"Are we there yet?" asked Mizu. "I mean, is there any water nearby?" "Does it look like it?" Gaki asked. "I know you swore revenge on your sister, but why do we need to walk through this desert?" Aka asked. A/N Gaki=Sasuke Mizu=Seguitsu Aka=Karin Damasu=Juugo "Because they will never suspect it! Duh!" Gaki yelled at her male partner. "I mean, seriously, my feet are hurting and I NEED to swim!" "No you don't." Aka said, hitting her head. "Yes I do." "No." "Yes." "No." "Shut up before I kill both of you." Aka shut up. "Man, you're scary when you're PMSing, Gaki..." Mizu said. Damasu just stood there looking stupid, like she usually does. I mean, she can never find a place in conversation, so what's the point? "How much do you actually have against your sister?" Mizu asked once again, 10th time in four days.

"You know how much, Mizu. Ever since that day..." "Sakkaku killed your family. Got it, got it. But don't you think it was for your sake?" "Uh, NO!" Gaki yelled. "Why the hell would she kill the WHOLE CLAN for my sake?!" "Maybe because they were dangerous killers?" Damasu asked. Gaki rolled her eyes. "That's stupid Damasu. Of course Uchiha's are dangerous. We have the sharingan." "I see your point." Aka said, shuddering. "But how did your sister have the power to kill all of them?" "That is something I will never know." "Why don't you just ask?" Damasu pointed out. "What- you fool! You don't just ask someone WHY THE HELL THEY WOULD KILL YOU ENTIRE FAMILY, DUMBASS!" "I would."


"I can sense it. It's coming." Olive said. Akuma walked by the bathroom door to the hideout. "WILL YOU STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR SHIT EVERY TIME YOU ARE IN THE BATHROOM?!" She screamed. "Nope!" Akuma rolled her eyes. "I am going to kill you one of these days." Olive came out of the bathroom. "But-but I love Akuma-senpai..." Akuma ran down the hall. "NINGYO NO DANNA! OLIVE IS TRYING TO RAPE ME!"