Everyday for the past week Alice had jumped and tense at every little thing. Jasper figured the incident with the Volturi had set her on edge. She was up in their room looking over the forest. Jasper came up and simply put his hand on her back. She whipped around ready to attack practically.

"Oh hi Jazz," She said relieved in her voice.

"Something wrong darlin?"

"No, nothing." She turned back to the window, Jasper could feel the distress.

"Then why are you so stressed? Are your visions worrying you?" He studied her face to check if she was having a vision right now.

"My visions are back to being ordinary things. Nothing out of the ordinary," She explained her voice light and even.

"But somethings wrong," Jasper countered. He could feel something off with her emotions. "The Volturi are far away now. We're safe now. They can't take you away now. I wouldn't let them either way."

Alice half smiled, "I'm not worried about the Volturi. I... I keep thinking about this vision. The vision I showed Aro. It's nothing, I should forget about it."

"What was in the vision?"

She turned away not wanting to lie to his face, "What I told everyone. It ended with Aro dying."

"Alice, love something is wrong what else was in the vision?" Jasper was worried now, rarely something bothered her this long. He couldn't of imagined what was in the vision though. "Was Bella killed?"

She shook her delicate head. Her emotions became as sad as they could get, "I watched you die."

He understood. He wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her close. He couldn't imagine having to do the same with Alice. Having to see her die and not be able to change it. Even thinking about the possibility was too distressing to consider.

"I'm here."

"I know. But I saw you too and I couldn't stop it. I couldn't."

"Nothings going to happen. We're together and we're safe." He whispered.

He would do whatever he had to, to keep it that way forever.

Just a quick little tale about Alice seeing Jasper die in Breaking Dawn. ALICE AND JASPER FOREVER! Please review!