want to get you a proper change of clothes." Angel said, typing repeatedly.

"13. Are you sure there's nothing I can do?"

"You can rest. You'll need to stock up on it, because we'll need to be sharp as a knife in order to prepare."

"But I'm tired of resting! I can't just sit around while Napoleon is patrolling and Marie is in danger!"

Angel sighed, still typing. "Fine. When Charlie finishes her soccer game, we'll pick her up and plan from there. Then we'll figure out a plan."

"Thanks. So what is this plan of yours?" Raphael said, crawling out of bed and sitting next to her.

"Since Elizabeth is supposed to be Marie's mother AND Jean-Francois's cousin, she must know about something. That, and Napoleon will most likely go after her. Since she's the only one who knows that much of the Mystere Incedont."

"What is the Mystere Incedont, anyway?"

"It seems that's how Napoleon was revived. His casket was apparently stolen a few days within earlier Napoleon appearances."

"So it can bring people back from the dead?"

"It should. However, there seem to be some kind of requirements...So I don't think trying to revive someone is in our best interest at this time. However, if I can find more information, I could figure something out."

"So, what exactly are the Chevaliers? I seriously doubt they're human..."

"Most likely undead soldiers. It's happened before." Angel said, looking up at the ceiling.


Angel then folded her laptop, and put it under her arm. "Come on. We'll pick up Charlie from her soccer game, and then we'll see if we can find Elizabeth."

Raphael got up, and then caught the package Angel threw at him.

"A change of clothes. You other one's were discarded, for obvious reasons." Angel said, walking out of the room. Raphael put on the clothes and followed her, walking down the stairs.

"Raphael, do you have any parents?"

"My mother died in a car accident. I'm currently searching for my father."

"Sorry to hear about your mother. However, if you can tell me your father's name, I can hopefully find him in our database." Angel said, opening the car do and putting on a seat belt.

Raphael sat behind her, watching the Paris scenery go by. They eventually pulled up to a soccer field, where Charlie was being cheered on by her teammates, until she opened the door and sat next to Raphael.

"What's our plan, then?" Charlie asked, folding her arms.

"We're going to the home of Mistress Elizabeth. Since she's related to J.f, she must know of the Mystere Incidont." Angel said, driving toward the mansion.

Angel walked up the stairs, knocking on the two grand doors. There weren't any guards, (Weird, Angel said. This place is usually guarded like Fort Knox) Charlie looked around the wide estate, eyes frowned in concentration.

"Something seems... off." Charlie said, looking up. It was quiet, and not even the birds were chirping. Angel turned around, a serious expression on her face.

"Well, the door's open, but nobody is around. Want to head inside?"

Raphael nodded. "There's got to be some sort of information in there. Hopefully we can find it before the chevaliers do."

Angel opened the door, and the three walked in. The inside was deserted, just like the outside.

"I don't like this." Charlotte said, staring up at the chandelier that creaked eerily.

Raphael walked to a library, a warm room full to the brim with books. A large book sat on a pedestal, with the bracelet of tiamat insignia on it.

Raphael slowly opened the book, reading on the first page.

Dear Diary,

I am happy to know that my first child, Marie, has been born. She gets all of her looks from her father, but she has happily accepted me as her mother. I must hide her from J.F, as I fear the prophecy. I must cherish every moment I have with her, before I send her away. I only hope I can save her from her fate.

Raphael looked over it, then flipped over to the most recent entry.

I saw the owner of the bracelet today. He is also known as the Rhythm thief. He bested dear Alfred, who sulks now. He is clever dressing as a waiter to take the necklace from me. I feel his fate is somehow entwined with Marie's.

I have begun to get worried. I had to public pretend Marie wasn't my daughter, and J.F was the one to cause it. With her sadness, J.f can easily lie to her and control her. With Napoleon about, I fear the worst. What was that? I must flee...

The entry abruptly ended there. Raphael picked up the book, (being surprisingly light for its size) and walked toward the stair well when a crash was heard and multiple footsteps.

Raphael ran down, standing next to Angel and Charlie. Angel was in a counter stance, and Charlie was holding her soccer ball tightly.

"Hmmph. I wondered how you survived that wound." A taunting voice said from above them.

"Jean-Francois!?" Raphael said in shock. Indeed he was there, with and army of Chevaliers behind him. And of course, a pistol on his hand, obviously loaded.


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