This is a oneshot that just came into my head after playing Fire Emblem: Te Sacred Stones. Hope you enjoy!

Franz looked at his brother, Forde. Forde was lying on the ground, painting with his fingers on a canvas.

"Franz," Forde says. "Do we just have red paint?" Franz looks at Forde's painting. It was done in crimson red. Two brothers side by side, with their arms around each other. There was a spear sticking out of the younger brother's chest, blood covering both of them.

"Yes," replied Franz. He observes his brother, who was deep in concentration, painting the tears on the older brother's face. Then he sighed. Kyle came next to them. At first he seemed angry, then he saw the painting.

"Forde, it looks really good." Kyle compliments.

"Thank you," replies Forde. " I think that the crimson adds to the desperation of the older brother, making the situation look extremely fatal."

"It is fatal," comments Kyle. Forde just nods and paints the facial features on the older brother's face, making him look sorrowful . He paints a peaceful face on the younger one. Franz notices that the older brother's armour is red, just like Forde's. Then Forde adds the hair on both the brothers. Both Kyle and Franz realize that the painting is of Franz and Forde. Forde stops and looks at it.

"I think my work is done." Forde smiles and closes his eyes.

"Forde!" cry Franz and Kyle. Forde's body is limp. Franz cradles Forde's head in his arm, crying. Kyle checks Forde's pulse. There was none. The 'red paint' lay around Forde, making Kyle's hand somewhat sticky.

"What's amazing," Kyle says to the still crying Franz. "Is that he was able to finish the painting." He reaches up to brush away something on his face, only to realize it was a tear.

Franz and Kyle kneeled, in the midst of battle, around Forde's dead body, pierced by a lance in the heart.