So, here's the rewrite of "Father" (I think I need to change the title but we'll see). I'm sorry it took so long, I was busy and everything was overwhelming for a bit that I ended up having writer's block for a long while.

This chapter gives a bit more insight as to what Dani has been doing.

Chapter 1

Danielle's POV:

I was running, running fast to get away from the cops for the second time.

It was raining that night, a bit foggy, however I could still see where I was going. I passed by buildings, street lamps, and stores. I was already tired from running, I haven't slept for days, maybe weeks. I don't have where to go but maybe... no, I can't go to him because I would be too much of a burden to him, his life is already complicated and I'd be adding to that stress he already has, but I've got no other choice.

With the energy I've got left, I quickly turned to the next left and ran to an alley, I hid behind a dumpster and quickly turned invisible and flew off before the cops were able to figure out where I ran off.

*Flashback: Around 5 hrs. ago*

I made my way around the small convenience store, before I came in, I made sure my hood was up.

I wasn't sure if I could do this.

I walked to the candy section of the store, there was so much candy, I didn't know which to choose from. I've been tired, and I hoped that this will at least help a little for me to regain my energy, because I certainly knew I was going to need it.

I was very hesitate.

The store was small and generally empty, save for the cashier, who was reading a magazine and listening to music. I was glad I chose this store, though I felt a bit guilty. Before I made my move, I checked to make sure that the cashier was still distracted, and looked around for any security cameras, there was only one at the entrance. 'I need to see if I can use a back door or something, I can't risk getting caught using my powers', I thought.

I didn't know if I could pull this off.

I walked casually around the store, so it wouldn't look so suspicious, and looked around for another exit. I pretended to look at the drinks as if interested, and took a quick glance around the area. I kept repeating the process and eventually found another exit, but there was a problem.

The exit was right in plain sight of the cashier. On the bright side, there were no cameras around.

I knew it was wrong.

'Hopefully he's too distracted to notice anything', I thought as I prepared to do this.

I slipped back into one of the aisles, went back to the candy section, and grabbed as much candy as I could, not too much to slow me down, but not too little to just be a snack, on the way to complete phase 1, I grabbed a soda, stuffed it in my jacket pockets with the rest of the candy before continuing. The butterflies in my stomach increased as I reached the alternate exit, each step made the lump in my throat grow more.

But I knew I had to.

Adrenaline coursed through my body as fear surfaced, before I lost my courage, I made a run for it. It wasn't until I was at least a good two blocks away that I heard the cops' siren ring in the air. By then I had gulped down half of the soda I stole, giving me energy for my escape. I ran for what seemed like hours, but I knew it was only minutes, I made various turns on alleys and streets, always making sure I avoided big avenues, I knew it would be easier for them to catch me if I did.

'Finally! Now I just need to find a hiding spot for tonight.' I thought with relief.

I was determined to go back towards Amity Park. Speaking of which, I felt sick. I knew it wasn't from the candy I ate but it made me a nauseous. Soon enough, I quickly landed in an alley and sat down for a few moments to catch my breath.

There was a sudden pain in my side, my hand reached to the spot to try to sooth the pain, but retracted it to find that my hand was covered in ectoplasm.

'What's going on? What's wrong with me?', I thought in panic and fear. I couldn't afford to waste time like this, I knew I needed to move, and fast too. Who knows how much longer I'm going to last before collapsing once and for all.

I got up and flew towards Amity Park despite the pain increasing.

I need to find Danny...