It's a normal Saturday. Birds chirp, bees buzz, and punks cause problems. Shinjiro finds himself wishing that there were less punks and that they were actually good people, but then he supposes that that would defeat the purpose of the ruffians.

Nothing is out of the ordinary. He leans against a wall and pretends that his thoughts aren't revolving on the next time he'll have to pop a pill. He pretends this all comes easily to him, this cool demeanor that he has. Because it doesn't. He's actually quite frantic. He just doesn't want any of these people to find out.

Suddenly, that scratchy, adolescent voice comes to his ears and he can just barely recognize it as the boy with the baseball cap. His name escapes Shinjiro and he barely has time to feel bad before the punks start antagonizing him. What the hell was he doing there anyway? Trying to cause problems?

Shinjiro stays in his spot even when hearing the girl with the brown hair preach to them about how it's a public place and anyone is allowed to be there. This is the point where he's starting to think he should step in. But they won't hurt her. The punks would rather hurt the boy who's with her.

Some trashy girl with too much cleavage showing threatens the brown-haired girl. Something about pictures on the internet. It's a stupid, empty threat and Shinjiro sneers at how ridiculous punks are these days.

That's when he hears the punch.

It's subdued and it's definitely not enough to seriously hurt anyone, but Shinjiro can still hear the boy's sharp intake of breath. Things were starting to get violent, so he does what he has to do to keep order.

"That's enough." Two words are, once again, enough to silence everyone. He steps into the scene like a bad supervillian and takes it all in. The boy in the baseball cap is sitting on the ground and clutching his stomach, an exasperated look on his face. The short, loud girl with brown hair has a hand on his shoulder, a defiant look adorns her own features. Standing in front of them is Red-Eyes, looking spunky as ever.

The punks sneer at him, as per usual. Defending the kids would be easy, but he has to keep up his facade. He doesn't know them for their own safety.

"They didn't know what they were getting into." He begins. Red-Eyes flashes him a look of confusion and he continues, ignoring her. "I'll make sure they leave."

The punk questions him in the most eloquent way possible and begins to head towards the group. Shinjiro steps in front of them and does what he does best. A single headbutt and the punk is sent backwards, a bump already beginning to protrude from his head.

Once more, the punk is growling and sneering out death threats that could only be threatening to someone without a brain and Shinjiro can only hope that it's from the hard knock he took to his head.

The punks run off, shouting empty threats to their hearts' contents.

The guy in the baseball cap offers Shinjiro a compliment, but Shinjiro doesn't really feel anything other than a nasty headache coming on. He insults them hoping that they take the hint that Shinjiro is not exactly a people person. Because he's not. And he never will be.

Minako can't help but think of her convoluted fairy tales. A dangerous quest. A knight in shining armor. Shinjiro is far from, but she can't help but be incredibly grateful for helping them out. She could have taken those punks, but really it was nice backup.

He begins to walk away before Yukari stops him. Shinjiro is visibly unaffected as he turns around and faces her. Minako joins her if only to feel in the loop.

Shinjiro asks something about Akihiko as he looks down at Yukari. She doesn't answer and when she doesn't Minako knows this is her chance.

"No," She says. "He didn't." Shinjiro's eyes flash down to Minako before he closes them and sighs. Letting out a hmph, he tries to walk away again. "Wait!" Minako shouts this time. It's enough to keep him grounded, of that he's sure.

They prod him for questions about ghost stories and other silly things that Minako doesn't really care about. She can only study him carefully. The way he occasionally twitches his nose before speaking, his constantly furrowed eyebrows, the dip in his hat.

Somehow, Yukari and Junpei are able to fit together enough information to find out that Fuuka has disappeared and is currently the victim of bullying. Minako feels bad. She was bullied at her old school and it wasn't pleasant.

Shinjiro mumbles something about Akihiko(again, Minako can't help but keep count)and shakes his head, signaling the conversation to be over. Minako decides it's now or never and she wishes it to be now.

"Thank you for everything." She says, her voice clear and confident. Shinjiro decides that it's far too much for him to handle and Red-Eyes is a silly girl who underestimates people and their attitudes. But that feeling of warmth is far too uncomfortable for him and he masks it by growling at them in typical Shinjiro fashion.

And it's all over as fast as it had begun.

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