These are the characters!

Crazy, spazzy, and the feminine equivalent of Tobi
Looks: Short, black hair, big boobs, always wearing goggles.

Artistic, explosive, anger management problems, feminine equivalent of Deidara
Looks: Long, blonde hair tied back into two pigtails, always wearing eyeliner and mascara.

Kami no Bara:(Paper rose)
Quiet, serious, masculine equivalent of Konan
Looks: Short blue hair, yellow eyes

Cannibalistic, Multiple-personality disorder, feminine equivalent of Zetsu
Looks: Black half of head shaved very short, green hair, white half has long hair, yellow eyes

Childish, leader, feminine equivalent of Pein
Looks: Long Orange hair, pulled in ponytails, purple ringed eyes, piercings all over

Quiet, blunt, feminine equivalent of Sasori
Looks: Short red hair, brown eyes

Insane, Jashinist, feminine equivalent of Hidan
Looks: Shoulder length silver hair, purple eyes

Serious, kept to herself, feminine equivalent of Kakuzu
Looks: VERY long black hair, red eyes with bloodshot whites, very tall

Silly, never serious, feminine equivalent of Kisame
Looks: Blue hair tied back in a bun, gray eyes, blue skin

Quiet, very violent, feminine equivalent of Itachi
Looks: Very short black hair, black/red eyes, lines across(Like Itachi's)