Maka: a selfless matchmaker that doesn't believe in love for herself. Soul: a hardworking cop who knows about moving on from pain, but didn't realize how much he needed a woman's touch in his life. Life isn't easy and sometimes you have to learn how to grow up and let go.

AU and characters may be slightly OOC because of it. This isn't just a story on love. In fact, I feel like it's more about growing up. There will only be 6 chapters to this fic.

I do not own Soul Eater.

Moving On and Letting Go

Chapter 1

"Please tell me you'll set me up with someone!" Liz wined incessantly as she practically slammed her head down on the desk between her and Maka.

Flipping through her most recent client, Maka merely raised an eyebrow at her friend and receptionist before quickly refiling the personality profile in her hands and turning to the desk drawer to her left and rifling through those papers instead. "Don't you have something to do Liz, like, uh, I don't know. Your job," Maka replied pointedly not even bothering to look up as she pulled out several dozen male profiles.

Liz simply sighed dramatically back in response. "Why are you so adamant about not setting me up with someone!"

Based on the pounding headache that had been bugging her for the last few hours, Maka really did not feel up to dealing with her secretary's whining. Yes, she knew that her friend wasn't exactly trying to get on her nerves, but she certainly was doing an excellent job of it all the same.

"Look, I just don't want to match up anyone that works with me. It would be extremely awkward if things didn't go well on whatever date I set you up on."

The blonde simply let her head drop back in annoyance, "But I know things wouldn't go wrong because you're the best damn matchmaker in all of Death City and everyone knows it."

Maka's cheeks immediately turned a slight pinkish color, but she couldn't deny Liz's statement. "Exactly, so if something did go wrong you'd want to quit and quite frankly I don't have time to find another receptionist, especially one as good as you," she replied back quickly before looking back down at her work again as she opened the profile of a hyperactive man she had just signed up the previous day.

"Don't you have any work to do Liz? Don't I have another appointment today?"

Propping her feet up on Maka's desk, who quickly pushed them right back off with a small scowl, Liz pulled a small nail file from her pocket and got to work, refusing to leave the chair she was in. "No I do not, and yes you do but it isn't until after lunch and therefore I'm not going to worry about it yet, that okay boss?" she replied sarcastically.

Forcing herself to refrain from sighing at Liz, Maka tensely responded. "That's fine, just as long as you don't disturb my work."

"If I don't will you set me up on a date?" Liz asked hopefully peering up through her eyelashes at Maka.

"No," was Maka's quick response back as her eyes skimmed over this man's profile for probably the twentieth time that day alone. Liz sighed but didn't say another word.

They sat in silence, Maka working while Liz filed her nails, for about ten minutes before Liz spoke again.

"You've got to have that entire profile memorized by now with the sheer amount of times you've read it over. What's the problem?"

Maka slammed it down on the desk as she stood up seemingly furious. However, Liz immediately recognized the face Maka was making, and it was simply frustration. Then again, she supposed that wasn't much better considering Maka's quick temper.

"Well it's all confidential so I can't tell you a word, except this particular profile is ridiculous!"

Murmuring under her breath Maka pushed her chair away and began to pace the room hands on her hips pausing from time to time to stare off in the distance seemingly at nothing, obviously lost in her thoughts.

"Sorry girl, but I'm sure you'll figure it out soon enough. You always do," Liz replied before getting back to work on her nails. Normally days in the office she didn't get this much free time and damned if she didn't take advantage of it.

Meanwhile, Maka was still pacing and not making any progress.

Black Star. The man who had stormed into her office yesterday, without an appointment, and had demanded her to set him up with the city's goddess, all with a big fat goofy grin plastered on his face. It had honestly been such a shock to her that she hadn't had time to react before he was screaming to the world that he was the 'Great Black Star, and deserved a lady who was almost as Great as himself.'

Maka had been half tempted at that moment to throw the madman out of her office. He had been immensely disturbing and disrupted her entire afternoon full of appointments. Honestly, if she had ever ran into this guy on the street she probably wouldn't have even bothered listening to him for half a second before decking him in the head just to make him shut up. He was rude, obnoxious, loud, proud, conceited, had a god complex, and God Maka loved a challenge. She was going to find his perfect fit if it killed her.

After all, Maka had started her own matchmaking company all by herself after graduating Death City University two years previously with a major in phycology and dual minor in business and literature.

She had met Liz there in business classes, as Liz was an accounting major, and immediately recognized the girl's talent with organization as well as her love of romance. Both of which stemmed from the fact that Liz had set her litter sister Patty up on a date with their best friend Kid back in high school who was known for his OCD issues. The two were still together to this day, but as both were slightly crazy, it was Liz who shared an apartment with them who organized the bills and did most of the cleaning. It wasn't so much that they needed her to, but she was such a natural at it that it just made more sense to everybody.

Maka had known immediately that Liz was the right person to work with her, and they quickly became fast friends bonding over the shared love of romance.

While Maka did not appear on the surface to be a romantic, being rather mundane in appearance with ash blond hair, petite body dressed in comfortable yet professional clothes, happy but seemingly rather serious from any observer's point of view, her only true passion was romance.

Thankfully for the world, she acted on her passion, having hooked up more pairs in Death City than any other matchmaker had in any other city in the United States in the last two years alone, of course for a small fee. Business had been slow in the beginning, but with a few initial successes came more and more talk until she owned one of the most prosperous businesses in the entire city. Yes, Maka was one who took a challenge and didn't just complete it, but she outdid everyone before her. She was the best, and fully intended to keep it that way.

Therefore, she was starting to get a little pissed by the fact that she didn't have a clue who to match this blubbering boy with. Liz may have teased Maka for having Black Star's profile memorized, but she didn't understand. Maka had practically all of her client's profiles memorized from the day that she interviewed and made the stupid things. Matchmaking wasn't Maka's work or a hobby. It was her life.

Two weeks, she had two weeks before she had to set up someone on his or her first date and rarely ever did they have to come back for a different match. Thinking back for the girls whom she had signed up in the last two weeks, not a single one of them had a trait that Maka could possibly see being compatible with Black Star. It was immensely frustrating, and yes while Maka knew that she could wait a bit and hope that someone showed up that would fit Black Star, she also knew that procrastination was never a good idea.

Just then, a small bell rung as someone entered the building. Having such a closed off office meant that Maka had a lot of privacy with her clients, but it also meant that she could not see whomever had just entered the building.

"Liz could you-"

"Already on it boss," Liz smirked as she stood up and headed out of Maka's office. "I'll let you know if it's anyone important okay?"

But before she could open the door, it was slammed open by no other than Maka's best friend Tusbaki.

"Hide me," she squealed before practically leaping over Maka's desk and ducking behind it.

Liz was outright laughing at this point. "Girl where do you even find these creeps?"

Maka a bit more understanding of her friend's shy and submissive behavior instead squatted behind the desk with her. "What'd he do this time," she asked in a tone that would make anyone fear for their life.

Tusbaki bit her lips slowly before answering in a very small voice. "He kissed me."

"And?" Maka asked, knowing there was more.

"He shoved his tongue down my throat after I told him to stop," Tusbaki squeaked out.

There was another small ring of the front door's bell as her perpetrator obviously caught up to Tusbaki, at least he thought.

Liz sighed, "I'll go draw up the paperwork in case this one tries to sue like the last one did."

Maka's eyes were ablaze already in pure anger. No one took advantage of her best friend and got away with it. She stormed out past Liz who just walked quietly over to her desk and began to pull out some paperwork as if she had done it a million times before.

"Tusbaki, I need to know if this is the right man," Maka called back over her shoulder.

"Oh good she's here," the man replied. Maka was quick to take in his appearance as she strode towards him. Black greased up hair, lean but muscular, and a couple feet taller than herself, no problem.

"That's him," Maka heard a faint voice speak from behind herself. She didn't even bother to turn around.

"I demand you get off my property or I will use force," Maka said directly before she punched the man in the face sending him staggering back.

"Ahh, thank you Maka for warning him this time. Makes it so much easier to win the cases when you tell them in advance it's for being on your property rather than taking advantage of your best friend," Liz complimented as she didn't bother to watch Maka continue to hit the man however she could manage until he finally got a hint that he wasn't going to win this battle and turned his head and ran.

"Oh how I love Death City's strict laws of property protection," Liz hummed to herself as Maka threw open the door after him and shouting something about him never coming back to her business again.

"Clothes please," Maka asked looking over her present state of dress as she turned back to Liz. She actually wasn't too damaged, but her white button up had managed to get a little blood on it, probably from the guy's nose where she had punched him rather early on in the short fight.

Liz reached under her desk where she always had a spare pair of clothes for Maka, just in case of these exact situations, and tossed it over to the girl. "You okay?"

Maka smiled for the first time since Tusbaki had shown up. "Yeah, the guy was a pussy."

While Liz laughed outright Tusbaki merely covered the small smile on her face with her hand. "I'll go change, you guys alright without me for a moment?" Maka asked backing up to the bathroom.

The answer of a gun being cocked was the reply back Maka received as Liz pulled a handgun out of her desk. "Please Maka, if that bastard shows his face again we'll be fine." Looking at Tusbaki who was standing in the doorway to her office, Maka received a nod and smile from her friend.

Once in the bathroom Maka let down her front. She clutched her heart leaning over the sink as she caught her breath. Truth be told, she was tired. Tired and bored. Two years ago she had just started her business and everything was big and new, but now she had already risen to the top. She needed a new challenge, and not just one client.

Furthermore, she needed to get out of this rut she was in. Just about every other week her best friend would go on some fouled up date, only to be taken advantage of and end up running into her business where she would take care of the douchebag. She didn't know how many times they had tried taking her to court only to find that all the judges knew her and she had them wrapped around her finger. But it was bound to happen considering she had known them all since she was a baby. Having a father for the lead police chief had to count for something right?

Though at the thought of her father, Maka couldn't help but frown slightly.

It also probably helped that one of her best friends, Kid, was the best damn lawyer in Death City and Liz always knew exactly what to say at trial. Not to mention that Kid was also the Mayor Death's son. Maka smiled knowing she had some of the best friends around.

Still, all these assholes couldn't be good for Tusbaki, and she really needed to put a stop to it, as much as it was quite a lot of fun. Not for the last time, Maka was thankful for the fact that she didn't date. It was too damn complicated.

Sighing, Maka quickly peeled off her clothes and slipped on the clean ones bagging up the others. She would have to ask Liz what got out blood stains. She'd know, though Maka wasn't sure if it was good that she had a friend that would know that or not, and then she shrugged to herself cause who really cared in the end.

Coming out of the bathroom, Maka was surprised to hear Liz and Tusbaki giggling in her office. She hadn't expected that. However the moment that she walked in on them, she almost blew a gasket. "What the hell do you think you guys are doing!" Storming over to them she quickly snatched the profiles out of their hands and fumbled with them as she walked around her desk to refile them.

"You guys know you're not supposed to look at my profiles, they are personal and-"

"Lighten up Maka," Liz interrupted. "And by the way I totally know why you were having a hard time setting up that one guy, Black Moon or something." Both her and Tusbaki laughed, and while Maka tried to keep a serious expression, she couldn't help but crack a smile.

"He's just so obnoxious!" she vented as she joined in with their giggles. Hell the damage was already done, might as well get a laugh out of it.

"I just don't know how you match up all those boys Maka, they don't all seem that nice," Tusbaki said as the three of them began to calm down.

Maka rolled her eyes, "Says the girl who runs in here every other week with some ass on her trail who won't leave her alone."

Tusbaki turned bright red as Liz laughed, but that's exactly when Maka realized how she could fix this problem with Tusbaki.

"I should set you up with one of my clients," she said a broad grin began to grow on her face.

"What! But you won't set me up with anyone!" Liz immediately protested while Tusbaki merely twiddled her fingers slouching back slightly, obviously uncomfortable with the idea.

Maka waved off Liz still staring at Tusbaki as her plan formed in her mind. If she set up Tusbaki with someone the girl would do so much better. Obviously she needed someone with confidence who would have confidence in Tusbaki as well. The girl had no idea how amazing she really was. While Maka was extremely confident in herself and Liz was practically overflowing with self-assurance, Tusbaki had never been too proud of her accomplishments.

Tusbaki had been a business major in college and the three of them had all taken class together, although Maka had known Tusbaki all of her life. Her family was extremely strict and as Tusbaki had always been rather soft spoken, her family had always given her a hard time. Plus, with an older brother whom seemingly did no wrong, she had always had a bit of an inferiority complex.

The thing was, Maka knew she had no reason not to be confident. Tusbaki had graduated at the top of her class, although not the top as that was Maka's spot, and had been very successful all throughout college. She had been one of the top business students at their university and had been one of the few to actually have a job set up before she even graduated. Maka would have been glad to have Tusbaki as a part of her company as well as Liz, but the girl had needed to branch out and do something for herself, and therefore she had become a head entrepreneur at a large firm where she was especially known for her people skills. Yet still the girl lacked confidence, and Maka was determined to find the perfect match for her.

"I can't set you up with anyone because you work for me Liz, but Tusbaki doesn't so it's perfectly fair," she said still staring at her friend.

"But. But. But. But.-"

"Fine I'll try to set you up with someone if it works out for Tusbaki okay?" Maka said glancing over at Liz for a split second to check if that was acceptable. Honestly at this point she just wanted her to stop whining.

Liz broke out into a large grin, "Perfect."

"Wait a second, what if I don't want you to set me up with anyone Maka," Tusbaki said uncharacteristically loud.

Maka's eyebrows furrowed as Liz spoke, "Why wouldn't you want to be set up by Maka? She'd find the perfect match for you."

Tsubaki blushed, "It's embarrassing," she admitted slowly.

Maka gently smiled at her friend. Honestly, she got this reaction to matchmaking by quite a few of her female clients. It really came as no surprise to her that Tsubaki might feel the same as those women being as she was prone to shyness. However, before she could say a word to east Tsubaki's worries, Liz jumped in.

"It's not embarrassing because you're a beautiful woman who just needs a little help finding the right man for you okay?"

While Maka was proud of Liz for saying exactly the right thing, unfortunately Tsubaki did not seem convinced. It was then that Liz made a mistake. Seeing Tsubaki's apprehension, Liz tried to joke about the entire situation. "Look, if you want embarrassing, just look at this guy's profile," she said tossing the Black Star's folder over to the shy girl. "That's humiliating if you ask me. The guy is obviously a bit touched in the head am I right Maka?"

Unable to keep a small giggle from escaping her lips, Maka agreed with a small shake of her head. Honestly, the guy really needed help and she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to provide that help.

"I don't know guys," Tsubaki interrupted Maka's concerned thoughts. "He kinda sounds cute if you had to ask me."

Liz's jaw literally dropped and Maka's eyes widened in surprise.

Perceiving their reactions badly, Tsubaki immediately tried to rectify her situation, but only made it worse with her denial.

"I mean he sounds really immature, but sometimes that can have a certain charm to it right?"

No answer.

"Maybe the guy is a bit ADHD, but that means he's got energy right? And that has to count for something?"

No answer.

"Okay, so maybe blue hair isn't the most normal thing, but at least it's original which is a nice change of pace."

Liz began to laugh as Tsubaki turned an even brighter shade of red. Meanwhile Maka was still trying to fully comprehend what had just happened.

"You have a crush on Maka's crazy new client!" Liz laughed clutching her stomach as she bended over in hysterics.

"I do not!" Tsubaki insisted, but even Maka had to admit that it was a rather weak argument from the girl. "I just think that he wouldn't be as bad on a date as you think."

Liz smiled, "Fine, prove it to me and Maka."

"Liz," Maka warned, having before been fine with sitting in the background and listening to the two of them but now knowing that this had every chance of spiraling out of control.

Liz ignored her. "You don't want to be set up by Maka with anyone right?"

"Right," Tsubaki nodded looking warily at Liz.

"Guys," Maka tried to speak again, only to be ignored once more.

"Then we'll make a deal with you," Liz said smirking.

"I never agreed to this," Maka interjected once again, but as Liz continued to speak she knew she was going to be a part of it whether she wanted to or not.

Liz continued, "If Maka can't find anyone who will match Black Star's personality better than you in the next week and a half, then you have to go out on a date with him."

Maka groaned. This was not how things were supposed to go.

"Deal," Tsubaki said smiling.

Maka slammed her head down on her desk. The next week and a half was going to be so long.

When Maka had offered to set Tsubaki up with someone, she certainly hadn't anticipated it being Black Star of all of her clients. However, as she went over her female profiles once again, mentally adding Tsubaki into the mix, she found that the best match for Black Star was indeed her best friend. One whole week of new and old profiles and only Tsubaki's patience and kindness came anywhere close to being able to handle Black Star's ridiculous energy. It was actually to the point that she knew that she would have already set them up on a date days ago, if it wasn't for the fact that this was Tsubaki of all people. This was the problem with mixing up your personal life with your professional one Maka mused. No matter what, she was going to be bias toward the situation.

Sighing to herself, Maka finally did what had to be done. She called up Black Star and Tsubaki and set them up on a date for the following weekend.

Tsubaki's reaction had been a little nervous, but Maka could tell that she was excited by the way her friend rambled at her about what to wear and for any more information that she could give her about Black Star. His reaction was surprisingly similar, just with a lot more shouting into the phone. By the time she hung up Maka felt more comfortable with setting the two up than she had originally. Something just made her feel at ease with her decision.

At least, that was how she felt up to the day before the two's date.

It was a Friday, and as it was the end of yet another week, Maka was very busy making sure that all of her clients set up for dates over the weekend knew the wheres, whens, and details of everything. Maka had a strict policy against any appointments on Fridays due to the stressful nature of the day without seeing anyone. Therefore, when the front door's bell rang, it could only mean one of two things: a potential new client who would have to make an appointment for a later day, or a problem.

Based on the way the man immediately barged into Maka's private office with Liz protesting right behind him, Maka immediately classified it as the second.

"Excuse me, are you Matchmaker Maka?!" the man demanded sharply.

Maka winced at the nickname but made sure to respond as pleasantly as possible. "Liz, I'll take care of this young man, you can go back to your office," she said while gesturing to the man to take a seat. However, he did no such thing as he clenched his fists obviously annoyed with Maka's calm attitude.

The moment that Liz wearily shut the door to Maka's office, she spoke again. "How can I help you?"

She hoped that the man would be reasonable; after all, he looked perfectly normal. He was taller than her, but at only 5'8" most men were taller than her. He was obviously fit without looking overly buff and his tanned skin spoke for itself that he spent a lot of time outdoors in one fashion or another. He looked rather serious, but something told Maka that there was more to him. Furthermore, his face was gorgeous. He had sharp features but along with his spiky black hair and red eyes, which she had never heard of, he pulled off a rugged but "cool" look. Matched with his dark jeans, orange shirt, and black leather jacket, she had to admit that he looked really good.

Too bad he had an infuriating personality.

"Who the hell do you think you are to set up my friend on a date!"

"Excuse me!" Maka retaliated immediately. "This is a matchmaking office, and as such I'm obliged to set up paying clients on dates!" She did not know this man, but she did not like his attitude.

"That may be," he started pointing a finger in her face, "but you have no idea what you're dealing with here. There are bigger things going on here! Do you even know these people you're setting up on dates?!"

Maka was fuming. Did she know these people? She stood up from her desk slamming her hands down on it. "These people are my life!" she screeched.

He laughed at that.

Maka was sure that if she could see herself in a mirror her entire face would be red with anger. "For your information all of my clients are put through a rigorous interview with yours truly!"

"And I highly doubt that my friend would have sat through something like that," he shot back immediately glaring at Maka.

"Everyone answers my questions one way or another!" Maka snapped back.

He laughed again, "Like you could get him to actually focus for even a minute."

"GAH!" Maka let out in frustration as she stormed around her desk and right up to the man. "I don't even know who you are talking about!" She screamed in his face seething.

"Exactly!" he shot back leaning right back so that their noses almost touched. "You don't know who's best friend I am, and yet here you are making life decisions for some idiot who didn't know what he was getting himself into!"

For the first time since this man had stormed into her office, Maka actually understood his attitude. She realized that she needed to calm down and talk to him like adults. There was no reason for this argument beyond that they were both hotheaded and needed to calm down.

And then he smirked. He smirked a pointy grin at the fact that she had paused. He acted as if he just won.

Any hope for a calm discussion flew right out at the window.

Maka poked him harshly in the chest, "Lookie here Mr. I know what I'm doing and I don't just mess with people dumbass." She poked him again, annoyed that he didn't even flinch at the impact, "I'm the best damn matchmaker in the nation, and maybe in the world, so I wouldn't discount me like I'm a stupid bimbo!" And with that Maka whipped her head around and stormed back to her desk where she took a seat and got back to work, ending the discussion, or at least trying to.

"What about Black Star," the guy suddenly said breaking the silence. She froze refusing to look up. He had her attention. The guy walked over and leaned against her desk right up in her face, "Did you know the guy's whole family died when he was just a kid?" Maka tried not to react. "Did you know that he grew up in countless adoption homes and foster parents houses all his life?" Maka slowly closed her eyes. "Did you know that he's been told his entire life that he won't muster as anything, and that's why he has a fucking god complex!"

Maka shot out of her desk and stood up shoving her face in the guy's. "I do not know everything about all of my clients, but I do know more so now than ever before that I paired him up with the right girl!"

For a moment the two of them stood nose to nose breathing hard, obviously both still pissed but neither willing to back down.

"If something goes wrong or Black Star gets hurt in any way, I will hold you accountable," he said not moving.

"Leave," Maka screeched back, eyes practically flaming.

His deep red eyes narrowed at her as he stood up straight. "Why? Because I'm right?"

"Because you're an unsufferable git!" and with that response, Maka swung her fist at the man.

From the moment he had walked through her door, Maka knew that violence would not work with this man. The way he held himself told her automatically that he had some sort of training. However, she did not expect the quality of defense this man had worked for. Because rather than dodging her fist, he simply caught it in his own hand. Then with practiced ease he pulled his ID out of his pocket with his other hand.

"Police," he said smoothly as he let go of Maka's hand.

She simply continued to glare at him, "Get out, I know my rights and I demand you get off my property this instant," she hissed.

"You don't have to tell me again," he muttered turning around and walking out the door. Seconds later she heard the front door's bell ring as he exited the building. It was then that she realized, she hadn't even learned the man's name.