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Chapter 1: The search

The moon was bright, clear and enlightened the darkness of the forest. Haunted apparently, Mostly to keep humans away. If that was the case, she would have found paradise if all she had heard was true.

She didn't want to look back the way she had come. She hadn't felt so alone in all her hundreds of years of existence. She wanted to feel safe once again. Feel like she could belong. She craved attention.
It was in her nature. She was an imp, after all.

Oh, humans got the stereotype right that her kind LOVED attention and causing mischief. Especially toward humans. So many different emotions to play on. Each was like a fruit in her opinion. They all had the same taste, but it varied in such a way it brought her back for more and more.

But then in return of their 'naughty' behavior, they were depicted as 'ugly' creatures, when really, they had a very close likeness to humans, sharing body structures quite the same. Another little reason why imp's preferred to find human companions and friends.

That was, until she had tried to get too close to one.

Now, just because one human was bent on destroying her for being a 'monster' she didn't see it as any reasoning to hate every human in existence and attempt to hunt them all and take an eye for an eye. From what she had heard, an eye for an eye would just blind you, and you wouldn't want that would you? She knew she didn't...

But still, she wasn't keen on escaping another encounter by the skin of her fangs again, so after much consideration, she had decided to book into a special hotel, just for monsters. Created by the great Dracula himself. She grinned at the thought.

"Behave or I'll suck your blood, bleh bleh-bleh!" She mumbled to herself, imitating the transylvanian accent through her own accent. She was sure the count had never once said 'bleh bleh-bleh' but she had heard humans joke about it whenever she heard it, and it amused her so much.

But then she was amused by many things...
She huffed as her arms began to ache, and she set the two large suit cases down by her feet and she sat on one to catch a break and her breath. She took this moment to observe her surroundings.

Humans would describe this place as frightening, fearful, haunted and a place to stay away from. To her, it was just a forest. Really, she was after all a 'monster'. She'd been living in a deep cave for plenty of years to not really care less about spiders, ghosts or things that went 'bump' in the night.

She herself enjoyed those kinds of 'creepy' things. Whatever sent chilled snaking down other's spines worked like a little charm for the female imp.

She yelped slightly as something whizzed by her and she leapt. Her slim, devil-like tail twirled around the handles of both her suitcases as she leapt up and latched herself onto a tree branch. She adjusted her balance, sitting in a way a monkey would, hands on the branch between her tucked feet, her tail hanging from the tree, weighed down by the suitcases. They weren't exactly heavy, but she could still feel a little pressure in her tail. She looked and, for a brief moment, saw what looked like a car zooming off in the direction she had been headed, which gave the Imp a small boost in confidence that she was heading in the right direction.

Her cheeky grin returned within half a second, her amber eye lighting up with glee as she took off, leaping from branch to branch with great grace and speed a creature of her kind naturally possessed, her suit cases clunking together behind her.
She was so excited she could barely contain it...

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