Chapter 1: The Consequences of Ignoring Jack Frost

There it was again, that creepy feeling of being watched.

Eyeing the window to his left suspiciously, Jamie wondered if Jack was back early or if he was just being extremely paranoid. He'd never once seen Jack at his school before in the past few years they had known each other though which made him somewhat skeptical. He pondered this for a bit then finally decided that he was just being paranoid. It was probably just pent up excitement about getting out of school in ten more minutes. Ten excruciatingly long minutes...

"That's it for notes today, any questions?" The petite English teacher asked, her chocolate eyes scanning the room full of half-asleep teenagers. "I guess not," she murmured under her breath. "So like I promised at the beginning of the hour, I'm going to hand everyone's essays back. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the overall grade average."

Jamie zoned out again, ignoring his teacher Mrs. Summers as his tongue unconsciously sought out his loose tooth again. It sucked to be fifteen years old with a loose tooth since almost everyone at his age had finished with this problem during middle school. Although he didn't care too much about fitting in with his peers, he wanted to at least be as normal as possible so he wouldn't get singled out. However, these were also the same people that stopped believing in the guardians during middle school as well, so maybe he was just destined to be different forever.

At least he would get a visit from the tooth fairy soon…

"Ah, and here's yours Jamie," Mrs. Summers quietly interrupted the young teen from his thoughts. "It's a bit of an improvement from your previous assignment, but you're still going to need to get at least a B next time in order to pass this semester."

Blinking blankly in response as he took in the sloppily written D on the top of his paper, Jamie nearly groaned in frustration at the thought of the lecture from his parents he would be forced to listen to tonight.

Nodding in response to his teacher who gave him one last worried glance before continuing on, Jamie quickly hid the paper in his binder and sulked for the rest of the class period. At that moment Jamie wished that wasn't different for once because everyone except him was celebrating over their passing grades. Cries of happiness and sighs of relief sounded around him like a choir of happy birds.

Blinded by the drowning sense of regret and self-pity, Jamie left the room as soon as the bell rang. Sadly, he was too oblivious at that point to notice the slowly forming frosted handprint on the window closest to his desk.

The twenty minute bus trip stretched on longer than usual, although it was probably due to him getting to the bus late, so he ended up with an aisle seat next to his sister Sophie. However, there was one saving grace, the bus bullies were too busy torturing some poor soul in the back to pay any attention to him.

Leaning forward to rest his forehead against the seat in front of him, Jamie tried to take a small nap beside his sister Sophie knowing that she would wake him once they had arrived at their stop. Yet all attempts to do so quickly failed when someone began jabbing him in the side almost playfully until finally he pushed him over onto Sophie.

"What the heck?" Jamie complained turning to his left to snap at whoever had shoved him, only to see the bus bullies moving forward to sit in the seat across from him. If he had stayed in the spot he had been in close to the aisle, Jamie would have been the perfect unsuspecting target. Whoever had pushed him further into the seat had moved him just out of reach from the bullies that were scanning the seats for their next target. Quickly shifting his gaze downwards, Jamie checked on his baffled sister who gave him a small smile and reassured him that she was fine.

Settling back into his seat, the young teen couldn't help but flinch as a loud crack came from the seat next to him as one of the bullies Steven yanked the window open. A chilling breeze whipped through the bus, and Jamie had to suppress a shiver while he wished he'd remembered that morning to bring a sweatshirt or jacket. The only good part about the cold meant that his friend Jack Frost would be arriving soon.

"Please stop! That hurts!" A shrill cry of pain sounded to the left on the other side of the bus.

"Give me your wallet, and then I'll stop." The bulky seventeen year old bully named Richard demanded, yanking the victim's arm back.

Jamie glanced up as the little brunette haired girl sobbed in response, not wanting to give up her money. Letting out a small sigh, Jamie knew that he couldn't stay silent, but the immense amount of bruises he was about to receive was going to hurt like hell. He opened his drying mouth to tell Richard to stop harassing the girl, but fear enveloped him as he started to voice his complaint.

However, his almost heroic effort was rendered pointless when Richard flung himself into the aisle, stretching his arm forward to attempt to grab the small pink wallet out of the girl's hands. It happened so suddenly, one second he was there and in the next he had fallen flat on his face as he slipped on the aisle floor. Letting out a humiliating yelp of fear as he went down, Richard had at last attracted the unwanted attention of the bus driver. "Richard, please come forward to the front of the bus!"

Face flushing in embarrassment, the defeated teen left to go sit in the front while the rest of the people in the back quietly cheered. It was then that the bus lurched to a halt at Jamie and Sophie's stop. However unlike Jamie who quickly fled from the vehicle, Sophie stopped to examine the floor of the aisle smiling slightly to herself at the thin layer of ice that had yet to melt away completely.

All was quiet in Jamie's house except for the occasional crunch sounds as the boy sluggishly tried to finish an entire bowl of cheetos. The pain from his loose tooth was killing him though, and it became harder and harder for him not to agitate it. Eventually he gave up on the impossible task and just rolled onto his belly with his face buried in his overly fluffy pillow. "This day stinks!" Jamie yelled into his pillow, choking back a sob.

Still unnoticed by the young teen, the winter spirit by the window raised an eyebrow at the sudden outburst while he mildly pondered how much longer it would take for Jamie to notice him. Rubbing his thumb absentmindedly against his staff, Jack soon decided that seven hours had been long enough. A perfectly round cerulean snowball formed in the palm of his hand and with a quick toss it hit the back of Jamie's head.

Jolting upwards with a howl of shock, Jamie's hands flew to his neck where he quickly scrambled to remove the freezing substance. "Wha-? What in the? Where?" Jamie whipped around to see Jack struggling not to make a sound as he silently laughed beside his window. "You do realize that I'm going to have to kill you now?"

Managing to get his laughing fit under control, Jack appeared to be amused at Jamie's weak threat. "Oh? Well how are you going to do that?" The spirit pushed off from the wall, twirling his staff around in his hands.

"I'll... I'll... Melt you!" Jamie declared, wincing mentally at how stupid he sounded as he lunged forward off the bed, taking Jack by surprise.

Eyes dilating at the unexpected attack, Jack made to move out of the way when the young teen latched his arms around his middle and gave him a crushing hug. Stiffening at the sudden contact, it was Jamie's turn to laugh as Jack twitched in his hold. "For some reason I thought you'd at least try to escape."

Snapping out of the trance, Jack hurriedly slithered out of Jamie's hold like a slippery bar of soap and leapt away to the other side of the room to crouch onto the nightstand. Jamie bent over and held his aching ribs as he laughed himself to tears. "Y-You should have seen the look on your face."

Teary coffee eyes looked up, expecting to Jack playfully glaring at him. However, Jack was tightly clenching his staff in his hand as he concentrated his gaze on the floor, trying desperately to calm himself. Taking a few steps forward, Jamie could have sworn that he saw Jack wince slightly as he forced himself to loosen his grip on the staff and begin to relax his tense muscles.

"I really was just kidding about the whole melting you thing. Are you okay?"

Nodding Jack sat back a bit more into a more comfortable position. "Sorry, I just had a f... I'm not really used to... physical contact."

Falling back to sit on the bed, Jamie scratched the back of his neck nervously. "No, I should be the one apologizing. Sorry for um… for hugging you so suddenly."

Rolling his icy eyes, Jack hopped to his feet and messed up Jamie's hair before stepping back. "You know, I've been trying to get your attention all day, Kiddo. Then when I finally did get your attention, all I got in return was death threats and not to mention assaulted! I feel like you should at least owe me something at this point." Jack said mischievously, his mouth shaping into a grin.

"Like what?" The young teen blinked owlishly up at Jack.

Leaning back against the wall, Jack's posture relaxed while his icy eyes betrayed his excitement as he requested. "Snowball fight?"

A spark of pure happiness lit up Jamie's face before he seemed to recall something and fell into an unhappy pout. Jack frowned and gave the boy a questioning look just as Jamie explained. "I'm grounded, I can't go outside."

"Well, that's no fun." Silence ensued until Jack gave a soft laugh. "But I can fix that problem if you want me to."

Giving Jack a look of disbelief, Jamie raised an eyebrow as he awaited an explanation.

"You see with this magical glow stick of destiny," he gestured to his staff as he poured some energy into it, causing it to light up cerulean blue in response, "I can fly us out of here through that window and no one would ever know." Jamie grinned happily at the loophole Jack had found, but a faint rise of voices from the living room downstairs hurriedly crushed the two boys hopes of leaving anytime soon.

Sighing Jamie gave Jack a guilty look before telling him. "My parents will be up for another hour. I don't want to leave before they fall asleep in case they decide to check up on me."

"Man you have the worst luck today," The winter spirit stated, putting his free hand into his hoodie pocket as he walked around the room, unable to stand still.

"Tell me about it," Jamie mumbled, his body language suggesting that this new disappointment wasn't that much of a surprise to him as it should have been. Hating to see Jamie look so sad and unJamie like, Jack's eyes darted around the room for something to distract them with while they waited for their future snowball fight.

Eventually he arrived back to his favorite spot in the room as he lightly perched on top of the nightstand once more. Frowning he scanned the room again, but this time his icy eyes lingered on the large bowl resting at the edge of the bed. "Hey, Jamie what do have in there?"

Following Jack's gaze, Jamie smiled faintly as he reached over to grab the bowl that rested on the other side of his bed. "Have you ever had cheetos before?"

Shaking his head slowly back and forth, the Jack leaned forward slightly to stare at the orange junk food. Cocking his head to the side curiously, he watched as Jamie popped one in his mouth and crunched on the cheesy treat. Then the boy proceeded to suck the cheese remains off his fingers until they were deemed clean once more.

Grabbing the bowl with the hand he didn't eat the cheeto with, Jamie offered it to Jack, waiting patiently for him to reach out to grab one. Taking one and sniffing it cautiously, Jack eyed it as if debating on whether or not he should try it before finally placing it into his mouth. Instantly his eyes widened to the size of saucers as his taste buds exploded from the sheer amount of flavor the small snack contained. It took nearly all of his will power to not spit the food out at first. Then after carefully chewing it a few times he became used to the overpowering taste.

Swallowing the cheeto, Jack looked up at Jamie who was waiting for Jack's final decision.

"It's... okay," The frost spirit said at last, not wasting any time in grabbing another and popping it into his mouth.

With a playful groan, Jamie put the bowl down on the nightstand next to Jack, watching with interest as winter spirit began to eat the cheetos at an even faster pace. "Great, I managed to get Jack Frost addicted to cheetos. I think I just doomed my house's entire supply."

"Well," Jack began as he started licking the cheese off his fingers, "you did owe me a favor."

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