This follows Convenient, Telling The Team, Telling The Rest and The Parents. I think I finally have to just accept that this is a series. Enjoy.

Tony placed two mugs of cocoa on the table before taking a seat on the sofa next to Gibbs. The older man moved without being prompted, shifting his arm so that Tony could curl up and into his side. It was a rare day off for the two agents and they were enjoying the peace and togetherness.

"I've been getting texts from Abby all day," Tony said. Gibbs made a sound to show he was listening but otherwise didn't move from his position; head leaned back and eyes closed, just enjoying the feel of his fiancé next to him. "She wants to know if we've made any wedding plans yet."

"Like what?"

"Setting a date. Where we'll have it. All the basic stuff. I checked with McGee and she's bugging him about the bachelor party too."

Gibbs opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Tony. It had been a while since he'd talked about a wedding. His last three wives organised the events without much input from him. "You want to start planning?"

"A date might be nice."

"How about next month?"

Tony looked shocked. "That soon?"

"There's not much to do. Everyone's already been invited. Why wait?"

"Ok," Tony smiled, excitement starting to build. "So where do you want to do it?"

"We could do it here. The yard has plenty of room."

"I know where we can get a gazebo, chairs."

Gibbs laughed. "Of course you do." Tony's dig to Gibbs' ribs was half hearted and both men smiled. Tony became serious and Gibbs looked at him with concern. "What is it?"

"I wanted to ask you…" Tony began picking at imaginary lint on Gibbs' chest. "You might say no, and I want you to know I'm ok with that."

"Tony," Gibbs stopped the rambling before it began. "Just ask."

"I was hoping. For the wedding, would you…" Tony looked up at Gibbs, fear clear in his eyes. "Would you wear your uniform?"

Gibbs had to stop for a second. This was something he wasn't expecting. Tony knew that Gibbs had only worn his uniform to one wedding. His first one. The fact that Tony was afraid he'd say no didn't sit well with Gibbs. Reaching out, Gibbs took Tony's jaw in his hand, tilting the younger man's head up and looking straight into his eyes. "I would be honoured."

Tony was close to tears as he pulled Gibbs in and kissed him, whispering "I love you," over and over. When they parted, Gibbs was wearing a lopsided smile.

"Y'know, if I have to dress up for you, you have to do something for me."

"Oh really," Tony smirked. "And what is that?"

"A three-piece wedding suit," Gibbs replied, leaning towards Tony's lips again.

"You really do love me in a waistcoat," Tony chuckled.

"If it wouldn't get people talking, I'd make you wear the holster too."

"Well," Tony leaned closer, bypassing Gibbs' lips and going for his ear. He nipped lightly at the lobe before whispering. "There's always the wedding night."