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Chapter 2: The arrival

"But blood-orange, are you sure you are ready for...this?" Dracula was hesitant before directing to Mavis's flat stomach. The raven-haired vampire simply raised one brow as a gentle smile curved upon her black lips, her blue eyes shimmering with honesty as she nodded.

"Of course, Dad." She said, as though she had rehearsed it over and over. "Me and Johnny are ready. We've been together for years now, and he's says he thinks he settled into being a vampire now."

Dracula frowned slightly. "He 'thinks' he's settled?" Mavis rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Well, while now, He's got powers and has done a great job at controlling them. Well, he never seems to get the hand of flying." She giggled a little, looking of to the side before back to her father. "You've seen him as well, You know we are doing fine."

He nodded. "Yes, yes, I have sweet fangs, But it just worries me a bit..." Mavis smiled and walked forward to embrace her father. She was able to rest her head over his shoulders now, without going on tip-toes.

"You always worry, dad. I promise, this is what me and Johnny want." She giggled and pulled away slightly to look her father in the eyes. He held onto her wrists gently as a look of worry still shimmered in his blue eyes. "Johnny was worried you were gonna kill him after you found out."

Dracula smiled slightly, "The thought was there..."

Mavis's eyes widened, "Dad!"

the count laughed, "I am kidding! I'm kidding sweet-fangs. You know I wouldn't really."

Mavis sighed and smiled. "Yeah. But could you talk to him maybe? You know, ease his nerves?"

"He has nerves?"


He laughed again. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay dead-ums. I'll have a talk with him." He smiled and wrapped his arms and cape around her, like he had done when she was only little. The thought was so weird, seeing how she had been so little, and now it seemed as though (when he pulled away and saw her again) She was all grown up the next moment. It hurt. But in a way he had come to be more comfortable with.

"Great. He said he'll be hanging out in the main lobby." She informed him. "I'll see you later, dad." He gave a brief nod.

"Okay, Mavis." She was gone with in the blink of an eye and he was stood their alone in his room.

He sighed and sat down. On what, he wasn't sure. He was too deep in thought.

For him, it had all gone by so quick.

Johnny and Mavis had left not long after the whole mess a quite few years back, and had gone travelling together.

After a long year adjusting to only hearing from his daughter through letters (Johnny had offered to buy Dracula a mobile-phone to which the count reluctantly agreed to think over), the young couple returned on Mavis's 119th birthday (technically a week early but Dracula had no complaint about that at all). It was during that week the Johnathan had approached the old count, asking for Dracula to turn him. Johnny explained how he wanted to stay with Mavis forever, and never leave her. The discussion had apparently been brought up between Mavis and Johnny on their travel, when johnny brought up the question of how vampires age. To both, the thought of watching the other grow old and wither away was frightening, and both spoke over the idea of turning Johnny into a vampire.

The kid had a good heart. Giving up all he knew to stay with his zing. That took bravery and love, he knew. It was then a matter of adjusting Johnny to his new life style. He once accidentally forgot he was a vampire and nearly strolled out into the blazing sunlight. Thank goodness Mavis had decided to get a drink and catch him before he got further down the hall.

Then after that, they went travelling again (by night mostly, or by staying in the shadows, not that the two let it stop their fun. ) and upon their second visit back, Johnny had asked him for his daughter's hand. Dracula knew Johnny was good, he had reformed him in good ways, allowing him to loosen towards humans as well as staying so controlling (although he never thought he was that bad too begin with), so he of course gave their blessing. He had never seen Mavis so happy (well, he had, but not like this) and it pleased him. He knew Martha would have been happy as well and would have accepted Johnny too.

He didn't dwell on Martha not being able to see his daughter's wedding, because he knew she was there. Always looking over their little girl and him...

They had then once again left for their honeymoon, another trip. While he did offer them to stay for a honeymoon, Mavis pointed out she had grown up at the hotel most of her life and wanted to try someplace else. He was informed they had settled with Hawaii for their honeymoon. An excellent choice in his eye. He hadn't see them until now, both returning with even more news.

They always brought back stories and gifts to share with him, the hotel residents and Mavis's aunts and uncles, now he was wondering whether he should add 'news to faint and panic to' on the list as well...

They had only returned two weeks ago, back from another long while away. They had decided to visit under the request that it was for Johnathan's birthday which was a week away from now, but as Dracula had learnt, it had also been to tell him the news.

Of course he had invited Mavis' indirectly extended family to visit as well. Frank, Eunice and Griffin had arrived yesterday in the late afternoon but yet to come were the werewolf family and Murray, who would probably arrive today.

He sighed. Throughout this time... Mavis zinged, was in love, travelling, married and now pregnant. She was defiantly by any standards not a little girl now.

In all honestly... He felt fine with it.

Yes, it was a tad bit heart aching and (being honest) it made him feel quite old, the thought of being a grandfather, but then, at the same time, he was proud and happy Mavis would soon be a mother, and would be raising a family of her own with Johnny.

He let a wide smile spread on his face. Both proud and overwhelmingly excited for his daughter and his son-in-law, and also for the fact he had been able to calm his worries and thoughts.

His thoughts were broken slightly by the sound of thunder rumbling it the distance, and the rather sudden sound of water tapping against the window, the night wind beginning to pick up, howling fiercely.

He calmly stood and began to head towards the door.

It was time to find Johnny.

The rain came just as she got down to open her suitcase.

She grumbled as she dug into her slightly open suitcase and began too pull out a cloth. A by passer could have mistaken her for some magician, pulling out the ridiculously long black and white striped scarf.

she curled it around her neck, letting it hang loose down her back and the end defiantly hitting the muddy forest floor, which was now beginning to become damp as well by the rain, which was starting to pick up. She growled in annoyance at the sky, almost as though intending to scare the rain clouds off, but with no avail of course.

She then scoped back down and thrust her hand back inside the suitcase, hurriedly pushing and prodding about before she gasped in joy, finding and claiming her prize. She snatched out a rather big black cloak. She was never one to be seen with a coat of all things. She hated them for some reason or another. It might have just been due to her stubbornness, and pressured though that she'd look fat in it.

She slipped in on, pushing her wet brown hair out of the way of her sight, only two have two slithers fall back down as she went to close her suit case. She glared as best she could at the two pieces of hair for a second, almost as though waiting for them to move at her will of mind. When she saw (or realized) this was evidently time wasting, she clicked her open suit case shut and scooped one suitcase in each hand, her demon like tail curled under the cloak and around her waist so it could catch two pieces of her black fabric and trap it together, keeping it more secure from blowing about in the wind.

She heaved in a deep breath and tugged on forwards, her grin returning as she thought about the warmth of open doors and a place to relax for once.

She'd forget about them.




This was a new beginning.


'Yes! So no dwelling now, just the future and how great it's going to be!' She thought to herself enthusiastically, plastering a smile onto her face as she smothered her emotions down.

Dracula waited in the main lobby. Here, he could see quite a few monsters he knew. None of them were Johnny. He wondered where he was.

"Hey Drac."

He turned and looked up to see Frank. The gentle giant smiled down at him as he place a large hand upon the vampire's shoulder.

"Excited?" He asked. Obviously referring to Mavis's pregnancy. The count nodded, not looking at the Frankenstein monster and focused much more on the door for some reason. Something felt a little odd, and he couldn't quite place his finger on it, which disturbed him.

"You seem a quite calm about it." Griffin's voice chimed in. He looked to his other side to see a pair of floating glasses. Dracula shrugged somewhat casually.

"Mavis and I had a talk. I now need to talk to Johnny."

"I'm hoping you don't mean that in a bad way..." Frank mumbled in slightly worry, frowning a little.

Dracula shook his head, "No no no, Just more of a son-in-law and father-in-law talk about the whole thing.

The invisible man to his right shuffled on the spot briefly, not that anyone could really see. "Do you know if Mavis and Johnny will be staying until Mavis has the baby?

"I cannot say. That's why I need to wait for Johnny." The glasses simply dipped as Griffin nodded a brief 'okay'.

After a few more moments of silence, Frank spoke up. "When do ya think Wayne, Wanda, the pups and Murray will get here?"

Dracula sighed slightly. " I am hoping Murray will arrive before the pups so then we can clear away any more sand Murray brings with him."

The pups always loved to play in the sand. Their favorite activity being to scoop a pawful up and lob it at passers by.

Griffin chuckled. "I suppose that's a good thing to wish for. But those pups will find a way to cause trouble with or without the sand."

The count shivered. "Please. I'd rather not concentrate on that for now..."

"Right, cross the bridge when you get to it." Frank dded with a playful nudge and smirk, winning himself a secretly amused glare from Dracula.

"Well, I need to back to my room. Eunice brought a lot more this time..." The giant sighed, knowing what fate awaited him as he trudged away.

"Yeah. I'd better get moving too. See ya later, Drac."

'Oh the irony of that sentence' The vampire thought in amusement as he bid the invisible man goodbye. he then turned his attention back towards the main entrance. He saw frowned, his sight catching glimpse of a shadow pushing through the entrance doors.

He watched as a cloaked figure stepped in, dripping wet. The figure placed two suitcases down beside it and then lifted it's hands towards it's head, overshadowed by the hood.

The hood was pulled down.

Dracula stood stock still, a new sense of fear rushed through him as he saw just what had entered his hotel. A million negative thoughts rushed through his mind as only one sentence could escape his dry, pale lips.

"An imp..."

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