Chapter 1

Okay this is a fanfic about Rachel mason and her 3 children Amy(14 years) Holly(12 years) and Sophie who is her stepdaughter aged 7 years.

Rachel Mason was sat in her living room with her 2 elder daughters while her youngest slept peacefully in the spare bedroom. She was tired after having a particularly strenuous day at work and after fighting with Amy for hours over forgotten homework and poor schoolwork. She and Amy had previously been extremely close but ever since Amy's Dad had left all Amy would do was argue with her mum as she blamed her for her Dad leaving and as far as she was concerned Rachel didn't have any time for her anyway. Sophie was the one who needed all the cuddles and the attention especially since her dad had died and her mum had abandoned her Rachel was the closest thing she was going to get to a real mother so Rachel needed to make sure she built up a good relationship with her and felt she could always come to her no matter what the problem. Holly was the shy, quiet one who was probably the closest to Rachel out of the 3 kids. Rachel was the only person who Holly felt she could talk to about stuff and the only one who she could totally be herself around. There was some things that even Rachel didn't know for instance every night Holly would spend hours crying because she was so scared to go into school the next day and how she would hardly eat anything because everyone called her fat despite the fact she was now dangerously thin.

Rachel Holly it's late isn't it about time you were getting off to bed darling.

Rachel always spoke gently to holly she would hate to upset her in any way.

Holly okay mum I'm tired anyway

Rachel you've been really quiet since you've got in from school is everything okay huh?

Holly yeah everything's fine mum I'm just tired that's all

Rachel okay you get off to bed then but you do know that you can come and talk to me if there is something the matter I'd only try and help you know

Holly honestly it's nothing mum can I just go to bed now please

Whenever someone asked Holly if there was something wrong it always seemed to make her want to cry even more. Although she didn't want Rachel to see it tears were starting to form in her eyes now.

Rachel okay love you get off to bed now I'll see you in the morning

Soon holly went to her bedroom and quickly fell asleep it was Saturday in the morning which obviously meant no school. Amy was alone with Rachel downstairs neither of them were speaking they were both just sitting in silence while glancing aimlessly at the large TV in front of them

Rachel Amy look I'm sorry if I've upset you I'm honestly not trying to make your life a misery I just want what's best for you that's all.

Amy no mum what you want is some perfect daughter who never shows you up or embarrasses you and who wouldn't ever do anything wrong well you know what im so sorry im such a disappointment to you

Rachel listen Amy don't you ever think you're a disappointment to men because that couldn't be further from the truth and I know how hard it is to live with a teacher let alone a head teacher but your behaviour recently has been unacceptable come on surely you must know that

Amy for god's sake all you do I shout and moan mum you know what I'm not surprised Dad left I'm surprised he didn't do it years ago. God you act as if I'm the only to do bad things but that's not true is it mum remind me what you were doing 20 years ago you're such a hypocrite going on like you've done nothing wrong well at least I've got standards mum.

Amy regretted what she'd said almost instantly but she couldn't do anything about it now. The devastated look on Rachel's face made part of Amy wanted to rush over to her mum apologise and give her a big hug although she'd never admit it she missed being so close to her Mum and sometimes she wanted to just stop battling with her and allow Rachel to help her but despite her remorse she stayed rooted to the spot a sour expression on her otherwise beautiful face. Unable to stand her daughters hurtful words Rachel fled from the room.

All Rachel wanted to do was sit down and talk things through with her daughter but Amy's inability to open up to anyone made this an impossible task. Of course Rachel knew how much Amy was hurting she missed her Dad a lot more than she'd let on to anyone…

Rachel crept upstairs before entering Sophie's room. Sophie was in a deep sleep. Thank god Rachel thought to herself. Recently Sophie had been having several horrific nightmares. This would frequently result in her waking up screaming her bed soaking wet.

Chapter 2


somebody help me please, help. Suddenly Rachel heard the screams coming from Sophie's bedroom and ran to her. Her heart melted when she saw her stepdaughter dripping in sweat, tears streaming down her fragile face. Rachel rushed over to the terrified girl and pulled her into her chest while Sophie sobbed into her. Rachel carefully stocked her soft blonde hair which she had obviously inherited from her birth mother.

"Hey come on it's okay now, I'm here now. It was just a dream nothing to be scared of." Rachel soothed.

"Sorry Rachel I couldn't help it. I didn't mean to" Sophie stammered between sobs

"shh come on it's okay sweetie I know it wasn't your fault, do we need to change your bed sheets huh?" Rachel asked. Sophie had tried to keep the bedwetting a secret for months she would always wake Amy up and ask her to put the sheets in the washing machine for her before Rachel woke up. She was too embarrassed to tell Rachel about her problem. However eventually Rachel found her early in the morning in floods of tears clutching her wet sheets. Of course Rachel wasn't angry with her and she'd always tried to support Sophie ever since she'd found out her secret. Rachel had practically been Sophie's mum ever since her own Mum had left her several months ago now. Although it had taken time eventually Sophie grew to trust Rachel and told her things she wouldn't have dared tell anyone else.

Sophie replied to Rachel question with a tiny nod.

"okay my darling you jump out of bed and I'll just pop these in the washing machine. There's some more pj's in the airing cupboard, do you want to sleep in my bed tonight sweetie"

Again Sophie replied with a single nod of the head. She hated sleeping on her own after a nightmare and much preferred to stay cuddled up to Rachel as she always felt safe and supported around her.

Quietly Rachel went down the stars careful not to wake her other to children. To her surprise she heard sobs coming from the living room, she was even more surprised to see her eldest daughter curled up on the sofa tears rolling down cheeks. Naturally Rachel went over to Amy and tenderly put her arm around her. For once Amy didn't pull away from her mum instead she let Rachel cuddle her while she continued to sob.

"Please tell me what wrong Amy, I won't be mad I won't even shout at scream at you just please tell me what's bothering you so much" Rachel pleaded with her eldest daughter. She was so glad she'd found her. Of course she wasn't glad to see her in such a terrible state but maybe this meant that finally she could start to repair hers and Amy's broken relationship. "I'm sorry for being such a cow mum, I know I must drive you mental, it's just that I miss dad so much and it's all my fault he's gone, if I'd have been nicer to everyone then you wouldn't have been so stressed and you and Dad would have been okay it's all my fault he's not here but I feel as though I need someone else to blame so I take everything out on you, I'm so sorry" Rachel pulled Amy into a tighter hug. She was upset that Amy hadn't felt as if she could come and talk to her sooner about all of this, she'd always wanted her children to be able to come and talk to them about anything but it seemed as though this wasn't the case. "Oh sweetheart is that what's been bothering you all this time hmm is it? Look love it wasn't your fault about Dad and I splitting up I promise you that. Me and your Dads marriage had been on the rocks for years and I've never told anyone this before but I was never really sure that we were ever totally happy about everything I think we just went along with everything because it was the easiest option. "Rachel didn't really like talking about her former husband but she could see that it was important her and Amy had this chat. Amy stayed cuddled up to Rachel for another 10 minutes before Rachel said "right from now on you and me talk to each other, I don't you to bottle all your feelings up and getting yourself this upset" Amy smiled and said "okay mum thanks im going to go up to bed now if that's okay"

"Okay, I'd best be getting back up to, look I wanted to ask you something is everything okay with Sophie? Her nightmares seem to have got even worse and she seems to become quieter recently "Rachel asked.

"Yeah I've noticed she seems more quiet than usual I'll see if I can get anything out of her tomorrow." Sophie replied

"Thanks love, come on let's get up, do you want a drink or something before you go up?" Rachel asked

"No thanks Mum"

Together they went back up to their rooms before Amy fell asleep on her large double bed and Rachel fell asleep cuddling a now much calmer Sophie.