Whelp, I decided to once again go for Epic Laughter's pinata pairing challenge :) I started over, since I have different OCs now, there is no point for me to keep all the other pairings that had Seiko or Dustin in them. I also wanted to start over on Maddie's as well, since her only ones were with Dustin and Seiko. So, I will repost all the ones I had before, just to get started :)

The sound of a little girl giggle was heard.

"He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not..." Babochka said in a sing-song voice, plucking off the petals of a daisy flower. She had a crush- and not a small little girl crush either. It was a much BIGGER crush.

"He loves me, he loves me not," She said, now carrying the flower as she skipped down the streets. She couldn't wait to see him- her prince. She started to hum to herself, her dark hair swinging behind her freely. She was so content with herself, she almost missed the sounds of the sirens rush past her. Babochka's eyes widened and she looked behind her, seeing Doc Patch Patchingo racing away as quickly as he could, obviously out on a run to save another pinata. He was so nice, risking so much to save the life of a pinata. Babochka knew that, which was one of the reasons she liked him. Yet, she couldn't help but watch as he raced away.

Her prince drove away once again.

"He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not," she sang softly, watching the roads to wait for him to come back.

Yup, the first Babochka one... BTW, if you have any suggestions for pairings, feel free to message them to me :D